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Self-Liberation Pledge

This is Reverend Bookburn's alternative to the American Christian Taliban's and Rev. Moon's "abstinence" pledges. It is for sexually active people or those who wish they were. This pledge is for sex-positives of all orientations and lifestyles. The Reverend has a dream and envisions all sex-positives, dancers, sex-workers, swingers, adult film stars, transgender people, bikers, hippies, punks, squatters, hemp users, rock and rollers, hip-hoppers, activists of any kind and anyone who values or enjoys freedom and justice to take this pledge and actively resist theocracy and the loss of their rights.


(repeat after the Reverend)
I (name) hereby free myself from the restrictions and imposed guilt from any and all religious dictatorships. I hereby declare myself free to love and be sexual with any person or persons I choose, who are fully-grown and not in a coma, as long as it is consenting. What I do for work or pleasure is my business and does not define my personhood. I am now free to fully express myself sexually, so long as I do not lie or hurt anyone else. I am free to be sexual with as many partners as I choose, as long as I am open about it. I shall no longer feel one bit of guilt for the delightful pleasure of masturbation. I am free to explode with orgasmic pleasure. I am not a bad person for this. The people in government, fascistic clergy, multi-national corporations, hate groups, hypocrites and scapegoaters are the true assholes of the world. I/ we are now ready for a special celebration of my guilt-free self liberation pledge.
[at this point the Reverend plays Orgasm Addict by The Buzzcocks or another appropriate song while listeners celebrate alone or with another]

Rev. Bookburn

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