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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Future Lifetime Channel Special?

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We feel very fortunate regarding people met or befriended during the course of The Reverend Is In show. Even after the Farewell Show. It remains worthwhile to be outspoken here and on social media. The obvious risk with anything public is the arrival of the occasional psycho. There's been a handful on an individual level, as well as threats from anti-choicers and white supremacists.

Nancy, who is responsible for a fake Rev site, is not a character we made up. True, we created many unusual characters and had a few ghosts on the show. It is understandable that it could seem like a prank but that is not what's happening.

The Lifetime Channel seems to relish providing countless shows on television about psychostalkers and similar types. How do we handle such people? On the one hand, it is inadvisable to feed them. Engaging them on any level is like giving blood to a tick. On the other hand, it seems worse to be passive, especially when there has been an extensive history of abuse with no consequences. What does this have to do with you? Nothing. And that's a good thing.

Since we've shared all of our ups and downs on the show and invited Bookburners to join the fun, there's no reason why this shouldn't be an exception. We shall collect all of the best script ideas for what a special presentation on the Lifetime Channel could be like. Nancy's actions on Twitter - stalking, harassing contacts, and hostilities to match the trumpsters - would be a good starting point. An example of just expressing my opinion and criticizing: "Susan Sarandon is a fucking asshole!" Obviously, that is a must for any script.

It doesn't seem worthwhile to itemize a long list or refute everything that is false from Nancy. But one subject that merits pointing out is the vicious attacks against her ex-husband and father of her child. He's a friend of mine who is a bit on the passive/ hippie side and has never hurt anyone. I remember his uncontrollable crying after Nancy screamed that she wished she never had the baby (and other gems) in front of the small child (more than once). The presentation of mother of the century vs. the evil father is not based on reality.

If you have thoughts or ideas regarding a script, you can email them to Key words: psychostalking, cyber bullying, threats, fake website, communicating like the most memorable guests on The Jerry Springer Show.

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