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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Legal Birth Control and Abortion

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Free Women From The Cross Of Oppression

Bill Baird of Pro-Choice League

Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins at a pro-choice rally

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Pence Virus

Trump's insane response to the corona virus is yet another outrage and nightmare. Putting Pence in charge, and requiring all official statements be cleared by him, is like a true crime novel.

Pence is not merely an anti-science nut, he is someone with a history of dangerous policies and deadly outcomes. Pence caused a dramatic spike in HIV newly diagnosed cases and transmissions, after ending needle exchange and other prevention/ harm reduction programs. A sick person like Pence being in charge of this new medical crisis is a recipe for disaster.

Interesting that the same trumpers who called the virus a “hoax” are now in panic mode after at least one of their own tested positive following the fascistic CPAC conference.

To trump/ pence & their stooges: you “politicized” this crisis when you, Congressional Republicans and some corporate Democrats agreed to slash funding for the organizations that can deal with this pandemic, as well as providing yet another huge free handout to billionaires

Legal Birth Control and Abortion

The current attacks on birth control and abortion rights are worse than ever. Several anti-choice laws have passed, some of which are likely heading to the Supreme Court. It is vital that Roe vs. Wade (the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion) and Baird vs. Eisenstadt (the 1972 decision that legalize birth control for non-married people) are understood and defended. Baird vs. Eisenstadt has barely been mentioned in the calls to defend birth control and abortion rights. That is a serious error. Baird vs. Eisenstadt was successfully fought by Bill Baird of the Pro-Choice League and was one of the most significant victories in history. Anti-choice groups and even some so-called allies frequently rewrite history.

Baird vs. Eisenstadt set the primary legal precedent for Roe vs. Wade and was quoted six times in the Roe decision less than a year later. Baird vs. Eisenstadt ended the banning of birth control on March 22, 1972. Every March 22, there are celebrations of Right To Privacy Day.

On behalf of everyone who ever benefited from legal birth control and abortion, thank you Bill Baird. Fortunately, a book and film about Baird's life and victories is in the works.

As always, we must be prepared to defend Roe vs. Wade and Baird vs. Eisenstadt. We must always know how to help any woman, regardless of which repressive laws pass.

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