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Monday, October 04, 2021

Choice March

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Choice March

It is unbelievable that there is still a necessity to march for
reproductive rights. Obviously, the partisan, Taliban-influenced Supreme
Court are going after Roe vs. Wade and Baird vs. Eisenstadt.

Fortunately, there were rallies for reproductive justice throughout the
nation. That was the appropriate response to the high court, Texas
legislature and Taliban-clone Gov. Abbott.

The pro-choice and birth control laws need to be defended, everyone
should know how to help any woman get an abortion, and patients need to
be defended from harassers and anti-choice terrorists.

It is time to revisit Michelle Wolf's Salute To Abortions. This is
dedicated to all the mistresses of Texas legislators and Religious Right
leaders who had abortions.

Michelle Wolf – Salute To Abortions

Online Consult for Abortion Pills

Herbal & Intentional Abortion

Sex, Drugs & Democracy

Sex, Drugs & Democracy is a fascinating documentary about Amsterdam in
the 1990s. They decided to rid themselves of the destructive policies
influenced by the US and other anti-freedom forces. The amazing outcomes
are the focus of the film. They chose the legalization of marijuana and
hashish, accessible treatment for people addicted to hard drugs,
decriminalized sex work, pro-harm reduction, pro-choice, pro-diversity,
pro-environment and countless other humane policies.

This is a film one can use for research papers, as well as parties.
Highly recommeded.

Sex, Drugs & Democracy

Damned In The USA

This is a rare film that usually disappears quickly. The subject is
censorship and the filmmakers were sued by Rev. Donald Wildmon. It is
accessible for now, including the previously censored Lou Reed song,
Walk On Wildmon's Side.

There is plenty of entertaining material – Mapplethorpe art, 2 Live Crew
songs and comedy by Jimmy Tingle.

People who want fascism will enjoy interviews with Rev. Wildmon, Sen.
Jesse Helms, Women Against Pornography and Morality In Media.

This would be a good choice for your immediate watch list.

Damned In The USA

50 Years of Legal Birth Control

March 22, 2022 will mark 50 years of legal birth control for non-married
people. The Supreme court victory was fought by Bill Baird, who went on
the win two more reproductive freedom cases in the high court.

Baird vs. Eisenstadt was an incredible victory that helped millions gain
access to birth control. It is celebrated every 3/22 on Right To Privacy
Day. This 1972 victory also set the primary legal precedent for the 1973
Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court victory that legalized abortion.

We have always celebrated Right To Privacy Day on The Reverend Is In
show. After the Farewell Show, we continued to acknowlege Baird's
victories on our Blogspot page and social media. Baird's victories have
been written out of history by anti-choice groups and other bullshit
artists. We shall continue to reverse that ugly trend.

In March 2022, the 50th anniversary of Baird's amazing pro-choice
victory will be the most significant celebration ever. You can believe
the Reverend when he says this is going to be very big. Details will be
released during this next year. History will be made.

Thank you Bill Baird.

Worth watching:

Bill Baird: 50-Plus Years on the Front Lines of Reproductive Rights

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake
site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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