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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Reverend's Annual Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2014

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You –
How To Fuck Like A Family-Values
Christian Conservative

RIP Brian Goble ('Wimpy Roy')

RIP Bobby Keys

Christie or pigs belong in a crate?

Apprehending Justice

Xmas Heroes

Next show: The Reverend's Annual Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2014

We are certain that with the avalanche of advertising and the worst music in human history this season, you will truly need to hear this show. This year, we want to make it the best holiday show ever.

This holiday show will also feature The Reverend performing the wedding of Star and Charles Manson. We are sure that the Duggars and other family-values/ Christian-supremacists will love it.

Tis the season of hotness as well. We will show you how we became known for putting the wrist in Christmas. It's the only way to celebrate the holiday spirt. You will also get a taste of Rev. Bookburn's upcoming holiday porn production entitled Rump-a-bum-bum When We Cum.

We will also cover the xmas balls toss and other live reports from Bill O'Reilly's War On Christmas. As the nation prepares to exchange products from beneficiaries of sweatshops, such as Walmart, we'll prepare holiday relief and entertainment like nowhere else. We'll even provide additional mythological characters to celebrate!

January 2015 show: Rev. Bookburn's 14th Anniversary show

Latest show:

Happy Spanksgiving 2014

Happy birthday Mr. Scott, Jennifer Hunter

RIP Brian ‘Wimpy Roy’ Goble (DOA, Subhumans), Bobby Keys, Ian McLagan

Rev. Bookburn now on promo

Garfunkle and Oates – The Loophole

‘A Classic Tune About Christian Girls Who Love Anal Sex’ (Video)

Pink Fracking with Jon Stewart & Samantha Bee on The Daily Show (12.4.14)

The Unbelievable (True) Story of the World’s Most Infamous Hash Smuggler

Wingnut Media Pushes Pot Stock Scam Featuring Conservative Celebrities

The Iboga Plant, GDNF, and Parkinson’s Disease

US Won’t Stop Native Americans From Growing, Selling Pot on Their Lands

The Taliban influence in the US

You Can’t Buy The Pill, A Condom, Or Porn In This Florida Town

Porn Stars Show Us What the Internet Would Be Like Without Net Neutrality

Adult Film Stars Explain Net Neutrality and Speculate About Ted Cruz’s Porn Habits

3 Reasons The War On Porn Is Really A War On Women

To Get Husbands, Pastor Undresses and Kisses Female Church Members’ Asses At Beach

The Progressive Guide To Holiday Shopping

Attention Seekers – From Porn To Christianity

The Devil and Shelley Lubben

Ex-Porn Star Dayna Vendetta on Shelley Lubben

The UK’s War On Porn

Porn Censorship Ruling to be Protested with Mass Face-Sitting Outside Parliament

Face-Sitting Part of Porn Protest Planned Outside Parliament

The Duggar Family Kama Sutra

Michelle Duggar Wins: Arkansas Town Repeals LGBT Protections

6 Reasons the Duggars Suck

We Still Fight For Eric Garner

Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Seek Justice for Eric Garner

Berkeley:Police Fire Tear Gas at Hundreds of Protesters, Demonstration Disperses at about 3 am

KKK Leader Caught With a Black Male Prostitute

Notorious KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Was Once Caught Doing ‘Rather Salacious’ Things With a Black Male Prostitute

American Who Helped Craft Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill to Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity

Christian Radio Host John Balyo Sentenced to 40 Years for Child Sex, Child Porn

Mexico Says Evidence Proves Missing Students Were Incinerated

Brian Goble Eulogy

Vancouver Punk Legend Brian “Wimpy Roy” Goble Dies At 57 After Massive Heart Attack

Terminal City Ricochet – trailer – Brian Goble, Joe Keithley, Jello Biafra

DOA – War On 45 – 1982 - full album

DOA – Order

The Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts – 1980 – full album

Off! – Over Our Heads

Dictated – The Basher

Frank Zappa with Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne & others– While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Keith Richards Remembers the ‘Hidden Genius’ of Bobby Keys

20 Most Underrated John Lennon Tracks

Woodstock Icon, Hall of Fame Drummer, Santana’s Michael Shrieve

Singer John Legend and Wife Chrissy Teigen Pay for Food Trucks to Feed Hungry NYC Protesters

Jeff Beck – A Man For All Seasons: In The 1960s DVD

After 45 Years, The Velvet Underground Stands the Test of Time

Static-X – Push It

Black Tusk – Truth Untold

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Faith Healer

Inside: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (subtitulado)

Analogue Wave – Likes Of You

Liz de Lise – music for the ages

Electric Wurms – Musik Die Schwer Zu Twerk

In The House Of Flies – trailer – featuring Henry Rollins

What Would Jello Do? Part 44: Ferguson (or Police Brutality: 2)

Garfunkel & Oates with Weird Al Yankovic – Save The Rich

Garfunkel and Oates – Weed Card

Garfunkel and Oates with Doug Benson - Scary Fucked Up Christmas

Monty Python Live (mostly) – Live Show ‘Fan Favourite’ Sketches

The Battle in Seattle,15 Years On: How an Unsung Hero Kept the Movements United

Drug Warrior Mitch McConnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine

40kg of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell’s Father-In-Law’s Boat

Mitch McConnell Linked To Millions In Cocaine

before Mitch McConnell’s cocaine scandal….

