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Friday, December 08, 2017

Roy Moore At The Mall

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You – How To Fuck Like A Family-Values Christian Conservative

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show

Producer of  Golden Shower In Trump Tower


Special Post

Announcing Rev. Bookburn's next film:

Roy Moore At The Mall!

Original Soundtrack featuring Roy Moore and the Popcorn Box Poppers

Songs include: Sweet Allie I Wanna Bam Ya, Thank Heaven For Little Girls, O Cum Like Old Faithful


horny evangelicals & other Taliban wannabees

a fake prez who is a perpetrator of pedophilia and sexual assault

The National Organization of Pedophiles

deplorable enablers of pedophilia, theocracy, homophobia, forced birth and racism

Duck Dynasty pedophiles

Josh Duggar

Christian "values voters"

insane members of Congress

and mall security!

See Roy Moore attempting to pick up teens at the mall, distribute free candy, offering modeling careers, proposing marriage, talking in tongues, playing Fondled By An Angel games, and providing introductions to special Flat Earth ceremonies!

Cumming soon!


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