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Monday, September 02, 2019

Film Appreciation

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RIP Peter Fonda

Robin Williams and Patch Adams

The Magic Christian

Rip Torn in Canadian Bacon

Harold and Maude

Fictional psycho in Misery

Romeo and Juliet

Thelma and Louise

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Film Appreciation

Whether it's for escape, mind expansion or enhancing the time with others, film remains one of the greatest form of the arts. Film has helped make the fascistic trump era more survivable. Similar to music, it is fun to turn people on to great and under-rated titles they may be unfamiliar with.

Recently viewed or watched again: Sharktopus, Dr. Lao, Gone Girl, Striptease, Up In Smoke, Patch Adams, The Big Lebowski, Fearless.

Hopefully, the trailers and clips below will contribute to your appreciation to good and unusual films.

Film Challenge

We need a film title. The most knowledgeable cinephiles we know have been stumped. Unfortunately, we have very little recollection about this film. We watched it during a party that was highlighted by psychedelic music and serious laughter. It was a Bond-like film with major villains and those who tried to stop them. It was unclear if the film was serious or a spoof like the original Casino Royale (Peter Sellers, Woody Allen).

Towards the end there was mayhem at a beach scene. The head villain attempted to escape by being airlifted out of the water in a golden box that was shaped like the outdoor portable toilets. The hero attempted to shoot harpoons at the gold box. This film resulted in everyone screaming with laughter.
One person believes the film was made before 1974. If anyone knows the title of this, please email

Psycho Update

We have launched a new site to deal with all things relating to the psychostalker who runs a fake site bearing my name. This way it won't be necessary to use space here for that kind of subject. The first post provides an introduction, as well as how funny it is for a psycho to use the word “integrity.”

If this is interesting or entertaining to you:

Nancy Mergatroyd

First post: Meet The Psycho

Some goodies:

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad – Battle with Kali

Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf – trailer – 2015 - Roger Corman SyFy Movie

7 Faces of Dr. Lao – most important parts

Half Baked – funniest moments

Slits Documentary

Pass The Ammo – trailer

fictional psycho

Gone Girl – trailer

The Bad Bunch – trailer

Bone – trailer

Labyrinth – trailer

Awakenings – Leonard's awakening

Dead Poets Society – why do we read and write poetry?

Patch Adams- trailer

Pink Floyd's The Wall in 9 minutes

Neil Young – Le Noise – The Film

Performance – trailer – Mick Jagger

Hell W10 – Joe Strummer's short movie

Selena – trailer

MC5 – The True Testimonial – see it while you can – it usually disappears fast

The Hog Farm Movie

The Hog Farm Movie – trailer

Harold and Maude clip – L-I-V-E Live!

Canadian Bacon clip – Rip Torn

Casino Royale – trailer

Radio Unnameable – trailer

Charlie Chaplin – A King in New York

Life of Brian

The Best of The Big Lebowski

Bee Movie – trailer

Divine – Night Flight Special

The Chase clip – Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins on Walmart, Part 1

An Evening with Bobcat Goldthwait – Share The Warmth

Deranged Clinton Centrists Hate On Susan Sarandon Escalates

D.A. Pennebaker's films

Films For Action

Larry 'The Mole' Taylor, Canned Heat Bassist, Dead at 77

The Darts – Breakup Makeup

Cosmic Psychos – Blokes You Can Trust

Desolation Center teaser

'We still need to be seen:' behind the rise of black punk culture

Penelope Houston – We Are The One/ The American In Me (Avengers) – 6.10.18

Joy Ryder & Avis Davis – No More Nukes!

what a psycho is saying (a different psycho)

“we interview the CIA agent who created punk rock”

Cream – Toad – live

Robert Plant – Song To The Siren

Rolling Stones – She's A Rainbow - instrumental version – Nicky Hopkins on piano

Listen Online to Every Minute of the Original Woodstock Festival

Jonathan Mann – Susan Sarandon Is An All-Powerful God

Tony Tig – Our Revolution

Cardi B's new message about politics

Phil Ochs – Love Me I'm A Liberal

Will Nicky Hopkins be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Henry Rollins Thinks Punk Rock Will Save Us From Trump

Philly Zine Fest

Winona Ryder with her godfather Timothy Leary

Idiot of the Month:

Candice Keller

GOP Lawmaker Blames Latest Mass Shooting on Cannabis and Same-Sex Marriage

Mega-church leader Joaquin Garcia charged with human trafficking and child rape charges

Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be A Fun “Second-Term Project”

Charles Manson – Super Republican

The Curse of Moral Purity

Trump Hates Me shirts