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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Chicago 1968

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Police riot in action

Also Chicago 1968

Chicago 8 defendants

Wavy Gravy, Abbie Hoffman & Paul Krassner at Woodstock - August 1969

Jimi Hendrix


Message to Putin-stooge trump


Whew! Users of anal tickle feathers are not on the list!

High truth


Roseanne - stooge of trump - actually posed as a Nazi while baking human-shaped cookies in an oven

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Chicago 1968

The 50th anniversary of the historic events in Chicago was acknowledged better than usual by the corporate media. However, while looking back, it is worthwhile to add more perspective. Globally, the world was changing and the actions during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago were a shocking climax.

There was a natural overlap between the rock music world, the counter-culture (hippie was largely a media word) and political activism – especially the growing anti-war movement. The Youth International Party (Yippie!) was formed to further merge all of those elements.

Founded by Abbie Hoffman, Anita Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Nancy Kurshan, Paul Krassner (Publisher of The Realist), Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo, the Yippies exploded in the media, through theatrical and humorous actions, as a buildup to Chicago. The Yippies also organized the legalize marijuana Smoke-Ins. The plan for Chicago was to organize a Festival of Life, in contrast with the convention of death. Abbie Hoffman stated during the trial that the Woodstock Festival the following year was the fulfillment of their vision for Chicago. The vision was also intended to include peaceful political protests.

The violence condoned by the late Mayor Daley and implemented by Chicago Police was rampant, extreme and televised. The official Walker Report referred to all that happened as a police riot. Instead of seeking justice for the victims of police violence, the authorities indicted eight organizers, charged them with conspiracy to cross state lines with the intent to start riots, and sought lengthy prison terms. The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, also referred to as the Chicago 8 (later 7) was worthy of books and a few films (It was also the subject of CSN&Y's Chicago song and video). Black Panther Party Co-Founder Bobby Seale was the eighth defendant who later had a separate trial. Ultimately, they beat the charges with a little help from their friends, fantastic activist lawyers and some rock stars.

Many music acts were scheduled to appear at the Festival of Life, but most cancelled when the theats of violence by police were covered by the media. Even some of the music press resembled the corporate media. Fortunately, many underground newspapers were flourishing by that time. Phil Ochs and the MC5 were the musicians who were courageous enough to show up.

Friends and supporters at various stages of Yippie included Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & The Fish, Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie and Judy Collins.

The early 70s wave of Yippies became the driving force of the org and resumed the Smoke-Ins, books, indie publishing, activism and calls for ibogaine treatment for addictions and disabling diseases.

Essential reading: Woodstock Nation by Abbie Hoffman, the Introduction to Hoffman's Steal This Book, The Sixties Papers – Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo

Film Challenge

We need a film title. The most knowledgeable cinephiles we know have been stumped. Unfortunately, we have very little recollection about this film. We watched it during a party that was highlighted by psychedelic music and serious laughter. It was a Bond-like film with major villains and those who tried to stop them. It was unclear if the film was serious or a spoof like the original Casino Royale (Peter Sellers, Woody Allen).

Towards the end there was mayhem at a beach scene. The head villain attempted to escape by being airlifted out of the water in a golden box that was shaped like the outdoor portable toilets. The hero attempted to shoot harpoons at the gold box. This film resulted in everyone screaming with laughter.

One person believes the film was made before 1974. If anyone knows the title of this, please email

Pro-Choice and white flags

A decades old pattern of failure is repeating itself. Defeatist rhetoric does zero good. The greater the threat, the more determination is necessary to resist threats to choice. Putin-stooge Trump has stated in the past that he wants to appoint another Taliban-wannabee to the Supreme Court to end birth control and abortion rights. This means time to fight back, not wave white flags or declaring a successful rate of making predictions.

While abortion providers are more threatened than ever, fake clinics are on the rise. Frequently called “pregnancy counseling centers,” these places provide the opposite of professional counseling. They do not cover all options, constantly give false information and push an anti-choice agenda. They are usually run by religious extremists. They need to be exposed and everyone needs to know how to avoid them.

