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Monday, January 06, 2020

A Vision For 2020

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A Vision For 2020

Let us begin the new decade with clear every way. We shall not be fooled by propagandists. We cannot be manipulated by anyone. We will not be passive to psychos. We choose not to be limited to narrow, limited entertainment. We shall not settle for bland, vanilla boredom. We will not tolerate the madness of those who run the world.

Since this is an election year, there will be a bombardment of misinformatiom. Treat yourself to a pledge to be immune to all lies and manipulation machines, from fox “news” to Neera Tanden. Research any candidate you're considering supporting. Who funds them? What is their relationship with Wall Street? What is their real record? Have they served the wealthiest or the people of the nation?

There is a whole world of arts that is outside the usually boring mainstream. This is a great time to explore a variety of music, film and comedy that is not from the overexposed avenues. Especially from independent sources.

We are pleased that there are more sensible and humane marijuana laws now. It is time for national legalization laws, expunging of records, and freedom for all marijuana prisoners.

This is also a time to say that you need not tolerate any kind of abuse, injustice, or any other kind of mistreatment. We are amazed by some of the stories people have shared since our psychostalker became slightly relevant. The great news is the support systems that can be built, while countering negativity.

2020 is a year for vision, justice and fun.

Psycho Update

I wrote a humor piece entitled End Mysogyny – Support a Woman's Right to be a Psychostalker, but decided against posting it. The content of a recent posting by Nancy Mergatroyd, who runs a fake page bearing my name, was so laughable that it would be silly to directly respond.

However, I did her a favor and found people who actually do compare with trump. Lots of them. One week after the announcement of the food stamp cuts, trump-like people voted for an an insane increase in the overkill military budget, including the “space force.” These same people turned out to have long records of voting for trump's budgets, policies and nominations. You too can join the fun. Check out the actual record and party membership of all who have been bootlickers for trump.

Good news: We are happy to announce that the Nancy Mergatroyd site has returned. It is the response site to the harassment, stalking and fake page operating by Nancy Mergatroyd. It is worth the cost to relocate to a site where those on the receiving end of psychostalking are not censored for responding.

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