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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bye Bye Donny

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Bye Bye Donny

It is now the end of a grotesque era. Psycho trump will be leaving the White House. However, he will throw his diapers around the room more before we are rid of him. His goons will remain in attack mode. His allies will issue more statements from Bullshit Headquarters.'s time to celebrate.

Bye bye to the monster who implemented extremely racist policies; transferred unbelievable amounts of wealth to the top 1%; rolled back justice and human rights by decades; caused even more environmental devastation; and intensified the rise of stupidity in this culture.

For those who supported trump, dry your tears and change your shorts. Take a hard look at reality, away from fox “news.” See how much difference there is between trump's cesspool and Biden's cabinet picks, especially Neera Tanden. Then stop your whining.

Everyone else: prepare to remain vigilant, outspoken and active.

Right now.... let's say bye bye Donny and party!

America Closes Down

The video below is a must-see. It was made by the controversial, self-described “pothead comedian” Jimmy Dore. Many people have beefs with him but watch it anyway. I have had differences with Dore, but consider this video to be an essential part of the discussions and debates about the horrifying crises we now face.

America Closes Down – People Get Shafted As Monopolies Take Over

Psycho Update

We are pleased to announce the release of a forthcoming book It Doesn't Matter What Any Woman Says Or Does And If You Disagree You're A Misogynist by Nancy “Lynch Mob” Mergatroyd. We shall provide excerpts from the chapters: Free The Manson Girls Now You Misogynists!; Racists For Hillary; and The Plight Of White Supremacist Feminists.

Meantime, if you haven't seen it, check out:

Nancy The Racist

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Their Satanic Majesties Second Request

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20th Century Metalboy: Al Jourgensen covers T. Rex

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Peter Gabriel with Angelique Kidjo & Yo-Yo Ma – Biko

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The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy

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Spooky Tooth – Evil Woman – live

Eric Burdon – A Girl Named Sandoz

Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida – live – final performance with original members – 2012

Slayer – In A Gadda Da Vida

We All Together – It's A Sin To Go Away

John Trudell – Rockin' The Res

John Trudell – Baby Boom Che

Phil Ochs – The War Is Over

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1970 – 1990: The war of counter-insurgency in El Salvador

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'riots never accomplish anything'

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