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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Anti-President's Day

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You – How To Fuck Like A Family-Values Christian Conservative

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Producer of Golden Shower In Trump Tower


Check out 5 classic past shows (plus a few more) that celebrate the holidays of this season in unusual and entertaining ways. Of course, the emphasis is on Anti-President's Day, due to the current deranged occupant of the White House. All of these shows can be heard for free.

Reminder: This is the only real Rev. Bookburn site. Any asshole who creates false sites, misuses the Rev's name, misrepresents us, or spams us, is unworthy of attention.

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Axis of Medieval

Was Roger Stone in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit film?

When Hillbots dream

RIP Lorna Doom

Love Night - Rev. Bookburn's shows as an alternative to typical Valentine's Day entertainment

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Flashbacks - highlighted past classic shows for this posting:

Anti-President's Day (2.19.06)

Love Night (2.10.08)

An Erotic Interpretation of the SuperBowl (2.05.06)

Foreplay to Hash Wednesday (2.22.04)

Baird vs. Eisenstadt Anniversary (3.24.13)

Party and Orgy with Sarah Palin (10.2.11)

Reverend Bookburn's Farewell Show (2.12.16)

Anti-President's Day

The only way to celebrate “President's Day” this year is with humor, exposure and/ or action. The support base of idiot trump continues to shrink as he betrays all who are not rich.

This reign of error is a serious attack on justice, freedom, climate, democracy, science, education, human rights and the very survival of the people in this nation.

Fortunately, trump is too exposed to be able to convincingly lie to significant numbers of even the most gullible people.

Sadly, the Democrats are barely an opposition party. Trotting out Wall Street puppets for the next election reveals that they learned nothing since 2016.

This year, we're going to celebrate Anti-President's Day and refuse to acknowledge any holiday attention for the orange psychopath. Check out some of our old shows, absorb real information, and share humor about the orange con-man who occupies the White House.

Rev. Bookburn's comments (mostly on Twitter):

It's good to see a science-based recovery org that does not push "higher power" / 12 step cultism.

Lou Reed's New York album is incredible!

In the spirit of the Bush show, memorials have been organized for McVeigh, Manson and other smaller time civilian murderers. RIP Bush victims in the contra wars.

Replying to @RollingStone

No. History must not be rewritten. Massive civilian deaths in contra wars, October Surprise, AIDS deaths, racist hysteria. The people mourning Bush instead of his victims will be kissy with trump in 20 years.

Replying to @WWE @Rhyno313

I couldn't watch after the first 15 seconds of pathetic Bush worship. Research Bush's racist history, October Surprise and the large-scale civilian deaths in his contra-terrorist wars in Nicaragua, Angola and worldwide.

[“is it just me or does the anti-sex work pitch mirror the anti-abortion pitch spookily close? both are framed as protecting women & autonomy when in reality their views hurt women & autonomy, they put feelings over facts, they aren’t supported by the people they’re “helping”... “]

@RevBookburn: Nearly identical. Both believe their cultish groups are superior to all who make their own choices. Further, both give themselves a major license to push myths and lies.

Lol. In my view, the most revealing was the part about “plastic porno barbies.” Not supporting Saint Hillary can get one labeled a “mysogynist,” but this kind of hate is apparently ok. In one communication, the “barbies” were called “gross.” That's like trump saying that someone else has funny hair.

Oh - LOL - the word "Brocialism"

No. I speak from experience. You don't want to feed your psychostalker.

Bill Maher's statements about Venezuela probably made him eligible to have a show on fox “news.”

some goodies:

The Seeds – Future – full album

Bettie Page dances to The Seeds

Leaf Hound – Growers of Mushroom – full album

Parliament Funkadelic – The Mothership Connection (live)

Bone Thugs N Harmony – Weed Song

Remembering Paul Kantner: 2005 Interview with Steve Silberman

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Shockwave City

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Absolutely Freak Out

The Pretty Things – Parachute – full album

Shadows of Knight – Follow/ Alone/ Shake – full vinyl

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (live at Hyde Park, 1969)

A Guide to King Crimson

Spirit – Spirit – 1968 – full album

Lorna Doom, Bassist for the punk band Germs, has died

The Germs – Lexicon Devil

Dresden – Sound of Silence

Henry Rollins Band – Liar

Rise Above - 24 Black Flag songs to benefit the West Memphis Three

GWAR – El Presidente

Metal Church – Fake Healer

Cradle of Filth – Temptation

Children of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet?

The Clash Hate & War

Sham 69 – Unite & Win

The Damned – Love Song

The Doors - Love Her Madly

David Bowie – Modern love

Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, Susan Sarandon backstage at the Anti-Inaugural Ball – January 20, 2017

Susan Sarandon – Touch-A Touch-Me – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Human Sexual Response – What Does Sex MeanTo Me?

Boom/ Bust – Divide and Conquer

Katie Halper – Where The Boys Are

Hillary Clinton's Revisionism

trump's 10 Impeachable Offenses

Political Satire in the Age of trump

The Attack of Plastic Barbie Zombie

Fahrenheit 11/9 – must see!

Fahrenheit 11/9 – trailer

Jon Stewart Confronts Nancy Pelosi on Money in Politics

Kamala Harris Was Not a “Progressive Prosecutor”

The Democratic Party Is Further To The Right Than Most Voters

France's Yellow Vests

People Power: 160,000 European Protesters Demand Action on Climate Crisis

Six Facts About Abortion to Counter March for Life's Junk Science

Roger Stone Made His Name as a Dirty Trickster, But the Trump-Russia Coverup May Finally Bring Him Down

The Real Source of Authoritarianism Can Be Found at Davos

Jair Bolsonaro launches assault on Amazon rainforest protections

How Washington's Devastating “Economic Blockade” of Venezuela Helped Pave the Way for Coup Attempt

Aggression Against Venezuela Reaches a New Level of Intensity

Mike Pompeo's Deranged Foreign Policy

Preying On The Poor

History of  Massage

Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke

Flaming Lips – Christmas on Mars – trailer

PS I Love You – trailer

Intimacy – trailer

Contact – trailer

Silkwood – trailer

Psycho Stalker Movies

Psychology of Internet Trolls

Untreated Mental Illness

AA Not The Only Way – Your One-Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives book

US Mail Not For Sale

Susan Sarandon Haters Dumbest Takes On Supreme Court – must see!

Boundaries – Official Trailer –2018

Bill Baird Birth-Control Rights Movie'Privacy' in Development

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