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Sunday, January 10, 2021

2021 Madness

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2021 Madness

2021 had a mind-boggling start. Violent, far-right psychos launched a deadly attack at the Capitol. The terrorists were encouraged by trump and vowed to return for more violence.

An obvious difference with this incident was the initial police response. Early in the attack, they were coddled until being allowed to break through the barriers. It was like they were family members of the police. We have seen the madness that followed. This was a sharp contrast to police actions during Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and the protest by people with disabilities who were brutalized while speaking against the inhuman Medicaid cuts.

This is nothing new. A tradition began with Reagan to largely ignore the actions of white supremacist and anti-choice terrorists. The predictable result was a rise in such violence.

Fortunately, much of the world does not view them as good ol' boys. People are rightfully outraged by them, as well as their hero trump. And fewer people are peddling idiocy like blaming Susan Sarandon or ANTIFA.

As always, these crazy times reveal the need to be outspoken, organized and defending each other.


What do you do when you are a very corrupt politician who only serves the wealthiest? Naturally, you seek public support by pushing the buttons of hysteria and proposing idiotic laws to match. Such was the case when people from both major parties sought to pass SISEA. SISEA stands for Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act. The name sounded good and it was presented, as usual, as a bill for 'protecting children' and 'stopping trafficking.' In reality, it was sweeping legislation that attacked the Constitution and was primarily targeting adult lifestyles and entertainment.

Fortunately, people did not buy this obvious hysteria. The bill died without support. In these times of crises, corruption and pols who only serve the wealthiest, fewer people are falling for hysteria and scams. We're still going to link articles that provide information about SISEA. It is useful to see the ways pols manipulate evangelical cults and other propagandists. They are likely to attempt a similar scam in the future. Special thanks to Union President Alana Evans of Adult Performance Artists Guild, and Ruby.

Lindsey Graham Admits Goal is to 'Limit' Access to Porn

Psycho Update

As promised, we shall provide you with a taste of the psychostalker's book: It Doesn't Matter What Any Woman Says Or Does And If You Disagree You're A Misogynist.

The following is from the Introduction:

by Nancy “Lynch Mob” Mergatroyd

I hate Susan Sarandon even more now! Everything is her fault. She gave us trump. She caused Hillary to run the worst campaign since Dukakus 88. She caused many Democrats to kiss trump's lower extremities and vote for his entire agenda.

How dare Rev. Bookburn call me psycho! Hardcore harassment/ stalking, fake pages, distorting reality and hating nearly everyone does not make me a psycho!

I hate the women of color who called me racist! All I did was hurl insults, threaten lawsuits, and accuse them of organizing a “lynch mob” against me!

Well I've had it! Move over Kathy Bates from Misery! Move over Gone Girl! I'll show you psycho!

Nancy The Racist

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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