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Friday, March 13, 2015

Keep Birth Control Legal

Rev. Bookburn - Author of He's Just Not In You -
How To Fuck Like A Family-Values
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Bill Baird ( who won the case legalizing birth control

O'Reilly Got Nailed


Christian-Sharia Law Mob

Church Sex

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Keep Birth Control Legal

This show will focus on the renewed attacks against birth control access, as well as the history of the efforts for reproductive freedom. There will be much information, as well as music, humor, and the usual shenanigans.

The Supreme Court case (Baird vs. Eisenstadt 1972) won birth control rights for all non-married people. After over 50 years of battle, Bill Baird remains a vital voice. However, the funding of Baird's Pro-Choice League has been grossly inadequate. The Reverend Is In show is not affiliated with PCL but consider the Bairds to be good friends and completely worthy of needed funds. March 22 is the anniversary of Baird vs. Eisenstadt. Please contact PCL with words of thanks. If it is possible to send any amount for a contribution, please do so. They are not like the large orgs. And this is quite urgent.

Pro-Choice League

April show: Rev. Bookburn's Birthday Show

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Reclaim Your World (2.22.15)

Happy Birthday: Hippie John, Collette

RIP: David Jones, Frank Orsini, Leonard Nimoy, Daevid Allen, Terry Pratchett

Rev. Bookburn now on promo

Legalization of Birth Control

Bill Baird’s history of fighting for birth control and abortion rights

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon –Will The Fetus Be Aborted

Monty Python – Every Sperm Is Sacred – The Meaning of Life film

Behind Enemy Lines – Her Body Her Decision – Live at Punk Illegal 2007

DOA – A Gun and a Bomb [about anti-abortion terrorists]

Neil Young with Pearl Jam – Mirror Ball – full album

The Raveonettes – Endless Sleeper

Weird Al Yankovic – First World Problems

King Missile – Sensitive Artist

Thatcher On Acid – My Favourite Mess

Jerry Goldsmith – Sebastian – The Trip

Jerry Goldsmith – The Trees – Medicine Man soundtrack

Ivor Cutler – Gravity Begins At Home

Theologian – Piss and Jism

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – She’s A Bad Motorcycle

Fred Lane – Danger Is My Beer

Gong Founder Daevid Allen Has Died, Aged 77

Daevid Allen – I Am – wmv

The Pop Group – Citizen Zombie

KMFDM – Pussy Riot

Benedict Arnold & The Traitors – doc-rock (incomplete)

Gerry Hannah interview

GASH – Twistan’ and New Way – Live at The Delancy 2014

MK Ultraviolence – TV Static – demo

Enemy You – City of Lost Children

Enemy You – Moral Absolutes

RIP David Jones (Enemy You)

David Jones: 1973 – 2015

Local Lead Singer Frank Orsini Dies (Don’t Call Me Francis band)

Don’t Call Me Francis – live in New Jersey

George Clinton chats with Dr. Lee Whitmore on the Lennon Bus

David Bowie’s Radicalism

From the Yoda gangbang to Sir Spankalot, here are the best porn sites on Blogger

As Google announces a plan to censor adult content on the blogging platform, a look at what will be lost

anti-porn Taliban-wannabee

Weinstein’s Crusade Could Cost State ‘Tens of Millions’ of Dollars, Says Legislative Analyst’s Office

Supreme Court Ignores Right-Wing Terrorist Acts Against Abortion Clinics – Rachel Maddow

Citizen Ruth trailer

Lake of Fire trailer

George Carlin – Pro-Life is Anti-Women

Bill Hicks – Pro-Life – from Rant In E-Minor

Religuous trailer

Deliver Us From Evil – documentary – trailer

Sex, Drugs & Democracy trailer

UHF trailer – Weird Al Yankovic

Plastic Planet - trailer

14 hidden jokes and cryptic metaphors in The Big Lebowski

America the Rudyful

Rudy Giuliani Is Now Trump, Minus the Hair

Netanyahu’s Greater Republica – animation

After Netanyahu Speech, Congress Is Officially High School

The Letter: Top 5 Similarities of GOP and Iran Hard Liners

Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard Nimoy LLAP

The Republican Freshmen Bankrolled By AT&T and Verizon

The “Pro-Life” Movement: Reframing “Life” to Suit Their Agenda

Americans Favor Legalizing Pot and Criminalizing Congress

Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse: Nimoy Tribute & NCN’s Star Trek Show

