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Friday, February 20, 2015

Reclaim Your World

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You –
How To Fuck Like A Family-Values
Christian Conservative

50 Shades of Koch

Reclaim Your World

The seeds of ISIS

Congrats Greece!

Your genitals & your life = your business

next show:

Reclaim Your World

This show will address the most pressing issues on a personal as well as global level. As lives and the world condition continue to go downward, this show will be an effort for a true uplift.

We shall record the show at Lolo Radio since we presently cannot stream live. This show shall be available at all times in the free archives linked below.

The Reclaim Your World show will also feature live guest Clint Greasedwood, Director of the American Asswiper film, and his empty chair. Plus lots of great music.

March show: Keep Birth Control Legal

latest show:

Rev. Bookburn's 14th Anniversary Show (1.10.15)

Happy birthday Lolo, Pastor Rex. Cat, Nancy Mergatroyd, Karen Neal, Anonde Plume

RIP Ian Allen, Bill Thompson (Manager of Jefferson Airplane), Sam Andrew, Dallas Taylor, Tim Drummond, Clifford Adams, Kim Fowley, Rudy (beloved rescue dog), Lesley Gore, Paco (Conflict, Inner Terrestrials)

Rev. Bookburn now on promo

Negativland Former Member Ian Allen Has Died

Negativland – Helter Stupid

Negativland – The Gun & The Bible

Negativland & Chumbawamba – The ABCs Of Anarchism

Gorgeous Geordie X Guilty Priest – Creeeep

Rubella Ballet – Anonymous

Rubella Ballet – Wonderful Life

Punk Band with Down Syndrome looks to raise awareness in Eurovision Song Contest

Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat (PKN) – live at the Lexington (London)

Gong Founder Daevid Allen Has Six Months To Live

Planet Gong – Live Floating Anarchy 1977 – full album

Beatles news: Yoko stands with the French, Ono tribute album, Grohl surprise?

How The Beatles Saved The Gay Inmates Of L.A.Men’s Central Jail

Beatles For Sale:Hamburg Strip Club Tapes Capture Band On Brink Of Fame

Lucifer Rising: When The Rolling Stones Got Evil

Is this real? I want it to be real. Great Kat, Timothy Leary Song ‘Right Brain Lover’

The Great Kat reveals details of 1984 Collaboration with Timothy Leary

Kim Fowley – Strangers From The Sky

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett – London 66 – 67 (full rare version)

Subculture – She’s So

Double Dagger – The Psychic

The Re-Licked Project (James Williamson of The Stooges & Jello Biafra) – Head On The Curve

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine –live 4.13.13 – full set

Jello Biafra talks about the reason why the Dead Kennedys fell apart

Bukkake Moms – Weezer Did 9/11 – live

Body Count with Ice-T – Institutionalized

Official version

Punk Band Slams Scott Walker For Using Their Song –Twitter Explodes

Dropkick Murphys Tell Scott Walker To Drop Dead

Dropkick Murphys – Take Em Down [Wisconsin protests]

Dropkick Murphys – Which Side Are You On?

Crowd Composed Entirely of Assholes Successfully Redirects Circle Pit

Cross Tabou – Illusion and Paradise – EP

The Flaming Lips, Karen O, Moby and more to Celebrate the Music of David Lynch

Mickey Avalon – Stroke Me

Rachel Lipsky – Bones

Kongos – Come With Me Now

Breakfast – Take Off Your Clothes [Mark Levy cover]

Fortis Natura – Ethereal

The Rise and Fall of Lookout Records

The Clash – Audio Ammunition documentary – Part 1 – 1977

Little Richard & Jimi Hendrix – Friends From The Beginning – full album

Janis Joplin Band Founder Sam Andrew Dead

MC5 – Kick Out The Jams film – by Leni and John Sinclair

Jefferson Airplane – We Can Be Together; Volunteers – live on The Dick Cavett Show – 1969

Bill Thompson, Manager of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Hot Tuna, Dies at 70

Jack Casady’s birthday becomes Airplane reunion

CSNY Drummer Dallas Taylor Dies at 66

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Ohio – Kent State 1970

CSN&Y – Chicago

Nancy Grace Gets Smoked Trying to Force her Reefer Madnesson Rapper 2 Chainz

No Strings Attached and Le Toy Shop (adult animation)

Slut: A Documentary Film

Stripping For Change

“I’ve had conventional jobs. This is as real as it gets:”A stripper’s crusade to improve dancers’ working conditions

Porn Stars Read Their Hate Mail

Fractal Universe, we are all connected

Bill Hicks – Rant In E-Minor – full comedy cd

Something Weird – Shanty Trame (Theme Song & Radio Spot)

