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Sunday, November 15, 2020

White House Volunteer Eviction Squad

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White House eviction time

Happy Spanksgiving

Ghouliani's latest scandal

Pee Wee Herman on Ghouliani behavior

Attention clueless racists

Feinstein: hates progressives, loves Lindsay Graham & Amy Coney Barrett

Susan Sarandon celebrating changed marijuana laws

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The Democrats fought Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation the same way Republicans fought Coronavirus. They tried nothing and somehow it didn't work.

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White House Volunteer Eviction Squad

The moron who stores his golf clubs at the White House lost the 2020 election. Predictably, trump declared that it was rigged, similar to children who lose games of checkers. Obviously, trump's deranged ranting has no merit. Amazingly, many Republican psychos indulge in this madness. They even encouraged their supportive nazi storm troops, the Proud Boys, to perpetrate violence on the streets. A huge thank you to all who stood up to them. It appears that trump may have plans to illegally continue to occupy the White House. That's where the people come in.

When the survivors of The Reverend Is In show learned about the Volunteer Eviction Squad's resolve to remove trump, we immediately signed up. If enough people participate, it won't matter what means are necessary. If the will of the people was good enough for the V For Vendetta film....

Some may suggest that the Democrats may ride in and save the day. That is hilarious. Biden and his associates in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party are already trying to outdo Clinton and Obama in the Republican asskiss department. Pelosi, Schumer and countless others have spent four years enabling the trump agenda. Feinstein, who acted so tough to youth climate activists, spit-shined the rectums of Lindsay Graham and Amy Coney Barrett.

The fake opposition party cannot be counted on for anything. We need to continue to be loud and vigilant. For now, we need to focus on the eviction. Then we'll party. Then we'll get back to pushing for positive change.

Ghouliani Scandal 

The ghoul of 9/11 is back. His latest scandal has been his now famous encounter with Sacha Baron Cohen, which was filmed for the upcoming Borat 2. Giuliani took time away from his pro-trump work and agreed to be interviewed by a woman who claimed to be Cohen's 15 year-old daughter. Giuliani claimed to be only tucking his shirt in during the filmed interview but his actions suggest that he joined the trump, Epstein club of sickness. His actions are also quite undeniable.

This is by no means the Rudester's first scandal. While he was getting major props after 9/11, Ghouliani was exposed for using an apartment that was donated for use for exhausted 9/11 responders as a meeting place for his extra-marital affair at the time.

In reality, Ghouliani remains at the very bottom of the human species.

Trial of the Chicago 7

The good news is that the story of the Chicago 7 trial is being discussed again, due to the recent film release on Netflix. The trial involved the activists who were involved with the protests and Festival of Life during the Democratic Convention in 1968. Countless counter-culture figures, rock stars, and politicos rallied to support the 7 (originally 8) defendants.

The not-so-good news is that like nearly all things related to the Chicago 7 trial, and Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin in particular, the project was too reckless with facts and misrepresentations. As usual, the characters were much too dumbed down. Also, they were never 'bomb throwers.'

Still, there was much about the film that makes it worthwhile. It is definitely a positive development to revive the subject, especially in these crazy times of trump and the screwing of everyone who is not rich. The following are good resources for anyone interested in the Chicago 7:

Woodstock Nation by Abbie Hoffman; We Are Everywhere by Jerry Rubin; the Introduction to Hoffman's Steal This Book; Seize The Time by Bobby Seale; The 60s Papers by Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo; The Tales of Hoffman - From The Trial Of The Chicago 7 (multiple editors - featuring the testimonies of Arlo Guthrie, Phil Ochs, Timothy Leary and many others. There is a rare comic book version of Allen Ginsberg's testimony that is priceless.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Chicago

Psycho Update

Nancy Mergatroyd continues to run a fake page that bears my name. There is a new, much-deserved response that addresses her smearing of the deceased, as well as her undeniable racism.

The response is here:

Nancy The Racist

Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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