How Wall Street Siphons Billions From Retirees – And Gets Away With It

anti-puppy mill petition

Edmonton Rally for Wild Horses

Duggars Accused of Animal Cruelty

Far-Right Radicals Are More Violent Than Islamic Jihadists In America

Deadly Attacks Since 9/11

Maine Governor Paul Lepage Tied to Right-Wing Terrorist Group - Chris Hayes

 Republican Party Is A Party Of Subversives

Living Through Gay Conversion “Therapy” – full length

‘Asylums’ vs. Failed Community Care: a false choice for the severely mentally ill

What To Do About Your Jerk of a Boss Before You Get PTSD

O’Reilly’s Lee Harvey Oswald Lie Proves His Lying Goes Back Decades

LAPD Executes Homeless Man In The Street

“A new degree of pettiness:” Why is the US really sanctioning Venezuela?

While the administration claims Venezuela poses a dire threat to our security, the facts show a different reality

Maybe Obama’s Sanctions on Venezuela Are Not Really About His “Deep Concern” Over Suppression of Political Rights

How ‘Free Markets’ Defame ‘Democracy’

Will Landmark Court Decision Speed Diablo’s Demise

Water Shortages Are Coming. It’s Time For Us To Act

Chilean Accused of Murder, Torture Taught 13 Years for Pentagon

HSBC: The Bank of Tax Cheats

How Private Companies Are Gaming The Welfare State

Putting People Ahead of ‘Defense’ Contractor Profits

A New Magazine For The 1%

‘I am my own man’ – Jeb Bush Taps 19 People Who Worked For His Dad, Brother

Rand Paul Destroys His Only Asset, His Supposed Intellectual Integrity

Chris Christie Settles ExxonMobil Case After Oil Giant Gave RGA Big Cash

Chris Christie Shifting Environmental Settlement Cash Out Of Cleanups and Into Tax Cuts, Other Programs

Christie’s Office Guided Controversial Exxon Settlement

Hours After Exxon Settlement, Christie Attends Secretive Event Hosted By Exxon-Funded Group

3 Reasons The War On Porn Is Really A War On Women

The Duggar Family Kama Sutra

Fuck The Tea Party shirts

Citizen Koch

Drug War Capitalism book

Susan G. Koman is Pinkwashing Fracking

facebook censorship on the rise

The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals

Stop the Out of Control Censorship on the Huffington Post

Follow Governor Asshole

The Benghazi Hoax

Credo Mobile

Alternative to AT&T, Verizon and other rip-offs who also support the far-right

Roku – a cheap alternative to Comcast and other rip-offs

Sex and Weed (The Blog)

Porn Is Not The Problem – You Are

Melaleuca: Trying To Buy The White House While Silencing Millions Of Distributor Voices

Science fiction by Joshua Alam

Marauders of the Roswell Links, Episode II

Episode I

Edith Vs. Government Agent

I Love Dirty Old Men

Activism & Politics playlist – Pastor Rex Cat

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #5 (5.25.14)

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SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Philadelphia

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

This article is almost as false as most anti-choice offerings. Baird vs. Eisenstadt (1972), legalizing birth control for non-married people, set the primary legal precedent for Roe. The Supreme Court of that time did not jump from Griswold (1961) directly to Roe. It is important that grand omissions from history, as well as false rewrites, become strictly a thing of the past. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Anti-choice "pregnancy care centers" (fake clinics) are the opposite of providers of professional counseling. Being biased, having an agenda, lying, and pushing propaganda means that they are unworthy of any public funds. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Sooo inviting Bibi and sending an insane letter to Iran was not treason? These sick people are not in treatment or on medication, but have slithered into public office. Enabling them and acting as if their actions are rational behaviors says a lot about you. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

O'Reilly also won World War 2, rescued an imaginary friend, and performed miracle healings. He has invited all to sit on his lap and state that they wish for xmas. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Thank you Billy for saving us in Nam, Chile, Angola, Nicaragua, and Eritrea. We needed a larger than life super hero and you came through. Now we need your combat skills for our ongoing battle on Mars. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Jon Stewart was right. Giuliani, like Bush, used 9/11 to manipulate others into supporting their corrupt and dangerous policies. Now all Giuliani can offer is more stupid statements. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Christie has taken corruption in New Jersey to new heights. His misuse of pension funds, budget slashings, and handouts to the wealthiest (and donors) ensures that his legacy of dishonor is permanent. He is unfit for any public office. He belongs on the wrestling shows. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Walker is certainly one of the least intelligent of the Koch stooges. But what makes him dangerous is his extreme actions against education, working people, and all vital survival programs. That's when Howdy-Doody stops being funny. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Ghouliani is the same degenerate he was when he used an apartment, donated for use for exhausted 9/11 responders, as a meeting place with his mistress of that time. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Bedtime stories
by Bill O'Reily