Tribute to Ghoulardi

The History of White People in America – Religion (1 of 3)

“Caring for my mother in the grip of her Alzheimer’s is an ordinary act of love”

Jon Stewart: Chris Christie Comfortable With Corruption [video]

When Your Cable Company Attacks: Why Comcast Abuses Its Customers

Santander: Stop Financing Extinction and Deforestation

still a nutjob like his daddy

Rand Paul: Half of disability recipients are ‘gaming the system’

Nightmare Libertarian Project Turns County into the Murder Capital of the World

Presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz suck up to billionaire Kochs at secretive event

Take Action Against the Efforts of Congress to Kill Net Neutrality

Demand a Free and Open Internet!

The Bills Obama Would Have To Veto

7 Heinous Lies “American Sniper” Is Telling America

Every Movie Rewrites History. What American Sniper Did Is Much, Much Worse

Michael Moore Destroys Everyone Of His Haters In Epic Response To Right Wing

Video Of The Day

Ron Kovic Reality-Checks TV’s Chickenhawks

Bill O’Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem

Kissinger and Nixon’s 1973 atrocity in Chile

the subject of the Missing film (Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek 1982)

2 Sentenced in Murders of 2 Americans in Chile Coup

Missing film

Ronald Reagan’s Wartime Lies

Ronald Reagan’s Torture

Think Islamists are the only religious terrorists? Meet some famous killers for Christ

another Christian terrorist in the news….

Ax-Wielding Hair Designer Burns Down Michigan Adult Store to Please God

Video Shows New Jersey Cops Gunned Down Unarmed Black Man as He Tried to Surrender During Traffic Stop

New Jersey’s Mental Health System Is Broken

John Oliver Destroys Big Pharma’s Outrageous Spending to Influence Doctors

“Like high school boyfriends..more interested in getting inside you than in being effective once they are there”

Disgruntled former employee fatally shoots himself outside fox “news” headquarters

What Syriza’s Victory Means for Greece –and for Europe

The election was a triumph for anti-austerity politics and a rejection of corruption. Now comes the hard part.

Syriza’s historic win puts Greece on collision course with Europe

Anonymous Hacktivists Just Smacked The Taste Out Of ISIS’s Mouth

Koch Brother Minions Booed at Montana Medicaid Town Hall

Harper Can’t Drown Us All Out

Let’s End Greyhound Racing Nationwide

8 things you should never feed to cats and dogs

While Deflategate and Chaitgate Rage, America Quietly Robs Its Elderly

A wild new report on the wide-scale scamming of ordinary investors has arrived

Can We Save Social Security?

ARRA: Alabama’s ‘Underground Railroad’ For Reproductive Freedom

Muhammad cartoons documentary

Woman comedian – Muslim extremists satire

Collateral Damage – The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Measures on Human Rights around the World – book

Donny Pauling Jr.: Anti-Porn Crusader Arrested On Charges of Sex With a Minor

Nicaraguan Poet and Priest Ernesto Cardenal Laments Betrayal of Sandinista Revolution

Albertans to Face Shocking Hikes in Power Bills

“Barack Obama Is A Bad Socialist”

John Fugelsand de-balls Oliver North

The Smearing of Kayla Mueller

Guess What Sam Brownback Wants To Cut Now

Scott Walker Hammers Another Nail Into Education’s Coffin

imagine “probing” Christie

NJ Congressman Calls For Federal Probe Of Chris Christie Over E-Z Pass Disclosers

Chris Christie Administration Is Target Of New Federal Criminal Probe

Christie Accused of Blocking Casino Deal to Help Billionaire Donor

Murdoch’s Fox Sports Keeps New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Off Camera During Dallas Game

Christie Shifted Pension Cash to Wall Street, Costing New Jersey Taxpayers $3.8 Billion

John Boehner Destroyed By Forbes In Scathing Smack Down – A Legacy Of Disgrace

GOP Congressman Says We Don’t Need Education Funding Because ‘Socrates Trained Plato On A Rock’

Sarah Palin Admits Teleprompter Did Switch Off During Bizarre Iowa Speech As She Declares War on Bill O’Reilly

“Put The Bible Down Bitch”

Will HSBC Deal Come Back to Haunt Loretta Lynch?

