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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Take A Knee

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Colts take a knee in front of Putin-stooge Pence

Heather Heyer - murdered by Trump-supporting Nazi terrorist in Charlottesville

RIP Grant Hart (left) of Husker Du

Family-values/ "pro-life" in action

High truth


Just like his daddy

Wanted: MACL (Male Anti-Choice Lawmaker) seeks discreet abortion services for mistress. Please call ASAP

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Take A Knee

In an inspiring act of standing (or kneeling) for justice after ignorant statements by Donald Dotard Dictator, many NFL players took a knee during the national anthem. Propagandists were quick to falsely paint the action as anti-flag and anti-troops. Taking a knee started with Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid and a few others. That has now expanded to many players. The point has been to raise awareness about racist injustices and violence, especially the murders of unarmed people of color by rogue elements of police.

The so-called 'president,' and another stooge of Russia (Pence) decided to respond to Take A Knee with insults, false statements, as well as an obvious and stupid stunt. Trump called participating players sons of bitches and stated that they should be fired. Pence flew at taxpayers' expense to a Colts game so he could walk out after the anthem and then make absurd comments.

The good news is that even some of the naive former supporters of the Putin stooges can understand how ignorant and manipulative these 'leaders' are being. These are the same buffoons who respond with silence or stupidity regarding racist violence in Charlottesville, climate change disasters, budget cuts, healthcare, international agreements, birth control/ abortion rights, education, LGTB issues, corporate tax cuts and so much more. The need for impeachment and recalls becomes more obvious daily. After an obviously illegitimate Russian-meddled election, the time for dangerous sociopaths and their appointees and policies to be removed is now. Puck Fence!

Fortunately, the participating players were not deterred by bogus 'leaders,' propagandists, or anti-freedom owners like Jerry Jones. Huge thank yous to Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Jemele Hill, Joy Taylor and so many others who have knelt for this timely message. Honor and respect.

Cannabis Conference Dumps Bigot Roger Stone

As the legal cannabis industry grows, more gatherings and networking is inevitable. One org announced that their conference would feature bigot Roger Stone as a speaker. The organizers initially disregarded the protests and concerns of many would-be conference participants. However, a well-organized boycott campaign grew, harnessed media attention, and ultimately resulted in Stone being disinvited.

Stone was one of the trump campaign advisers who was knee deep in the Russia collusion scandal. His history of hateful and inflammatory statements regarding race, gender and sexual orientation is well-documented. His record of being a 'dirty tricks' operative date back to the sick days of Nixon and Reagan. He fell off the map for awhile after swingers ads by Stone and wife became publicly exposed, resulting in his resignation from the Dole '96 campaign. It was an interesting and amusing story considering his crafting of rhetoric regarding family-values, Christian-supremacy and 'morals.'

Stone returned from the swamp/ cesspool to become part of the trump campaign. He should be investigated and prosecuted for his role in the Russia-collusion/ high treason scandal.

A huge thank you to all who increased the integrity of the cannabis business world by keeping Roger Stone away from the conference.

Even More Essential Films While Surviving Dotard Trump's Temporary Idiocracy:

Sex, Drugs & Democracy (Amsterdam); Selma; Incident At Oglala; 20 Feet From Stardom; Selena; Magical Mystery Tour; Doonesbury (approx 30 min); Koch Brothers Exposed; Inherit The Wind; Woodstock; Hearts and Minds; Millhouse – A White Comedy; The Good Fight (docu 1984); Testament (1983); Deliver Us From Evil (2006 – Amy Berg); Hidden Figures; Mandela;  La Cage Aux Folles; Polyester; Linda Lovelace For President; Dead Man Walking

No Abortion Ban

The lowest elements of Congress have once again proposed a ban of 'late-term' abortions. These proponents of Christian-Sharia Law would obviously cause serious health disasters and death for countless women. As usual, these death sentences are being sold in packages of outrageous lies. We 100% agree with Bill Baird of Pro-Choice League ( that there should not be restrictions to birth control or abortion at any stage.

Interestingly, this latest attempt at such dangerous restrictions was proposed by Rep. Tim Murphy (R ).When he's not busy promoting forced birth and Taliban-modeled policies, Murphy had been having an extra-marital affair. In fact (this is funnier than any comedy show), he actually encouraged his mistress to get an abortion.

Murphy is only the latest in over 40 years of secret lives of 'moral' crusaders. We lost count of how many have had affairs, gay affairs, closet swinging, pursuit of adult entertainers and more juicy stories (Blinded By The Right documents many such scandalous and hot stories). None of that would even matter if they were simply liars, but the hypocrisy and the fact that they make repressive policies for all means that their stories should be in marble in their home towns.

But it doesn't end there. Many conservative lawmakers have also been involved in the truly horrifying. That includes child sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape/ sexual assaults. In addition to being the lowest forms of life, these holy rollers should not be making public policies.

Odds and Ends

Some emails probably did not reach Rev. Bookburn and crew for a few days. That was due to Pair, the hosts of SJCDC.ORG. Without warning, everything was down and the domain was declared to be for sale. It was resolved rather quickly, but almost no emails were waiting when Pair was able to get it up again. They've been mostly ok throughout our dealings with them, but this was ridiculous. Our apologies if you were unable to contact us.

Otherwise, we're ok. We've handled death (humans and dogs), care-giving, survival issues, rip-offs, evil landlords, workplace issues and other such pleasantries.

We still feel highly fortunate. The support we have been receiving is a treasure. Even people who only know us from the show have been incredible, long after the Farewell Show. All of that is deeply appreciated. We shall continue to post past shows, remain active at this site and on Twitter.

Future Social Media Posting

Future social media posting: Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon and Ralph Nader conspired with Martians to help trump. Actually, there are people who post this kind of banality daily. It's probably easier than dealing with injustice, budget cuts, or science.

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