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Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Spanksgiving 2014

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You –
How To Fuck Like A Family-Values
Christian Conservative

Holy Spanksgiving

The Pastor hours after his sermon

dog scandal

November 2014

Spank us!

Next show: Happy Spanksgiving 2014

It's time once again for a special holiday show in which it is necessary to give spanks. Since we are still unable to broadcast live, we will record the show and make it available for free at Radio 4 All.

Some lucky contenders will request and beg for special treatment from our Spanking Nun. The spankees will be Pastor James David Slamming, Senator-Elect Joni Yearns, and the Captain of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's Coke Smuggling Boat.

Also seeking rosy-red buns shall be the leadership of YouTube. They will plead for no mercy as punishment for fucking up the site MySpace-style and zapping the content of past channels. Similarly, Mark Motherzucker from Fascistfuckfacebook will also be expected to be whimpering after an extra special session.

We will also have an excellent music playlist, a response to the recent elections, and the usual hi-jinks.

This is a show you don't want to miss. Definitely not work-place or "family-friendly."

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Happy birthday The Gnome, Abbie Hoffman, Ms. Terri

RIP Jack Bruce, Wayne Static, Brittany Maynard, Tom Magliozzi, Jonathan Athon

Rev. Bookburn now on promo

A guide to consensual BDSM sex: If you’re doing it right, it isn’t a buzz-kill

Frank Zappa with Steve Vai – Stevie’s Spanking

Fuck The Tea Party shirts

Citizen Koch

Cream Bassist Jack Bruce Dies at 71

Static-X Frontman Wayne Static Dead at 48

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman – Stray Bullets

Team Springsteen: Why ‘Fortunate Son’ Belonged at the Concert For Valor

Conservatives Outraged Over ‘Fortunate Son’ Show Their Ignorance of Song’s Meaning

John Fogerty – Rock Legend Proud That His Anti-War Song Was Performed At Vets Concert

Bo Diddley – Love Her Madly – Tribute to The Doors

Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow (Ella es un Arcoiris)

John Lennon – Oh Yoko!

Paul Krassner – Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den – March 13, 2000

The Realist Archive Project

We have a key opportunity to transform discriminatory and violent policing nationwide

The 10 Most Insane Direction Decisions by Stanley Kubrick

Stewart, Colbert and Oliver for the win: Satire, millennials and fear of an extreme right-wing Senate (10.30.14)

Not The Messiah trailer

Drug War Capitalism book

AT&T Holds Broadband Expansion Hostage Over Obama’s Call For Net Neutrality

Get Rid Of Your Cable TV Package Now!

We Fixed Comcast’s Bogus, Misleading Net Neutrality Statement

Republican Politicians Are Fighting Net Neutrality But Their Constituents Support It

‘Goodbye to all my dear friends:’ Death with dignity advocate Brittany Maynard dies at age 29

10 Female Dadaists You Should Know

Web Therapy – Lisa Kudrow & Meryl Streep – S3 EP 16

AC/DC Drummer Accused of Trying to Hire a Hit Man to Kill Two People

Petition: Stop NPR from Gutting its Climate Coverage

Russell Brand Talks Climate Change With Naomi Klein

Some Very Initial Thoughts On The US-China Deal

Expose the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Repeal Amendment One – new Tennessee anti-choice law

False Witnesses: David C. Reardon

Open Letter to the Modern Slavery Bill Committee

Dearest Saviours. Sincerely, Me.

Fighting Sex Trafficking or Punishing Women?

Christian Radio Host Admits to Sexually Abusing 11-Year-old Boy While Another Man Watched

Florida Pastor Accused of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Before Preaching Sunday Sermons

The sad, twisted truth about conservative Christianity’s effect on the mind

nutjob the week: James David Manning

Harlem Pastor Insists Starbucks is Spiking Lattes With Sodomite Semen

more psychos in the news:

Alex Jones Agrees With Ted Cruz: “Net Neutrality is worse than Hitler!”

Glenn Beck’s Diagnosis & Treatment Are Quackery, Say Medical Experts

40 kg of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell’s Father-In-Law’s Boat

90-Year-Old Man Arrested in Florida for Feeding the Homeless

Is Austerity Bringing a New Meltdown?

US Companies Now Stashing $2 Trillion Overseas

Georgia Governor’s Corruption Shocker: Right-Winger’s Shady Get-Rich Scheme Could Be Wildest GOP Scandal

We Found You That Double Super Secret Video of John Kasich An Being Asshat

Illinois Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner Received Cash From Firms Managing State Pension Money

Chris Christie Blocks Release of Pay-To-Play Probe of Charlie Baker, Massachusetts GOP Nominee

Chris Christie Isn’t Just Tired Of Minimum Wage, He Simply Can’t Care

Chris Christie tantrum at Two-Year Hurricane Sandy Event – 10.29.14

Will Chris Christie Bow to Iowa’s Pork Kings?

Obama’s Last Chance

Jimi Hendrix – The Last 24 Hours

The Final 24: Hunter S. Thompson

Where The Buffalo Roam – Bill Murray as Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson – Hey Rube – audiobook excerpt

Ex-Wife of Oil Magnate Calls $1 Billion Divorce Award Too Small

James O’Keefe Arrested on Conspiracy to Commit Voter Fraud Charges

Susan G. Koman is Pinkwashing Fracking

facebook censorship on the rise

The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: A Field Guide to Conservative Sex Scandals

Stop the Out of Control Censorship on the Huffington Post

Follow Governor Asshole

Inequality For All film

The Benghazi Hoax

Radio Unnameable documentary

Who can find this?