How to Build a More Kick-Ass Climate Movement

Mansons on the Mekong

6 Jokes We Should Retire Before The 2016 GOP Primaries Get Going

George Soros Warns Against Investing Public Pension Money In Hedge Funds

the idiot speaks

Kid Rock Blasts Seth Rogen, Michael Moore For American Sniper Criticisms

3 Reasons The War On Porn Is Really A War On Women

The Duggar Family Kama Sutra

Fuck The Tea Party shirts

Citizen Koch

Drug War Capitalism book

Susan G. Koman is Pinkwashing Fracking

facebook censorship on the rise

The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals

Stop the Out of Control Censorship on the Huffington Post

Follow Governor Asshole

The Benghazi Hoax

Credo Mobile

Alternative to AT&T, Verizon and other rip-offs who also support the far-right

Roku – a cheap alternative to Comcast and other rip-offs

Sex and Weed (The Blog)

Porn Is Not The Problem – You Are

Melaleuca: Trying To Buy The White House While Silencing Millions Of Distributor Voices

Science fiction by Joshua Alam

Marauders of the Roswell Links, Episode II

Episode I

Edith Vs. Government Agent

I Love Dirty Old Men

Activism & Politics playlist – Pastor Rex Cat

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #5 (5.25.14)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Progressive Rock #4

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #3 (5.1.13)

Pastor Rex Cat – Church of Prog #2 – (4.7.13)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog (3.30.13)

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Philadelphia

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

Dropkick Murphys were totally appropriate to demand that Scott Walker stop using their song. The band has consistently stood up for justice for working people and those hit hardest by extreme cuts to survival programs. Walker is the lowest form of life for all that he has done to the education system and to everyone who is not rich. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

The fact that a fictional, glamorized account of the war could actually be taken seriously reveals the impact of corporate media lies. Instead of romanticizing a deadly and racist sociopath, it would make more sense to learn about the how the Bush administration knowingly lied to sell the war. The truth of the war profiteers is more worthy of looking into, as opposed to a children's level film that is far removed from reality. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

The lawmakers who are attacking Social Security, Disability, Food Stamps, Veterans' and all other survival programs need to be stopped. They are the sickest and most inhumane people in the nation. Their recklessness and total disregard for the well being of the American people reveal them to be dangerous. It may be necessary to begin recall campaigns. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

The changes in Greece are long overdue. Hopefully they'll put an end to austerity and forbid further damage from international banks and corporate America. This should also be the direction of other nations. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

All abuse against humans or animals reveals mental illness and injustice. Action is needed to protect those who are effected. The ignorant comments by some legislators quoted in this article show that they are worthless and unworthy of holding any public office. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

The Taliban and ISIS are truly proud of their influence in America. With Jindal and other theocrats attacking women's clinics, the Jihadists can celebrate their agenda being implemented by like-minded groups. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio)

Google Santorum!

Fuck Facebook!

Goodies until the next show:

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Playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Recorded 1.10.15
Rev. Bookburn’s 14th Anniversary Show

foreplay: The Monkees – Opening Ceremony; Porpoise Song [Head soundtrack]

show intro

Social Distortion – Ring of Fire

Dread Zeppelin – Black Dog

Electric Flag – Killing Floor

Weird Al Yankovic – I Love Rocky Road

Mercyful Fate – Into The Coven

Schlong – Gee Officer Krupke

Storm Orphans – Sweet Leaf

Liz Phair – Flower

Santana – Incident At Neshabur

Nob Dylan & His Nobsoletes – Motorpsycho Nightmare

J-Church – You’re The One That I Want

Jello Biafra with The Melvins – Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)

Sam & Dave – Hold On! I’m A Comin’

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time

Wayne Lammers & Pete Levin [as Rush Limpbaugh] – My Drugs Are Red, White and Blue

Sonic Youth – Within You Without You

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

Kill Your Idols – Assault; Unpure

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

Anti-Flag – War Sucks, Let’s Party!

Guests: Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

The Reverend thanks the following: Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Mergatroyd Productions, Radio4All, Lord Cheezus,, Paul Krassner,,, Kristen DiAngelo, Holy Bloody Mary, Hippie John, Hippie Margi, Heidee Helper, Mr. Z, Mr. Scott, Mother Mary, Kelly, Lugarboy, DJ Cindy, The Ugly Truckling, Caligulatte, Mistress Morning Glory,, Eric Schwartz, Carlito Brilliante, Devi, Jana Peri, Betty’s Race Garage, The Plastics, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, Alex in Wonderland, South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, Lady Simone, Anande Plume, Dallas Blanchard, BiPolar Bear, Sheepish Muffin, RHEAL, Mephistopheles, EverLasting GodStopper, Darren Deicide, Catherine Moon, Jeska Askme, Parted Redcee of Ex-Sex-Workers for Jayzus, Lucifakefur, DeHypnotist/ Lady Kathryn, Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia),, and Axis of Evil.

next shows:

February 2015: Reclaim Your World

March 2015: Keep Birth Control Legal

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