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Monday, September 13, 2021

RIP Charlie Watts

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                                               RIP Charlie Watts

                                                 Get Your Ya-Yas Out album

                                           RIP Ed Asner

                                                     American Taliban

Rev. Bookburn's response to the psycho & fake page:

Reverend Bookburn's Farewell Show (2.12.16)

RIP Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts has died at age 80. He was best known as the longtime
drummer with the Rolling Stones. He began with the earlier shows in
small clubs and the first album.

In his book, Stone Alone, Bill Wyman described Watts and himself as the “straightest [sober] rhythem section in rock” during the 1960s. Watts had a quiet and calm demeanor, especially compared to the strong personalities in the band. He was well-respected as the Stones'
precision drummer who musically fit in perfectly. He loved suits and his first musical love was jazz. Some of his solo work is linked below.

Watts married in 1964 and remained a devoted husband, father and
grandfather. He had cancelled his participation in the 2021 Stones' No Filter tour, due to an undisclosed medical procedure. The tour is
scheduled to proceed.

Special listening as a tribute to Watts – the best Stones albums: Their
Satanic Majesties Request, Let It Bleed, Get Your Ya-Yas Out, Sticky
Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Some Girls, Flashpoint, as well as Watts' solo performances. Farewell to an iconic musician and person.

Ed Asner

Another recent loss was actor Ed Asner. He saw much success in his
acting career. At one point, his popular television show was targetted
by a boycott campaign. That was a reaction to Asner's stand for human rights and opposition to US- backed death squads in El Salvador in the 1980s.

Asner was targetted by Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr. and other right-wing
psychos. There was little defense or support for Asner. Many people of most political stripes spent the decade lip-smacking the rectums of
Reagan, Falwell, Rev. Jim Bakker, and similar ilk. Asner's show was

RIP to a great actor and phenomenal humanitarian and activist.

RIP Ed Asner

Best of Ed Asner

Ed Asner at  the 10 year commemoration of the assassination of El
Salvador's Archbishop Romero – 1990

Socialist Actor Ed Asner Fought For Labor

Ed Asner IMDb

Texas Taliban

The Supreme Court and legislature in Texas gave a huge victory to the Taliban. The upholding of the worst anti-abortion law in the nation was the highest outrage.

As we repeatedly said on the show, always know how to help any woman who chooses to get an abortion, no matter what insane laws pass. The good news is that many are pledging to do that. Additional good news is that many people have been pranking the abortion snitching hotline. Some have been reporting anti-choice legislators, religious-right leaders and their mistresses.

There is much to be done. Laws like this need to be fought until
stopped. Help for women in need should be ongoing.

We also need to speak up when people push absurd scapegoating. If you know any clueless clowns who seek to blame Susan Sarandon, be sure to tell them to watch the following new video, at least ten times:

Dems Still Blaming Susan Sarandon For Current Failures

also see:

Video Shows GOP Candidate Admitting He Hides Anti-Abortion Views To Win Over Voters

Bill Hicks - “Pro-Life”

George Carlin on “pro-life”

50 Years of Legal Birth Control

March 22, 2022 will mark 50 years of legal birth control for non-married people. The Supreme court victory was fought by Bill Baird, who went on the win two more reproductive freedom cases in the high court.

Baird vs. Eisenstadt was an incredible victory that helped millions gain access to birth control. It is celebrated every 3/22 on Right To Privacy Day. This 1972 victory also set the primary legal precedent for the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court victory that legalized abortion.

We have always celebrated Right To Privacy Day on The Reverend Is In show. After the Farewell Show, we continued to acknowlege Baird's victories on our Blogspot page and social media. Baird's victories have been written out of history by anti-choice groups and other bullshit artists. We shall continue to reverse that ugly trend.

In March 2022, the 50th anniversary of Baird's amazing pro-choice
victory will be the most significant celebration ever. You can believe
the Reverend when he says this is going to be very big. Details will be released during this next year. History will be made.

Thank you Bill Baird.

Worth watching:

Bill Baird: 50-Plus Years on the Front Lines of Reproductive Rights

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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