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Monday, April 01, 2019

RIP Abbie Hoffman

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Abbie Hoffman and John Lennon

10 year challenge

Happy Birthday Reverend Bookburn

trump - wrestler wannabee

Susan Sarandon and David Bowie


Ice - T quote

high truth

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Abbie Hoffman

April 12, 2019 marks 30 years since the death of Abbie Hoffman. Abbie's contributions to the counter-culture and movements for social change could never be fully measured. Benefit concerts, marijuana smoke-ins, anti-war protests and much more flourished in the 1960s. Abbie was one of the key figures in these events. Abbie's humor, sense of theater and media savvy intensified an era that changed the world.

Abbie also had his personal struggles, including legal issues and chronic pain. He left an incredible legacy and should always be remembered.

Highlights: Woodstock Nation book, the Introduction to Steal This Book, the videos linked below under Goodies.

Posting in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Yippie! Festival of Life and Chicago Conspiracy Trial (Abbie and 7 co-defendants):

Chicago 1968

Phil Ochs

April 9, 1976 is the day folk singer Phil Ochs passed away. Phil didn't just sing about what was going on, he was in the streets and active for change.

All of Phil's albums were good. The best is the double album Chords of Fame. Chords of Fame is also the title of a fantastic but rare film about Phil Ochs. It's very hard to find so if you get a chance, see it or get a copy.

Some goodies:

Birthday Greetings from Joe Cocker

Marilyn Monroe – Happy Birthday Mr. President

Report Suspicious Activity – Under The Hill

Report Suspicious Activity – Revenge

NoMeansNo – Hunt The She Beast

999 – Homicide – live at Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

Motorhead – Ace of Spades – Lego

Ice-T & Body Count – Institutionalized

Aftermath – Diethanasia

Bauhaus – Third Uncle

1970s Psychedelic Animation Film with Todd Rundgren/ Utopia Music

Utopia – live 5.1.18

Jefferson Airplane – House at Pooneil Corners – live rooftop show – NYC 1968

Glam Skanks – Somebody To Love

Phil Ochs & John Lennon – Chords of Fame

Neil Young – Changes – Phil Ochs cover – Farm Aid 2013

Billy Bragg - I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night

Phil Ochs - There But For Fortune

Pete Sears with Jerry Garcia & Holly Near - Guatamala [Watchfire album]

Trapeze – Medusa – full album

Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You – full album

David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind

Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky – animated

Allman Brothers – Blue Sky

all Latina Mariachi Band – Bohemian Rhapsody

Abbie Hoffman speaking in San Francisco – 1969

Bernie Sanders and Abbie Hoffman discuss the media

What Happened To Kerouac? - Abbie Hoffman, 1986

Yippie versus Yuppie

The Hunger – trailer

Life of Brian – trailer

Rob Zombie – The Haunted World of El Superbeasto – trailer

Nudist Colony of the Dead – intro with lyrics

The Incredibly Strange Creatures – trailer

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Trump's Budget for a Nightmare America

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Democrats Would Be Mad To Nominate Him

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Puerto Ricans Struggle to Buy Food as Federal Aid Dwindles

Hands Off Venezuela

Venezuela – Revolution from the Inside Out

South Of The Border – Venezuela

A Soft Coup in Guatamala

Seattle Police “Rescue” 26 Sex Workers. But Did They Want to Be Rescued?

Suspects from Spa in Robert Kraft Case Not Charged with Sex Trafficking

“Unsurprising” Transphobia at Anti-Sex Work Rally in NYC

Hundreds of Sex Workers on strike as they protest unfair working conditions

That time John Lennon, Stevie Wonder performed in Ann Arbor to protest for John Sinclair

Freedom Rally event inspired Ann Arbor's Hash Bash

John Sinclair Freedom Rally

John Sinclair – the MC 6th

Fahrenheit 11/9 – must see!

Susan Sarandon Haters Dumbest Takes On Supreme Court – must see!

Boundaries – Official Trailer –2018

Bill Baird Birth-Control Rights Movie 'Privacy' in Development

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