The Sordid Contra-Cocaine Saga

If We Don’t Start Fighting Now, We Will Get What We Deserve

Keystone Pipelines Exposed

Hard Times in a Boom Town: Pennsylvanians Describe Costs of Fracking

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon has surged to 450 percent, alarming report warns

The last holdout among big palm oil businesses joins no-deforestation pledge

Wind and Solar Create More Jobs When They’re Locally Owned, Report Finds

In Defense of Naomi Klein

Hollywood Legend Ed Asner Has Outraged Republicans Over This Animated Short

Podcast with Harry Shearer and Paul Krassner

SCTV – Mel’s Rock Pile

SCTV Network with Robin Williams (11.26.82)

5 Neat Guys Gold

Naked Devil Statue Erected in Vancouver

The new global menace: property developers – Owen Jones –Comment Is Free

Chris Christie’s Political Confidant And New Jersey Pension Overseer Resigns

Wall Street to Workers: Give Us Your Retirement Savings and Stop Asking Questions

Wall Street Is Taking Over America’s Pension Plans

Wall Street’s Democrats

What You Need To Know About The Financiers of the Radical Right

The New Republic’s Ugly Reality

‘Let the War Begin:’ Anonymous Knocks Hate Sites Offline as KKK ‘Hoods Off’ Campaign Continues

Anonymous Threatens KKK and Ferguson Police

The Christian Terrorist Movement No One Wants To Talk About

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price – 10 Years Later – re-release

Molly Crabapple: How Ferguson Showed Us The Truth About Police

Psychologists Who Took $81 Million to Advise, Practice Torture, Betrayed the Profession

Stop AT&T from Locking the Apple SIM

Home Instead: Let Me Care For My Dying Mom Without Losing My Job

Stop NPR From Gutting Its Climate Coverage

Elizabeth Warren: Stop the Republicans’ Wall Street Giveaway

Boehner Betrays Congress

Poor, Persecuted Animal Killer Boo Hoos To Fox “News” For Sympathy

Here Is What “60 Minutes” Didn’t Tell You About The Billionaire Who Is Trying To Disrupt Cancer Care

Fuck The Tea Party shirts

Citizen Koch

Drug War Capitalism book

Susan G. Koman is Pinkwashing Fracking

facebook censorship on the rise

The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals

Stop the Out of Control Censorship on the Huffington Post

Follow Governor Asshole

The Benghazi Hoax

Credo Mobile

Alternative to AT&T, Verizon and other rip-offs who also support the far-right

Roku – a cheap alternative to Comcast and other rip-offs

Sex and Weed (The Blog)

Porn Is Not The Problem – You Are

Melaleuca: Trying To Buy The White House While Silencing Millions Of Distributor Voices

Science fiction by Joshua Alam

Marauders of the Roswell Links, Episode II

Episode I

Edith Vs. Government Agent

I Love Dirty Old Men

Activism & Politics playlist – Pastor Rex Cat

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #5 (5.25.14)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Progressive Rock #4

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #3 (5.1.13)

Pastor Rex Cat – Church of Prog #2 – (4.7.13)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog (3.30.13)

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Philadelphia

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

It was totally absurd to bring Michael Vick into this discussion. The dogs did not "get more justice." Many were tortured, burned alive and murdered. Vick and Darren Wilson are both deadly sociopaths. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

The only one who deserves to be in the pig crate is criminal Christie himself. The pension looter could not even pass a humane bill on behalf of animals due to his love for wealthy destroyers. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

It is going to take resistance from the people to topple the dominant Republican psychos in Congress and Governors' offices. The Democrats are not going to grow a spine or stand up for principle. There are a few who do, but they are the exceptions. Economic, environmental, reproductive rights, and all other social justice issues are going to depend on the people themselves. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Google Santorum!

Fuck Facebook!

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Playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Recorded 11.15.14
Happy Spanksgiving 2014

foreplay: Gaza Strippers – Brainwasher

show intro

Genitorturers – Pleasure In Restraint

Asylum Street Spankers – Shave ‘Em Dry

Trash – Eatin’ Out; Party On Your Pussy; Big Booty Judy

Cream – Tales of Brave Ulysses

Queer For Girls – Blow Rock Honey; Secret Police

Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba – High Fidelity

Spinal Tap – Big Bottom

Alkaline Trio – Over At The Frankenstein Place

Frank Zappa – Magic Fingers

Lords of Acid – Rough Sex; The Wet Dream

Cream – Crossroads

Corporate Avenger – Christians Murdered Indians

Duchess Desade – CafĂ© Flesh

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

Autistic Behavior – Blind Silence; Test Pattern

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

Midnight Creeps – Nitetime Nasty

Guests: Pastor James David Slamming, Senate-Elect Joni Yearns, the Captain from Mitch McConnell’s coke smuggling boat, the leadership of YouTube, Mark Motherzucker, Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

The Reverend thanks the following: Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Mergatroyd Productions, Radio4All, Lord Cheezus,, Paul Krassner,,, Kristen DiAngelo, Holy Bloody Mary, Hippie John, Hippie Margi, Heidee Helper, Mr. Z, Mr. Scott, Mother Mary, Kelly, Lugarboy, DJ Cindy, The Ugly Truckling, Caligulatte, Mistress Morning Glory,, Eric Schwartz, Carlito Brilliante, Devi, Jana Peri, Betty’s Race Garage, The Plastics, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, Alex in Wonderland, South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, Lady Simone, Anande Plume, Dallas Blanchard, BiPolar Bear, Sheepish Muffin, RHEAL, Mephistopheles, EverLasting GodStopper, Darren Deicide, Catherine Moon, Jeska Askme, Parted Redcee of Ex-Sex-Workers for Jayzus, Lucifakefur, DeHypnotist/ Lady Kathryn, Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia),, and Axis of Evil.

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