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Monday, December 02, 2019

The Reverend's Annual Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2019

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Getting in the holiday spirt

The fox "news" imagined war on xmas

the orange cheetos' white xmas


Holiday smoke

War on xmas?

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Flashbacks -  highlighted past classic shows for this posting:

The Reverend's Annual Holiday Tree and Balls Special

This themed show was another fun tradition on The Reverend Is In show. We posted two past shows as a kind of 10 year challenge. For some, the holidays have been at least partially stressful or depressing. It was our job to try to reverse that and provide great laughs and music. Now we are preparing to acknowledge the true deity: Brian from Monty Python's Life of Brian film.

Radio Volta

We now mark 20 of Independent Media Centers, most notably in Seattle during the anti-World Trade Organization actions. In Philadelphia, the IMC gave rise to Radio Volta which is where The Reverend Is In began. A detailed history was provided on most of our anniversary shows. Congrats to Philly IMC for 20 years of action and the recent reunion/ party. Thank you Thomas for reconnecting us.

You Tube

It is truly amazing how bad YouTube has become. Recently, a concert video was interrupted for an ad. Ads continue to appear directly on videos. It is time for discussions about the creation of viable alternatives. Perhaps one of the useless billionaires running for prez (any party) can pursue this more worthwhile effort.

Psycho Update

I'll start by responding to a question. No, the obsessive behaviors and mental issues did not begin with Nancy Mergatroyd's attacks on me. There is a significant history of harassment, stalking, cyber bullying and abusing nearly everyone who was ever in her life. This is all part of a long-standing Jihadist pattern. She routinely issues threats and efforts of intimidation. That means nothing to me. There is no chance that the fake site that bears my name will be met with silence. The Nancy Mergatroyd site shall be relaunched. Apologies for the delay. Her rationalizations and distortions of reality continue to be absurd. It merits repeating that posting in my name is unacceptable, even if the content was not laughably stupid and posted by a psycho.

Joke of the Month: One can still be labelled a “misogynist” for not supporting war-criminal, Trump-Lite, Wall Street rep Hillary Clinton lol.

We're still accepting script ideas and proposals. See the original call for script ideas:

Some goodies:

Pleasure Seekers – What a Way to Die

Pleasure Seekers reunite with Suzi Quatro

The Pussycats – I Want Your Love

Vice Barons – Fuzzy n Wild

Messer Chups – Magneto – The Open Stage Berlin

Lollipops – Naked When You Come

Poppies: Assorted Finery From The First Psychedelic Age

The Strange Combination of Jimi Hendrix and a Boy Band

Jimi Hendrix & John McLaughlin – Record Plant 3.25.69

Girlschool – Hit and Run

Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos

Wasted Youth – Real Good Time Together

Sonny Vincent & Wayne Kramer – Good Ideas

Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Love Comes In Spurts

Psychosexual – The Devil's Music (Rock n Roll)

In This Moment – Sex Metal Barbie

The Pretty Reckless – My Medicine

Cradle of Filth – The Death of Love

Kim Gordon – Sketch Artist

Barclay James Harvest – The Great 1974 Mining Disaster

Clear Light – Black Roses

Kesha – Raising Hell

Metal and Opera singer give each other a voice lesson

Watch David Byrne Lead a Massive Choir in Singing David Bowie's Heroes

Mary Poppins – I Love To Laugh

Deathbed Tapes – 7 Deadly Sins

Brown Acid, The Ninth Trip: More Heavy Rock from the Underground Comedown

Punk '77: Danny Fields is a Number-One Fan

Mumps: Too Pop for Punk; Too Weird for the Mainstream

From Minutemen to Missingmen: Mike Watt and Friends Carry On

Punk Band The Bombpops Reveal Their Worst Instagram Dms

London Calling at 40: How The Clash shattered punk orthodoxy and created a masterpiece

How a Lost Harry Nilsson Record Came Together 25 Years After His Death

Jim Marshall: new photo book of rock legends

Roger Waters Among SXSW 2020 Keynote Speakers

Neil Young Says His Application For US Citizenship Has Been Delayed Due To His Marijuana Use

Nine-year-old's awesome drum cover of Nirvana's In Bloom goes viral

Mathias Lundqvist composed a brilliant Zappa-like musical score to a speech by trump

Watch a young Bjork perform with her punk band, 1982 (not Kukl)

