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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

RIP Marty Balin and Randy Rampage

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Marty Balin with Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock (1969)

Randy Rampage with DOA live

Congrats Canada for legalizing weed!

MS 45 - the most dangerous gang on the continent

The American Taliban
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Marty Balin

In 1965, vocalist Marty Balin, with Paul Kantner, formed Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco. For nearly a decade they remained one of the most vital bands. They were serious reflections of the counter-culture, psychedelia, and the political struggles of those times.

When Paul Kantner and Grace Slick launched Jefferson Starship, Balin was recruited and remained with the band for years.

Balin remained musically active until his recent passing at age 76, on September 27, 2018. He had recently performed with Airplane alums Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady at Jorma's Fur Peace Ranch.

Most of the Airplane has passed. When Paul Kantner and original Airplane female vocalist Signe Anderson passed – both on January 28, 2016 – the news was overshadowed by so many other deaths in the music world. Marty Balin did get the respect due to him via the music press and social media.

Randy Rampage

Another loss from the music world: Randy Rampage. Rampage was a bassist in the original lineup of Vancouver punk/ hardcore legends DOA. He was on the first two albums and also released his first solo record, in the late 70s/ early 80s. DOA was active in Rock Against Racism and performed for numerous and various benefits.

Rampage remained musically active after leaving the band. Ultimately, he was in Annihilator. Rampage passed on August 14, 2018 at age 58.

Kavanaugh is a Rapist

It's ok to say it. Most people know that it's an obvious truth. Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for a seat on the US Supreme Court. What was his job interview like? He acted like someone who just soiled his diapers, threw a tantrum, issued insults, and exhibited numerous characteristics of a wealthy, priviliged, entitled, abuser. We'll have to get around to doing an experiment with similar behaviors at job interviews. His nomination was made by Putin-stooge and fellow rapist Donald Trump.

It's easy to understand Kavanaugh's appeal to fascists, religious extremists and other assholes. He asserted that a president should not be indicted while in office. He has been strongly anti-choice. His rulings consistently conformed to the most extreme climate deniers, anti-labor, and similar ilk.

Similar to countless Republican rapists and pedophiles, Kavanaugh was repeatedly accused of sexual assault. His own predictable responses and a sham of an “investigation” made it even more obvious that the charges had merit. The handling of these accusations was a slap to every abuse survivor in the world.

Kavanaugh was also obvious regarding his lies and false testimoney. Any person in Congress who even remotely cares about justice should begin the process of filing charges and impeaching Kavanaugh from the High Court.

Meantime, we need to be thoroughly informed and prepared to defend Roe vs. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, as well as Baird vs. Eisenstadt (1972), legalizing birth control for non-married people. Forget the bullshit artists. It's time to become knowledgable about history.

Baird vs. Eisenstadt:


Dennis Hof

There has been a variety of responses to the recent passing of Dennis Hof. Hof was an outspoken proprietor of several legal brothels in Nevada. Some employees continue to swear by his character. Others slam his name. Politically, he was all kinds of screwed up and had admired the bottom of the swamps and cesspools. But that's not of consequence now.

What matters is the fate of those who worked at his facilities. The facilities are under attack by a variety of anti-freedom forces. One thing Hof got right when he ran for public office: sex workers and safe facilities should never be in legal jeopardy. With his passing, the attacks are going to be worse as more dangerous and harmful laws are proposed.


On November 6, an election referred to as the most important ever will occur in the US. It's obvious that the White House is currently occupied by a mentally unstable, racist, rapist, Nazi sociopath. The fact that Ryan and McConnell types of Republicans dominate Congress is the primary reason that Trump and so many insane policies have been enabled.

The madness has been far worse than predicted: the tax scam, proposed cuts to Social Security/ Medicare/ Medicaid/ other survival programs, attacks on healthcare, attacks on the first amendment, support for violent racists, dangerous anti-immigrant policies, anti-LGTBQ bigotry, denial of climate realities, collusion/ treason with Russia and an endless list of horrors.

Some will say that the opposition must be supported, no matter who. Some will say that the lesser of two evils is still an evil and that opposition that is barely an improvement is unworthy of support. There is merit to both arguments. But for now, an insane Nazi regime needs to be stopped as much as possible. If the Republicans lose their majorities, a best-case scenario, let the lessons of the past be learned. Rather than retreat from reality, hold the new players accountable and raise hell when necessary. Being Republican-lite is unacceptable. Betraying the base and the American people continues to be an outrage. And if some assclown says blah blah blah Susan Sarandon wah wah wah, tell him or her to watch the Susan Sarandon Haters video (linked below at the beginning of the Goodies) at least ten times.

Rev. Bookburn's comments on Twitter:

[Canada legalizing weed] Every weed prisoner should be released immediately

[more anti-porn bullshit in The Guardian] More absurd Reefer Madness-styled anti-porn propaganda that is laughable.

It is worthwhile to fight McConnell & his fellow degenerates to save SS, Medicare & Medicaid.

You are the only source to acknowledge the late Joseph Tydings' role in the Baird vs. Eisenstadt case. The result was legalized birth control for non-married people and the primary legal precedent for Roe vs. Wade.

Replying to @StormyDaniels
The small, dysfunctional Cheeto TM is now well-exposed and going down - not in the Ivanka way.

Replying to @TimRobbins1      
Happy birthday! I just turned more people on to your Bob Roberts film. So fitting during this madman's presidency

Replying to @senatemajldr
Just stating the obvious, but you are the ultimate dirtbag for going after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & other survival programs. The legacy of your life is a gross stain upon humanity.

Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Hey Buttface! Changes and a storm are coming!

More bullshit boomer bashing.

Replying to @FullFrontalSamB
This was your best show. The rapist Kavanaugh, health care. Chuck Jones, midterms. Perfect show!

Replying to @CNN
Giving airtime to Collins immediately after betraying every survivor in the world is outrageous. Equal time for all of Kavanaugh's victims. Similarly, Santorum is a lowlife who makes your channel unwatchable.

Replying to @SenatorCollins
Among the many lies and absurdities in your statement: the Griswold case and Planned Parenthood did not legalize birth control. That was done by the Baird vs. Eisenstadt case of 1972. You should know better. So much for your "research."
Congrats!'s an honor to be insulted by John Lydon/ Johnny Rotten. The rectal opening still produces boring music and slams everyone who provides lively music and social awareness #stillsucks

Replying to @WWE @SusanGKomen                  
Great that @WWE is spreading awareness and sensitivity. Sad that Komen has a history of scams and supporting anti-choice nuts.

Many people are confused by trafficking misinformation, not just Lindsay. Propagandists use the issue to lump several targeted groups including consenting sex workers. This results in the passing of dangerous laws.

Kavanaugh is obviously guilty like trump, countless evangelicals & priests, and so many other rapists and pedophiles.

Replying to @realDonaldTrump @IngrahamAngle
Shut up traitor. Resign or be impeached.

Replying to @YouTube @PaulMcCartney

Just don't stupidly put ads directly on the video.

Future video: The Pecker and the Pee Tape.

Replying to @Madonna @LennyKravitz

Nice tribute. Too many people are being anal - not in a good way. Thank you.

Replying to @michelleisawolf

Loved your show. Disregard the rectal openings who are cheering the cancelation. They still have stool samples from Alex Jones and Nazi trump on their faces.


Replying to @Madonna                              

For your birthday, one channel had a marathon of your films. That included Body of Evidence - which was so much better than 50 Shades. Hope your birthday rocked!


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