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Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Roe Attacked By Taliban-Clones

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Roe Attacked By Taliban-Clones

The Supreme Court is predicted to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the 1973
decision that legalized abortion. If that happens, many states are
likely to outlaw the procedure or impose ludicrous restrictions. We want
to repeat our call to all Bookburners to always know how to help any
woman who has an unwanted pregnancy, no matter what location. Obviously,
anti-choice laws, politicians, clergy, or psycho harassers are unworthy
of any recognition.

Defying anti-choice laws will have obvious risks. Be sure that anyone
you know who assists others remains updated about said legal risks. That
includes interstate travel from states with fascistic laws. If anyone
helps women in need with any kind of herbal abortifacients, they need to
be consistently updated about the medical and legal risks.

Beware of orgs and politicians who only want to use this issue for
fund-raising and a political football.

We shall not rest without full reproductive freedom. Roe vs. Wade and
Baird vs. Eisenstadt are under attack by theocratic, Taliban-wannabees.
We need to  loudly resist them.

Pro-choice forever.

Bill Baird

Bill Baird successfully fought for the case that legalized birth control
for non-married people and made Roe possible. The 1972 Baird vs.
Eisenstadt decision set the primary legal precedent and was quoted six
times in Roe.

The theocrats have made no secret that they also want to go after legal
contraception. We are going to need to loudly defend Baird vs.
Eisenstadt, in addition to Roe.

Many articles and books from ill-informed sources barely mention Baird
vs. Eisenstadt while focusing on Griswold vs. Connecticut. That was a
1961 case that legalized contraception for married women only. We need
to be well-informed to seriously defend reproductive freedom for all.

Additionally, the Christian-Taliban has openly launched legal attacks on
LGBTQ communities and all adult lifestyles. We truly need to remain

new video:

Susan Sarandon

I apologize to the universe for buying Mary Trump's book. She recently
proved to be strongly in sync with the rest of her bloodline. She is the
latest well-known person to indulge in the extreme stupidity of
scapegoating Susan Sarandon.

Since the 1980s, Susan Sarandon has done more for others every year,
including defending choice, than any combination of 100 of her attackers
in their entire lifetimes.

The absurd attacks of Susan Sarandon are the battle cries of the
impotent. Rather than hold their sacred politicians accountable, the
haters redirect their frustrations to a safe abuse target. Susan did not
run for president with an anti-choice VP candidate. Susan did not rush
to the aid of a corporate Democrat/ anti-choice primary candidate within
a week of the Roe leak. It merits repeating that the stalker who attacks
Susan in my name does not represent me in any way. My response to
Susan's haters on social media is to continue to buy her films as gifts
to friends.

Be sure to treat yourself to the two great Susan Sarandon songs in the
Goodies section.

An Open Letter to Bitter Hillary Voters on Bernie Bros, Susan Sarandon,
and Roe v. Wade

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake
site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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