Poem Posters (1966) – 24 minutes

new e-books

Delaware Riverkeeper

Why a 20-Week Abortion Ban is Unthinkable: One Woman’s Near Death Experience

Priest Off!

Credo Mobile

Alternative to AT&T, Verizon and other rip-offs who also support the far-right

Roku – a cheap alternative to Comcast and other rip-offs

Sex and Weed (The Blog)

Porn Is Not The Problem – You Are

Melaleuca: Trying To Buy The White House While Silencing Millions Of Distributor Voices

Celtic Frost – Into The Crypts – cd bootleg

Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs, and Counterculture of the Lower East Side – by Ed Sanders

How Austerity Is Literally Killing People

28 Year Old Grad Student Destroys Economists Destroying European & American Economies (video)

Phil Ochs – Chords of Fame – documentary – Part 1

Phil Ochs – There But For Fortune – DVD

Alternet,’ ‘The Fix’ and other propagandists take note:

Why There’s No Such Thing As Sex Addiction

Science fiction by Joshua Alam

Marauders of the Roswell Links, Episode II

Episode I

Edith Vs. Government Agent

 Love Dirty Old Men

Activism & Politics playlist – Pastor Rex Cat

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #5 (5.25.14)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Progressive Rock #4

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog #3 (5.1.13)

Pastor Rex Cat – Church of Prog #2 – (4.7.13)

Pastor Rex Cat’s Church of Prog (3.30.13)

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine – White People and the Damage Done – featuring Shock-U-Py!

DOA – Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

DOA – To Hell N Back – concert film trailer

DOA – We Come In Peace – featuring We Occupy!

Benedict Arnold & The Traitors – Death Penalty For Pot

music video featuring animated characters of Aron 'Pieman' Kay and pot prisoner Dana Beal

The Language of the Blues – From Alcorub To Zuzu

eBook by Debra Devi

with a forward by Dr. John

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Philadelphia

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

The Author clearly knows nothing about spanking and kink. He probably watches for too many of those silly crime shows, where kinksters are sociopathic killers and consent isn't in the equation. This article is only a reflection of the ignorance of said author. If he only wants to have vanilla sex (if he can even do that) fine, but he can at least learn about the subject if he is going to write about it. - Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Once again, Exxotica decided to violate the security of everyone who attended their event by inviting an anti-porn religious cult to set up tables and be around all participants. This group believes that there is such a thing as "porn addiction," and "sex addiction." Further, they believe they are "rescuing" people and that those targeted are not ok as they presently are. Exxotica has betrayed all who trusted them. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Thank you for such an informative article about those who are "most wanted" in this area. Amazing that this list includes a guy who is wanted for possession of marijuana. Is there now a shortage of real crime? Are you advocating wasting even more resources on the war on weed instead of abuses and other real crimes? Should more real criminals be freed to make room for those convicted of marijuana charges? Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Screw AT&T, Comcast, the FCC, and Republicans in Congress who are fighting against net neutrality. It is amazing that public officials could make themselves even more extreme stooges for the ugliest parts of corporate America. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Now that apathy, voter suppression, and Koch money brought even more sociopaths into Congress and Governors' offices, it is more necessary than ever to be watchful and informing others. These reps of the top 1% will need to be exposed and brought down by the people. The spineless Democrats cannot be counted on to do that (some are even Republican wannabees). If you are not in a position to be able to participate, it's time to be supportive however you can and spread the word as these extremists bring up legislation and shutdowns that further damage peoples' lives. Rev. Bookburn (Lolo Radio).

Google Santorum!

Fuck Facebook!

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Playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Recorded 10.25.14
Halloweed 2014

foreplay: Peter Tosh – Legalize It

show intro

Ramones – Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Weird Al Yankovic – Spam

Jello Biafra – Grow More Pot; Lost Orgasm [spoken word]

Benedict Arnold & The Traitors – Death Penalty For Pot

The Satisfactors – She Got Charm

Trapeze – Medusa

Afroman – Because I Got High

Asylum Street Spankers – Amsterdam

King Missile – Sandbox

Country Joe & The Fish – I Like Marijuana

I Am Duckeye – Tea Baggin’

Atomic Rooster – Gershatzer

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – American Skin (41 Shots)

Cheech and Chong – Earache My Eye

Bill Hicks – Save Willie; Deficit (Jesse Helms); Rush Limbaugh; [comedy]

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

R.A.M.B.O. – Kids Who Mosh Like Assholes Must Make For Selfish Lovers; If Our Leaders Are Impotent Only The People Can Rise; Godless Freedom Fighters; The Curse of Philadelphia

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

311 – Who’s Got The Herb?

Guests: Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

The Reverend thanks the following: Pastor Rex Cat, Lolo, Mergatroyd Productions, Radio4All, Lord Cheezus,, Paul Krassner,,, Kristen DiAngelo, Holy Bloody Mary, Hippie John, Hippie Margi, Heidee Helper, Mr. Z, Mr. Scott, Mother Mary, Kelly, Goddess Kitty, Master Debator, Lugarboy, DJ Cindy, The Ugly Truckling, Caligulatte, Mistress Morning Glory,, Eric Schwartz, Carlito Brilliante, Devi, Jana Peri, Betty’s Race Garage, The Plastics, Baby Jesus Butt Plug, Alex in Wonderland, South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, Lady Simone, Dr. Suzy, Lara Riscol, Anande Plume, Dallas Blanchard, BiPolar Bear, Sharkgirl, Sheepish Muffin, RHEAL, Mephistopheles, EverLasting GodStopper, Darren Deicide, Catherine Moon, Jeska Askme, Parted Redcee of Ex-Sex-Workers for Jayzus, Lucifakefur, DeHypnotist/ Lady Kathryn, Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia),, and Axis of Evil.

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