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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baird v. Eisenstadt Anniv. Celebration 2013

Rev. Bookburn – Author of He’s Just Not In You – 
How To Fuck Like A Family-Values 
Christian Conservative

Bill Baird of ProChoiceLeague.Org

The new Pope and his old pal, the former 
bloody dictator of Argentina

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Baird vs. Eisenstadt Anniv. Celebration 2013
Showtime: Sunday, March 24, 2013, 9:00 to 11pm
or so, Eastern time @  

Lolo Radio

Bill Baird’s 1972 Supreme Court victory (Baird v. Eisenstadt) legalized birth control 
for non-married people and set the primary legal precedent for the 
legalization of abortion (Roe v. Wade 1973). His other two Supreme Court victories and 
50 years of fighting for reproductive rights and sexual freedom for all 
lifestyles and orientations make him one of the most significant freedom fighters 
of our time. He courageously fought after death threats, attempts on his life, 
the bombing of his clinic, and being slammed by people of every political 

Bill and Joni Baird are not only brave freedom fighters, they are wonderful, compassionate 
people and dear friends. They were the very first live guests on The Reverend Is In 
(February 2001). It is a pleasure and an honor to acknowledge the anniversary 
of Baird v. Eisenstadt (March 22, known as 
Right To Privacy Day) every year that we can. And if you can afford to, please send them some $. 

Be prepared for music, humor, and a wonderful and vital history review.
Happy birthday Paul Kantner
RIP Cliff Burr

Evangelical Sovereign Grace Ministries

A Church Group, a Lawsuit, and a Culture of Abuse

‘Alternet,’ ‘The Fix’ and other propagandists take note:

Why There’s No Such Thing As Sex Addiction

Cannabis Chassidis

Science fiction by Joshua Alam

plus new full length DOA release

music video featuring animated characters of Aron 'Pieman' Kay and pot prisoner Dana Beal

eBook by Debra Devi

with a forward by Dr. John

more Reverend rantings in Comments-land:

review of We Come In Peace:

As can be expected, We Come In Peace, the latest and final release by DOA is musically and politically a sheer powerhouse! The many new tracks reveal the same gift for song writing and urgency shown in their early recordings. We Occupy (with Jello Biafra) and He's Got A Gun are masterpieces and timely. The covers Revolution (Beatles) and War Hero (Toxic Reasons) were brilliantly executed. The remake of General Strike was a fantastic closure to this must-have release. 35 years later, the magic and inspiration was delivered in a spectacular way. - Rev. Bookburn - Lolo Radio

It is amazing to read all of the clueless comments after this article. You should now be able to see the reality of how many na├»ve people are duped by fox “news” and other propaganda machines. Both parties betrayed the American people with these unnecessary and inhumane cuts. People in Europe at least have the sense to defend their lives and future. No foreign power could ever dream of destroying America to the extent that Congress is now doing. We need to speak up and act. As you can clearly see, the tea-psychos spew their fantasies everywhere. Rev. Bookburn – Lolo Radio

The Pope was the head of the largest pedophilia ring and cover up in history. The crimes of the Vatican Bank are mind-boggling. After centuries of crimes against humanity, why is Belgium the only nation on earth that has sense enough to legally pursue justice? Rev. Bookburn – Lolo Radio

Most comments in response to this article are a joke. While it’s hard to speak well of any world leader, at least Hugo Chavez improved the quality of life for the majority of people in Venezuela. He refused to fall for the Bush ‘free trade’ scam and never became a tool for corporate America. He even contributed to heating assistance for the most beaten down in the US. That’s quite a contrast to public officials in DC! Rev. Bookburn – Lolo Radio

Google Santorum!

Goodies until the next show:

Playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Pope Popnuts

foreplay: Ministry – Filthy Pig cd

show intro

Meatmen – Pope On A Rope

Margaret Cho – The Pope/ Terry Schiavo [comedy]

Tom Lehrer – The Vatican Rag

Bottom – Catholic Boy

DOA – It’s Not Unusual

Dead Boys – (I Don’t Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy

David Peel – The Pope Smokes Dope

Asylum Street Spankers – Everybody’s Fucking But Me

Bill Hicks – The Pope; Christianity; Seven Seals [comedy]

Jello Biafra – Father Peter-The Pedophile Priest

Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band – Boogie ‘Till You Puke

National Lampoon – Confession [comedy]

The Damned – Anti-Pope

Propagandhi – Ordinary People Do Fucked Up Things When Fucked Up Things Become Ordinary; Ladies Nite In Loserville; Ego Fum Papa (I Am The Pope)

Los Gusanos – I’d Love To Save The World

Voivod – Nuclear War

Judy Tenuta – Dating The Pope & The Pope Song [comedy]

Rev. Bookburn’s animation theme

John The Baker & The Malnourished – Fist Fuck The Pope

Raw Power [Italy] = I Wanna Be Your Dog; Freedom At Last

Ms. Terri – Dr. Laura Horr (2009 version)

D.R.I. – Wages Of Sin

Guests: Pope Benddick, Pope Popnuts (candidate for Pope), Halliburton Ernie, Dr. Greed, George W. Bush

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March 24: Baird v. Eisenstadt Anniversary Celebration 2013

Rev. Bookburn
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