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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Erection Day 2016

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show


Erection Day 2016

Victimless "crimes"

No Prop 60

Harold and Maude


Abbie Hoffman and John Lennon

Trumpback Mountain

Birds of a feather

Clueless Gary Johnson

Before Weiner, there was Sen. David Vitter (R) - the sex-negative, anti-choice pampered VIP at the late DC Madam's facility

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Erection Day 2016

The first use of the term Erection Day that I’m familiar with was from one of the writings or books by Abbie Hoffman. It may have been an expression used by Lenny Bruce, earlier in the 1960s. Regardless, it has come to represent a time when the people of the nation get screwed, but not in the good way.

The corporate political parties will continue their practices of representing corp America and screwing the people who are not rich. The environment and animals will not fare any better. However, it is overly simplistic and muddle-headed to say that ‘there’s no difference.’ There is always one entity that is far worse, especially this year. See the 2016 Endorsements from the previous posting here.

At present, we have a rabidly racist, mentally unstable, and dangerous con man who has zero actual ideas. Even worse, both branches of Congress, as well as many Governors’ offices, are occupied by even more dangerous stooges of the wealthiest. Their impact on survival programs, public health issues, the environment, natural disaster relief, justice, and economic stability resembles a horror film.

This Erection Day will have serious ramifications on our survival. It is not time to listen to apathetic buffoons.

Hard Weiner Day?

It is a source of endless laughter when a crusader for ‘morals’ and family-values blasts (figuratively) Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner. Their Puritan-posing has turned into a joke after the countless ‘moral’ scandals of the last 20 years. During the Clinton impeachment witch trial, it was hard to keep up with all the sexual scandals of Christian supremacists of the Gingrich Congress (and the Newtzi himself). Details of all of these scandals are well-documented in The Flynt Report.

Such hypocrisy continues to this day. Public officials who decry Weiner have nothing to say about Sen. David Vitter (R). Vitter won Congressional re-election, even after his DC Madam/ VIP/ diaper fetish scandal came to light. And that shocker was only the tip of the weiner. Numerous tea-psycho and religious right politicians have been exposed for affairs and similar scandals. In fact, the louder they scream their anti-choice, homophobic, sex-negative, censorship preaching agenda towards Christian-Sharia Law, the juicier their scandals are. The inner conflict of these nutjobs must be off the charts!

Victimless ‘crimes’

In this Erection Year, it is necessary to remind ourselves that hysteria over victimless ‘crimes’ has been out of control and needs to change. Any candidate (liberal or conservative, left or right) who excites his/ her support base by crusading against victimless ‘crimes’ is an asshole.

The film Reefer Madness has been so discredited that such propaganda has been re-labeled as a comedy. Similar misinformation has been issued by professional fundraisers who claim that all porn and consenting sex work comes from ‘traffickers.’

In brief, instead of more repressive laws, we need to legalize marijuana, free all weed prisoners, decriminalize sex work and all adult entertainment, make ibogaine treatment available to all who have real addictions, provide alternatives to 12-Step/ ‘higher power’ recovery cults.

In California, USA, the ridiculous Prop 60, a proposal for unnecessary harassment and regulations against porn stars, needs to be defeated.

Harold and Maude

I continue to believe what I have repeatedly said on the show about the Harold and Maude film. It is more than just the greatest film of all time, but also a valuable life experience. Further, it is advisable to watch this every five years, or whenever there is a challenging experience in life, especially the loss of a loved one.

Harold and Maude was made in the early 70s and contains several songs by Cat Stevens. The recording sound quality was poor and the film should be played at loud volume. There should be zero phones, other interruptions, or speaking.

You’ll thank me.

Other ‘greatest films’ worth seeing: King Of Hearts; Canadian Bacon; Bob Roberts; Silver City; Dead Poets Society; What’s Up, Tiger Lily?; Pass The Ammo; Damned In The USA

Clueless ‘Libertarian’

Gary Johnson went even further in disqualifying himself from any support during a now famous interview. Johnson responded to a question about the humanitarian crisis in Syria by asking “What is Aleppo?” Even insane racist Trump knows about the situation in Aleppo. It is truly sad that anyone can think of Johnson as a worthy third party candidate. “Libertarian” continues to be a deceptively-named party.

Trump Unique?

To say that Donald Trump is a new brand of Republican is to have no grasp of history. Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, Palin, Ryan, Paul, Cruz and Christie were equally dangerous and mentally unstable. All of the above were as racist as Trump. All were as vicious as Trump. The only difference is that they were slightly better at masking their true agenda.

To say that Trump stands out is to ignore the dangerous extremists in Congress and Governors’ offices. The difference is that they can publicly speak slightly better. And they don’t exhibit coke sniffles during a debate.

Overall, it is self-blinding to say that Trump stands out. His trickle-down economics is a retread of the Reagan failure of the last 30+ years. Trump simply speaks like a playground fighter. Our survival cannot be in the hands of sociopaths who represent the wealthiest and dominate this culture - not in the fun way.

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