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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reverend Bookburn's Farewell Show

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You – 
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RIP Marlon Solar - March 24, 1974- June 25, 2005

Gov. Snyder (R) needs prosecution

Snyder's poison

Christian terrorist - still largely ignored by the corporate media

next show: Reverend Bookburn's Farewell Show

The time has come for The Reverend Is In show to climax. We shall fire our cannons for the final time. 15 years after the beginning, we are doing our finale with a bong, not a whimper.

We are dealing with multiple survival and care-giving issues and have continued the show longer than most others would have. We continue to strongly feel that no Bookburner shall be asked for anything.

This site shall continue and remain accessible for free. All recorded shows shall also remain available for free. We shall post here again, including the playlist for the farewell show and 'greatest hits' past shows.

The best of our music collection (as well as Agent 45’s) is listed in Agent 45’s ebay store. It’s worth browsing every week or so.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the Bookburners through the years. A very special thank you to Pastor Rex Cat for the longest-term work with this show, in countless ways. He is also the provider of all the bonus tracks that follow the uploaded shows.

It has been a pleasure to provide an alternative to the corporate media. Further, it was equally rewarding to provide a different outlet than the ordinary music providers, “shock jocks,” talks shows and comedians. We believe that we fulfilled our mission of diversifying music and programming (de-programming) content.

Our farewell show shall feature an unforgettable playlist of music and spoken word. Additional features shall include: predictions for a post-Rev. Bookburn-broadcasting world, revisiting the Self-Liberation Pledge, thank yous/ fuck yous, and final requests. We shall record the show at Lolo Radio (still unable to stream live), then upload at Radio 4 All ("Rev. Bookburn shows" link above). The show is expected to be up in approx. one week. This will be a show to remember!

Latest show:

Happy birthday Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Nancy Mergatroyd, Henry Rollins

RIP Paul Kantner, Signe Anderson, Blowfly, Glenn Frey, Maurice White

In Memoriam: Marlon Solar, Producer of The Reverend Is In (2001 – 2005)

Thank you for everything: Pastor Rex Cat

Happy Hash Wednesday

[subtitles are wrong – it was in the words of the Walker Report: a police riot]

[the killers were given orders]

[some facts offered were bullshit but great footage]

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

The View [tv show] was ridiculous when they presented a theocratic lawmaker from Utah as a credible source about porn. He is another buffoon who fails as a legislator, generates hysteria, and obsesses with a victimless "crime." It was a disservice to the viewers to present such a nutjob. It wouldn't matter if he was just another nut. His efforts to pass idiotic, repressive legislation, however, is an outrage. And for those who don't know by now, there's no such thing as porn or sex "addiction."  - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

Breaking Nut News: the anti-Beyonce protesters have been revealed as people who were stroking during her SuperBowl half-time performance and her dancers' Black Lives Matter moment. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

Free Clue for most commentors here: a Republican Governor knowingly poisoned the water in Flint, pushed deregulation and privatization, so he could fund even more tax breaks and handouts to corporations. He knew and sat on this story months before the news broke, and did nothing. He was more destructive than any terrorist group. #ArrestGovSnyder - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

I am no fuckin' Democrat, but the urgency of the present-day situation is obvious. The dangerous extremists of the Republican Congress (and Governors) have to be out of office. The lunacy of the GOP presidential candidates is equally obvious to anyone who can think. 2016 - Year of Corrective Action. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Jerry Hall can dump fox "news" liar Rupert Murdoch for both Koch brothers. They make even more billion$ for destroying the world. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

If I ever lose my mind and become incapable of mentally moving past stereotypes and hysteria, I'll become a writer for crime shows. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

Google Santorum!

Fuck Facebook!

Goodies until the next show:

Playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Recorded 1.14.16
Rev. Bookburn’s 15th Anniversary Show

foreplay: Motorhead – Ace of Spades

show intro

Cramps – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

Camper Van Beethoven – Where The Hell Is Bill?

The Deacons – Ohio

The Dead Milkmen – The Big Sleazy

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

Sonic Youth – Within You Without You

Genitorturers – All Hell Breaks Loose

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – El Muerto

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

Murphy’s Law – Reefer Man

Ludacris with Trina, Shawna & Foxy Brown – What’s Your Fantasy?

Turn Me On Dead Man – Beatle George

Goldfinger – Fuck Ted Nugent

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Wages Of Sin

The Vipers – Intoxica

Neil Young – Who’s Gonna Stand Up

The Raveonettes – Uncertain Times

Circle Jerks – Deny Everything

Schlong – Gee Officer Krupke

Rappresaglia – Undertown

Scatterbrains – Donut

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

The Jam – Absolute Beginners

Guests: Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

The Reverend thanks the following: Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Mergatroyd Productions, Radio4All, Agent 45, Lord Cheezus,, Paul Krassner,,, Kristen DiAngelo, Holy Bloody Mary, Hippie John, Hippie Margi, Heidee Helper, Mr. Z, Mr. Scott, Mother Mary, Kelly, Lugarboy, DJ Cindy, The Ugly Truckling, Caligulatte, Mistress Morning Glory,, Carlito Brilliante, Devi, Jana Peri, The Plastics, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, Alex in Wonderland, South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, Lady Simone, Anande Plume, Dallas Blanchard, BiPolar Bear, Sheepish Muffin, RHEAL, Mephistopheles, EverLasting GodStopper, Darren Deicide, Catherine Moon, Jeska Askme, Parted Redcee of Ex-Sex-Workers for Jayzus, Lucifakefur,, and Axis of Evil.

final show:

February 2016: Reverend Bookburn’s Farewell Show

Vinyl and tons of goodies from Rev. Bookburn and Agent 45

Rev. Bookburn
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