Patti Smith reminisces about her first-ever gig in New York, 1971

Michael Stipe, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Palmer, Sean Lennon, Graham Nash & Other Artists Endorse Bernie Sanders in New Video

Judee Sill: An Appreciation

Pathways to Unknown Worlds: Sun Ra, El Saturn and Chicago's Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954-68

Exploring the Origins of Punk Across America with Kid Karate and Bushmills

A Punk Rock Celebration of Porn Star Beauty

Eric Clapton Announces Ginger Baker Tribute Concert

Yoko Ono and the Freedom Fighters in pictures

Vote Rock Hall of Fame 2020

The Amazon Music Boycott Is Growing

Inside Malaysia's Straight Edge Punk Scene

Self-Storage: Reading John Cage in Reykjavik

A Graphic Novel Revives a Script by Salvador Dali and the Marx Brothers

Our History: 1960s underground newspaper Independent Eye gets exposure

Why Gonzo Artist Ralph Steadman Drew The Endangered Kiwikiu For Us

Lou Reed's Mixtape for Andy Warhol Discovered by Cornell University Professor: Features 12 Previousy Unreleased Songs

The Travel Diaries of Allen Ginsberg in South America

The trippy music posters that defined the counterculture

Mythical drug Ayahuasca offers clue to consciousness

This Is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned

Hemp History

Hemp Products

Weed Apparel

Trump's Faith Advisor Paula White House Staffer

Sacha Baron Cohen Calls Out Mark Zuckerberg

Ronald Reagan's Shameful Legacy: Violence, the homeless, mental illness

Why evangelicals won't care about Jerry Falwell Jr's Apparent Sex Scandal

Trump Issues Pardons in War Crimes Cases

Naomi Klein on Climate Chaos: “I Don't Think Baby Boomers Did This. I Think Capitalism Did.”

ICE Arrests 90 More Students at Fake University in Michigan

Insanity Department

20 Years After We Shut Down the WTO, The Left Is Finally Resurgent

Bolivia's Morales fumes as protesters attack mayoral ally

A Coup in Bolivia, Yet Again

Why the Corporate Media Won't Call It a Coup

Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and millionaire – with foreign support

When the US Supports It, It's Not a Coup

Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm's Lithium Deal

#ThisIsACoup #NoCoupInBolivia

The Graystone's Anya Parampil debunks Bolivian coup myths

US – Backed Military Coup in Bolivia Condemned

How to Save the Planet and Ourselves

The Ocean Cleanup project finally cleaned up some plastic

Ban Chlorpyrifos

The Revolution Isn't Being Televised

America's Streets and Squares Are Waiting, But When Will the People Rise Up to Fill Them?

Seattle Voters Rebuke Amazon, Re-Elect Socialist Kshama Sawant

Bernie Sanders returned $470 from the only billionaire who donated to his campaign

By Trying to Silence Sanders, the Corporate Media Delegitimize Themselves

Let's Be Very Clear: Medicare for All is not Socialism

The Center for American Progress is a Disgrace

Biden Fundraises with MGM CEO Making $15 Million a Year – and Currently Laying Off 1,000 Workers

Activists Occupy Pelosi's Office, Launch Global Hunger Strike for Climate Action

Ocasio-Cortez Debunks Neoliberals' Favorite Talking Points For Good

Revealed: Buttigieg 2020 Campaign took money from top Kavanaugh lawyers

Left Twitter Responds With Viral #TooFarLeft Hashtag After Obama Counsels Democrats to Tamp Down Progressive Ambitions

Biden's Insane Thoughts on Hairy Legs, Roaches, and Kids

Neera Tanden's Center for American Progress Donated $200K to Koch-Funded AEI

Krystal Ball: #BoycottMSNBC

NFL Replace Michael Vick in Pro Bowl

Bees Have Been Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet

Silent Running – trailer

Queen of Outer Space – trailer

First Spaceship On Venus

Top 10 Funniest Rick and Morty Moments

Trump Hates Me shirts

Fahrenheit 11/9 – must see!

Neera Tanden Attacks Jimmy Dore & Gets Destroyed

Deranged Clinton Centrists Hate On Susan Sarandon Escalates

Susan Sarandon Haters Dumbest Takes On Supreme Court – must see!

Boundaries – OfficialTrailer – 2018

Bill Baird Birth-Control Rights Movie 'Privacy' in Development

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