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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

National Masturbation Month 2019

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National Masturbation Month

We are always happy to lend a hand to those who choose to celebrate National Masturbation Month every May. This celebration became known to us in the early days of the The Reverend Is In and had always been a fun themed show to do. Celebrations in a variety of cities usually included fundraisers for providers of reproductive health and sexual freedom.

In these crazy times, the adult entertainment industry, as well as consenting sex workers, are increasingly under attack by all major political parties and clueless organizations. Similar to the anti-choice people, many loud voices provide serious misinformation in the name of opposing trafficking. As usual, their fantasies lead to new laws that are unjust and dangerous. Decriminalization without control by the clueless is the way to go forward.

Meanwhile, let us begin May with happy celebrations!

Some goodies:

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – High Visceral {Part 1} – full album

The Beat – Stand Down Margaret

Funkadelic – Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

Acid King – live at Southwest Terror Fest 2015 – full set

Sleep – live at Hellfest 2013

Lords of Acid – Rough Sex

Genitorturers – I Touch Myself

The Scientists – live in Philadelphia 4.17.19 – complete show

Messer Chups – Magneto – The Open Stage Berlin

Missing Persons – Destination Unknown

Galaxie 500 – On Fire

Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery

Joy – Under the Spell of Joy

Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery – full album

Wooden Shjips – V.

Moon Duo – Circles

Helios Creed – X-Rated Fairy Tales [HQ sound]

Stanley Clarke – Stanley Clarke – full album

Lemmy Kilmister & Hawkwind - Silver Machine – live – 1972

Motorhead – Orgasmatron

Social Distortion – Social Distortion – full album

The Depraved – Stupidity Maketh The Man – full album

Shout cover – must hear – 13 minutes into album

Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus – full album

Gang Green – Voices Carry

Reign of Z – Reflections

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – Silver Machine

The Silver Machine – Repairable Eyes

The Silver Machine – The Insect

Spindrift – A Celebration of the Human Body

Janet Gardner – Rat Hole

The Darts – The Cat's Meow

The Darts – I Like You But Not Like That

Amberian Dawn – Arctica

L7 – Bricks Are Heavy – full album

Hole – Live Through This – full album

GASH – GASH – 1986

Gash [Philadelphia] – Santa Claus Is Cummin (To Town)

Motorhead (featuring Wendy O. Williams) – No Class – live

Wendy O. Williams – It's My Life

Wendy O. Williams – Ain't None Of Your Business

Plasmatics – live in NYC 1981

Plasmatics – Pig Is A Pig

Nashville Pussy – Go Motherfucker Go – from Let Them Eat Pussy

The Medicine Dolls – Kiss Kiss Kill Me

Dead Silence – Chain of Thought

The Ex – Ay Carmela

Eco-Guerrillas – full LP

Tina Turner – River Deep Mountain High

Abba – live at Wembly 1979

Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces Of A Man [remastered + bonus tracks]

Last Poets – full album

Frank Zappa's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Susan Sarandon – Bad Moms Sequel

Lucy – trailer

The Lawnmower Man – trailer

Evolution – trailer

The Tune – clip

The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas – trailer

contra terrorist Oliver North

American Dad! - Ollie North song


Resisting FOSTA

anti-freedom forces in the news:

Women's Equality Party covertly filmed strippers to protest legal clubs

The Hypersurveillance Crusade

Where Have You Gone Abbie Hoffman?

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters: Donald Trump is an asshole

The Diffidence of a Liberal

The Corporate Campaign to Kill Bernie's Medicare For All Bill Is Here

These 2020 Candidates Are the Darlings of Wall Street. The Numbers Are Proof.

Noam Chomsky: Democrats May Have Handed Trump the 2020 Election

DNC Scum

In Galling Move, DCCC Cuts Off Progressive Primary Challenger From Vendors

DCCC Defense of Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Democrat Sparks Pushback

Young Democrats at 40 College Campuses Call For Boycott of the DCCC

No Joe!

Joe Biden's Disastrous Legislative Legacy

Joe Biden Is Who We Thought He Was

Operation Take Down Bernie

Venezuela Coup Attempt Fails

No US Intervention In Venezuela

Rania Khalek on Venezuela

Bankers Won't Lend to Developers Who Would Lower Rents

The Bloody History of Border Militias Runs Deep – And Law Enforcement Is Part Of It

Burning Aid: An Interventionist Deception on Columbia-Venezuela Bridge

Fahrenheit 11/9 – must see!

Susan Sarandon Haters Dumbest Takes On Supreme Court – must see!

Boundaries – Official Trailer –2018

Bill Baird Birth-Control Rights Movie 'Privacy' in Development

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