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Friday, July 09, 2021

Summertime Blues

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Summertime Blues

As climate change bakes our planet, we hope you are surviving this summer. The world continues to spiral in a destructive direction. We decided to entertain you and expose some of it. Classic goodies linked below.

Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues

50 Years of Legal Birth Control

March 22, 2022 will mark 50 years of legal birth control for non-married people. The Supreme court victory was fought by Bill Baird, who went on the win two more reproductive freedom cases in the high court.

Baird vs. Eisenstadt was an incredible victory that helped millions gain access to birth control. It is celebrated every 3/22 on Right To Privacy Day. This 1972 victory also set the primary legal precedent for the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court victory that legalized abortion.

We have always celebrated Right To Privacy Day on The Reverend Is In show. After the Farewell Show, we continued to acknowledge Baird's victories on our Blogspot page and social media. Baird's victories have been written out of history by anti-choice groups and other bullshit artists. We shall continue to reverse that ugly trend.

In March 2022, the 50th anniversary of Baird's amazing pro-choice victory will be the most significant celebration ever. You can believe the Reverend when he says this is going to be very big. Details will be released during this next year. History will be made.

Thank you Bill Baird.

Worth watching:

Bill Baird: 50-Plus Years on the Front Lines of Reproductive Rights

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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Swans – Can't Find My Way Home

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2 Live Crew – Face Down Ass Up

Breakfast – Take Off Your Clothes – Mark Levy cover

The Dead Daisies – Mexico

The Bombpops – Marry. Fuck. Kill.

Acid & Flowers (21 tracks of 1960s very rare acid psych & garage)

Birds Of Maya – live in Philadelphia 6.24.21

Wendy O Williams & The Plasmatics – 10 Years of Revolution Rock n Roll

Vice Squad – Latex Love

Vice Squad – We Came We Saw

The Dollyrots – Brand New Key

Tsunami Bomb – Naysayers

The Distillers – live on tv

St. Vincent – Huey Newton

Squidbillies – Revenge of Lloyd Kaufman

Mutants – Tribute to Russ Meyer – live

Eva la Feva – I'd Rather Go Blind

Incredible String Band – Way Back in the 1960s

Ash Ra Tempel – Seven Up

Pete Sears – Watchfire – Part 1: featuring Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, John Cipollina, Jeannette Sears

Pete Sears – Watchfire – Part 2: featuring Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, John Cipollina, Mimi Farina, Holly Near

Phil Ochs – Flower Lady

Dixie Chicks – FUTK

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various artists – Kryp II Knight, Vol. 2

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