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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Trump's War Machine

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Trump - the lie machine

Iran- Contra terrorist commenting on Iran

Paula White and danger fetuses

RIP Reed Mullin - COC

RIP Andy Gill - Gang of 4

Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking

"Let Medicaid Recipients Eat Cake!"

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Trump's War Machine

Most rational people  realize that trump is a deranged criminal who needs to be removed from office. The serial liar is capable of committing more acts of war and coups. He even had the intended coup leader of Venezuela at the State of the Union address. People who are anti-democracy applauded him.

Trump must be stopped if he attempts to mimic the Wag The Dog film and uses war to deflect attention from his scandals and extremist policies. He will not be stopped by his party of traitors or the fake opposition party. The voices of the people are going to need to be loud.

Paula White and Fetuses

In defiance of the US Constitution, trump recruited "spiritual advisor" and psycho Paula White into the White House. White's fiery cult meetings are so extreme that it is hard to take her seriously. White does not seem to be delusional. She seems gifted in the art of conning people. While trump was speaking at an anti-choice rally, White was giving an even crazier-than-usual ranting about the need for "Satanic" fetuses to miscarry. White and other psychos make it tempting to bring back my show and add new comedy characters. What could be better than performing live abortions with a batshit crazy character on the show?

Reed Mullin

Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity (COC) recently died at age 53. He was a fantastic drummer and great person. COC began as a hardcore punk band from North Carolina. When metal and punk started falling in love, COC and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles were at the forefront of the Crossover scene.

When I organized a Metal Anti-Apartheid Benefit in Philadelphia, COC headlined the show. They had to get a substitute guitarist who rehearsed all night and played the show. They slayed! Also on the bill was Savage Silence, whom I was managing, and our sibling band Anvil Bitch. The Phila Police decided to raid the show. COC was aggressively told to leave. The band stated that they had to break down their equipment. Actually, they were setting up. Finally, COC bassist Mike Dean shouted into the microphone: "Is this South Street or South Africa?" Then the band bursted into their first song. The cops left.

It was great to see COC several times and get to speak with Reed and the others. It was truly sad to hear of Reed's passing.

Psycho Update

The uncensored Nancy Mergatroyd site has been relaunched and I love the feedback. Whenever a psychostalker harasses or runs a fake page, I believe a response plus humor is called for. I am strongly opposed to silently and passively accepting such abuses. We certainly opened a floodgate. We have been hearing from others about the psychos in their lives. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and/ or sharing their stories. More to come.

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