While we're on the subject of choice, it is common to see on social media all kinds of bogus assertions about the late Margaret Sanger. Professional bullshit artists have attempted to portray her as a eugenicist. In reality, Sanger was from labor advocacy circles in the early 1900s, who were among the few at that time who fought against racism. Sanger began her interest in reproductive freedom after seeing Emma Goldman speak. Goldman was dragged away and jailed for speaking about birth control and abortion. That incident began the determination of Sanger and others to work for reproductive freedom.

Bill Baird of Pro-Choice League was also jailed for providing information about birth control. His case is even more important now with the specter of trump nominating another extremist to the Supreme Cout. Baird vs Eisenstadt 1972 legalized birth control for non-married people. That case also set the primary legal precedent that made Roe vs Wade (legalizing abortion) possible. Both Supreme Court rulings were based on privacy rights.

It is important to understand these issues as the fight to defend Roe vs Wade and Baird vs Eisenstadt heats up.

Baird is now in his 80s, struggles to make ends meet and remains determined to maintain these victories. If you know anyone who ever benefitted from birth control and abortion access, please send Baird a quick note and a thank you. And he never waves a white flag.

As we repeatedly said on the show: always know how to help any women with an unwanted pregnancy, no matter what circumstances or laws are in effect.


There has been a history of ludicrous and dangerous laws passed in the name of being against sex “trafficking.” People across the political spectrum have been duped into supporting legislation that harms consenting sex workers and adult entertainers, while failing to help real victims of trafficking.

FOSTA-SESTA passed with support from some misguided celebrities, after the release of a few propaganda films. The results are putting numerous women in increased danger. It is worthwhile to learn the details from the articles linked below.

These laws move in a direction that is getting worse. Now the bank accounts of numerous women are in danger. Further, they are establishing precedents for attacking other targeted groups in a manner that would disgust the Founders of the nation.

Oliver North

Alum from the Reagan Administration and terrorist Oliver North has become the new President of the NRA. North will likely feel at home with the sick weapons cult. North has one of the bloodiest records in modern history.

Reagan, GHW Bush, North and associates knowingly planned and implemented contra wars in the 1980s. Rather than risk war with actual armies, contra wars attacked civilians for the purpose of destroying the infrastructure of a nation. In Nicaragua, common targets were farm co-ops, medical faciltities, day care centers, and providers of electrical power. Rape, torture and murder were rampant. In Angola, an unprecedented amount of landmines were used against civilians. This was the legacy of the Reagan Administration, especially Oliver North.

Given North's history of terrorism, it is even more appalling that he jokes about organized school shooting survivors becoming victims of violence.

Orals Not Morals

There seems to be an increase in the use of the word morals. The word is largely used for propaganda purposes by those who speak of “family-values,” “purity,” and other such nonsense. When it is not used by the religious right, the word could easily be replaced by better choices: ethics, compassion, humanitarianism. We need not fall into the trap of using terminology from the voices of repression. ORALS NOT MORALS!

Rev. Bookburn comments:

Legal, safe and accessible abortion for all including the mistresses of conservatives and evangelicals.

[Venezuela] Laughable comments. The US will become far worse after the tax scam, survival program cuts & more inhumanity.

She's right. And mental illness, addiction & countless other serious issues will get worse after the Medicaid cuts.

Nassar's biggest mistake was not being in a Republican political office. There would be no money paid & Nassar would be flying on a luxury jet today.

[after someone responded to the last comment by babbling about Bill Clinton] & James Woods, Scott Baio, Blake Farenthold, Tim Murphy, Joe Barton, Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, Ralph Shortley, Ross Spano, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

Oops. Forgot Tim Nolan!

I can't believe I forgot Elliott Broidy!

He needs to shut up and be thankful that altar boys cannot get pregnant.

Dickless Cheney should be in prison for WMD lies, Halliburton war profiteering & war crimes.

[Oliver North] The creator of the contra terrorists and al Qaeda. He'll feel right at home with the NRA.

Lol hero! The same Giuliani who used an apt donated for use for exhausted 9/11 responders as a meeting place with his mistress of that time.