'Twas the night before the war on xmas. The guttersnipes were stirring in their coordinated smear effort. I was prepared for battle and to witness more of war's horrors. I told my mother about the ghastly images that would remain embedded in my mind for life. But now it was my turn. With my weapons loaded I was ready to march the far left zealots right into the kill zone. I covered them with candy canes and tickled them with tinsel from the holy tree. I was overjoyed to see them being minutes from death after being forced to submit to the xmas warriors. Prepare to raise my tree and adorn my balls I commanded. They knew where I was about to place the star. My cruelty did not bother me in the least. I knew the xmas war had to be won. It was just another battle that I observed. Twas just another military advance for me to lead into victory. I was looking forward to torturing suspected enemies with eggnog. Some had deserted out of fear of such fierce battle. That's when I showed even greater bravery. I informed the reindeer that he would be keeping this courageous soldier company for the night. I started to return with the whips when I heard sounds I will never forget. At first I thought it was a virgin mother giving birth to an alien baby with an enlarged head. Then it sounded like the jihadists screeching outside women's clinics. But it was far worse. My fellow crusaders were actually witnessing the removal of xmas ornaments from city hall. That's when I snapped. If it's war they want they just picked the wrong enemy. I grabbed my balls and xmas lights and raced to the battle zone. The foes of xian supremacy were informed that the first one to remove my xmas decorations would become a bloodied tortured corpse. They knew by my hard serious determined brave face that there was no choice but to surrender. I scheduled the executions of the guttersnipes then called my mother and the network. Now I must prepare for the next war. Those who coordinate smear against me will actually try to deny my courageous history. They can count on meeting the same fate as those fallen before them.

Google Santorum!

Fuck Facebook!

Goodies until the next show:

Rev. Bookburn
Recorded 2.22.15
Reclaim Your World

foreplay: The McCoys – Clergy Lies

show intro

July – Crying Is For Writers

Neil Young – Who’s Gonna Stand Up?

Tomorrow – Strawberry Fields Forever

The Godz – White Cat Heat [for Pastor Rex Cat’s birthday]

Renaissance – Northern Lights

Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb

Government Issue – Hey Ronnie [for Ronald Iran/Contra Reagan’s birthday]

Youth Brigade – Moral Majority

Al Franken – Bill O’Reilly’s Tales of Combat [comedy]

Freedom of Expression – I Got Stoned And I Missed It

Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away

The Clash – Washington Bullets

DOA – Warmonger [for Clint Greasedwood]

Toxic Reasons – Mercenary [for the American Asswiper film]

999 – Lie Lie Lie

Dropkick Murphys – We Got The Power

Planet Gong – Psychological Overture; Floatin’ Anarchy

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Tomorrow

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

The Dils – Class War [live]

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

Corporate Avenger – The Bible Is Bullshit

Guests: Clint Greasedwood – Director of American Asswiper, Clint Greasedwood’s empty chair, Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

The Reverend thanks the following: Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Mergatroyd Productions, Radio4All, Lord Cheezus,, Paul Krassner,,, Kristen DiAngelo, Holy Bloody Mary, Hippie John, Hippie Margi, Heidee Helper, Mr. Z, Mr. Scott, Mother Mary, Kelly, Lugarboy, DJ Cindy, The Ugly Truckling, Caligulatte, Mistress Morning Glory,, Eric Schwartz, Carlito Brilliante, Devi, Jana Peri, Betty’s Race Garage, The Plastics, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, Alex in Wonderland, South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, Lady Simone, Anande Plume, Dallas Blanchard, BiPolar Bear, Sheepish Muffin, RHEAL, Mephistopheles, EverLasting GodStopper, Darren Deicide, Catherine Moon, Jeska Askme, Parted Redcee of Ex-Sex-Workers for Jayzus, Lucifakefur, DeHypnotist/ Lady Kathryn, Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia),, and Axis of Evil.

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