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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Quarantine Information and Entertainment

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Quarantine Survival and Entertainment

In this new era of quarantine and a deadly pandemic, I wanted to share as much valuable information and entertainment as possible. Therefore, even more links than usual have been posted below. The response to the current crisis by Trump and most politicians is as shocking as the virus itself. Making the interests of the wealthiest the supreme priority reveals how sick these times are.

Trump and Biden are now the “frontrunners” in the presidential race. Whether or not you vote for either senile pedo rapist, the election is not the end of the story. Both have a horrible history regarding healthcare, climate change, safety nets, economics, and bigotry. Both have a long history of acting against working people. We are in a permanent struggle for survival that goes beyond elections. We're going to need to be loud and fight for our lives.

Rev. Bookburn's Birthday

For my birthday month (you read that right), I am wishing that we can conquer this virus and stop losing people. May all who are experiencing loss find comfort and healing.

I also wish that trump, his administration, Congressional Republicans, corporate Democrats, trump-supporting evangelists, and cable news hosts get what they deserve.

Abortion Rights Update

Hey Rev.,

You've probably seen these by now, but if not, I'm just sending these in case they might be useful. The prospect of a global condom shortage, a global lockdown (with the corresponding spike in domestic violence and sexual coercion) and states banning abortion when travel is risky or blocked altogether and women can't get prenatal or neonatal care because the hospitals are swamped, at the same time that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down the ACA this Fall...

Well, those elitist fuckers who used to say they hoped for a plague to curb global population growth obviously didn't have a fucking clue what they were talking about. :-(

And those anti-choice shits who say they care about babies' lives are full of shit, too. 

Wishing you health and safety.

Your friend forever,


*Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fake site that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.

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