I'm sorry that a spineless person from your org apologized on behalf of @michelleisawolf Truly pathetic

[in response to an anti-sex worker opinion piece supposedly by a pro-women writer] When people write propaganda pieces like this, they are nearly identical to the anti-abortion crowd. "Only we know what choices you should make. Only we can know what reality is. Bow to our gods and goddesses."

A nazi in the White House, environmental destruction, survival programs attacked are a lot to deal with. Better stay on the safe road and attack Sanders and Stein. #somuchfor"resistance!"

I think I understand now. Ignore the cuts to survival programs, issue Trump-like attacks on Sanders and Stein regularly, only support Dems who are Republican-lite. How's that for "resistance?"

Good timing. In the name of advocating for women, a clueless person posted that decrim proponents are only saying what they think men want to hear. Similar to anti-choice groups, these know-it-alls spread misinfo and junk science. Sadly, buffoon groups influence public policy

In times when the "resistance" showers hate on Kathy Griffin and Susan Sarandon, as they worship Barbara Bush, it is courageous to use this photo. It is quite funny

Are we supposed to pretend that George HW Bush did not murder thousands of civilians in Central America and Africa, with his accomplices Reagan and North? Asking for survivors of terror attacks.

Not really. Trump and his insane cabinet were enabled by Dems who back down from their own promises, support crazy nominees (e.g. Pompeo), and tow the Repub line repeatedly (e.g. deregulating banks). If they really were a "resistance" this discussion wouldn't even be necessary.

[trump] Don't just respond to his crimes and stupid tweets. The treason perp is going after Medicaid and all survival programs. His downfall will be the greatest party ever in the nation.

[“xxxchurch”] Organizers who welcome this cult should be firmly told that they are violating the security of everyone who goes to their events.

[youtube] Surely you have a friend who has told you how ridiculous it is to place ads directly on videos!

[trump] Your budget proved again that you are a liar, promise breaker, and more destructive of American lives than all gangs and terror groups combined.

Mind-bogglement of the day. Clueless trumpsters screaming that they think Maher can cause a recession... while having no awareness about what the budget cuts, tax scam, deregulation & other insane policies (remember W. Bush and Reagan) will do to the economy.

[Peter Fonda] Trump = child abuser, kidnapper, pedophile, perp of treason. Thank you for being an opposing voice and standing up to his laughable supporters.

"Conservative goals" means a full attack on your Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & all other survival programs. Calls and action are needed immediately.

Replying to @GovMikeHuckabee

Racism, dog killing and state-sponsored lies. What a bottom-dwelling family.

Replying to @TwitterMoments @RepMaxineWaters

Once again the focus is on how to twist someone's words instead of discussing the Nazis who are abducting children and putting them in prison camps.

If the dems do their usual and approve a trump extremist in the high court, we shall predictably see tweets about Susan Sarandon all day

Forced birth, survival program slashings, economic destruction, bigotry and injustice. No gang or terrorist group could dream of matching the devastation of trump and the Repub Congress.

Clowns only know how to ignore the budget & all the other crises, hate on Sarandon & Stein, and kiss the parts of the entire Bush family.

Replying to @RevBookburn @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems

In case you missed the primaries & so we're clear: enabling trump, signing off on budget slashings, approving a GOP S Court nominee means your political career is toast.

When you post nonsense about there being no collusion just to be contrarians to the other corporate party, that's being like them. It is no different than their unconditional devotion.

Replying to @ImLarryFlynt

Finally. Legalize and free all weed prisoners. OT - when trump nominates a Taliban-wannabee to the Supreme Court, how many women can be found with verifiable trump-related abortion reports?

Time for an all-out fight to defend Roe vs Wade and Baird vs Eisenstadt

Replying to @realDonaldTrump

Punked by Stuttering John? Lol! If you're going to be that stupid you may not want to use words like emails and national security again.

[House GOP, Senate GOP] You probably know the horror that awaits you in the midterms. If you want any kind of public future you'll be wise enough to vote against another extremists on the S Court, as well as the budget slashings.

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