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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Passion of the Anti-Semitic Drunk Driver

The Passion of the Anti-Semitic Drunk Driver show remains on schedule tonight. Mr. Ed and fellow tech wonders proved that Radio Volta can keep it up. In addition to the funny Mel Gibson-related links below, we have a copy of the Steven Spielberg letter to the swerving, racist road warrior, which we'll save for the show. Meantime, we want to prepare a casting call for the Reverend's film project: Passion of the Santa. Gawd has requested that the Reverend relay His will tonight regarding why folks should 'get over Pluto.'

There is no show next Sunday night (September 3), then we're returning on September 10 for an eye-opening special to mark five years after 9/11. It also marks five years of corporate media manipulation, goosestepping forward with policies like the 'Patiot Act' and 'economic stimulous package.' The show will acknowledge five years of manipulating people with meaningless symbols, such as ribbons, flags and crosses, as well as exploiting their fears, and using such tactics to further greed and repression.

However, the fact that the tragedy was used for the worst of policies and inhumanity, does not warrant transforming into a monstrosity like Ann Coulter. We will acknowledge the tragedy, as well as the tragedies perpetrated by the Bush regime and it's predecessors.

This time, the anniversary shall occur with more eyes wide open. We're here to help that happen. The culture is certainly more aware about the criminal Bush regime, but there is still a need to provide a greater push from independent media. We've come a long way since the days when the Deprogram America show (Audio Archives, March 2002) aired, but it is very predictable that the corporate media is going to use the five-year anniversary as an opportunity to push it's collective face even more deeply into the asscracks of the 9/11 exploiters: Bush, Ghouliani, and the religious right.

In addition to the 9/11-related show, there has been work completed for a few more forthcoming themes. So barring another instant newsflash that commands a theme (Rush viagra incidents, another war), the next few shows shall be: the first installment of White Illegal Aliens, Hitch-Hikers Guide Through Time Warps (yes, the lard permitted the Reverend to travel back through time, meet significant people from the past, and observe past events including the holy crusades), Abstinence Makes The Church Grow Fondlers, Human Services Needs The Military Budget, and a few other themes. Also an update of the Reverend's Want List is forthcoming. Big prizes for those who find the rare recordings or films. Some will be listed tonight.

Meantime, some goodies. See you tonight.

There are recent Rev. Bookburn shows at the A-Infos Radio Project site. Res-Erection, Ken Lay's Funeral Show, Marlon Solar Memorial Tribute - One Year Later, and an altered version of the AU spoof ads are uploaded.


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The Covert War Against Rock

What You Don’t Know About the Deaths of Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Hutchence, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, John Lennon, and The Notorious B.I.G.


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New release by The Subhumans! New Dark Age Parade is new material by the legendary Subhumans (Vancouver, Canada, not England). These friends and sometimes members of DOA have not released new material since the early 1980s. Their debut Incorrect Thoughts is an essential release from the first wave of punk. This release includes Gerry Hannah of the Vancouver 5.


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from an e-mailer by Family Research Council, Citizen's for Community Values, and other assholes who are crusading to ban adult video in hotels:

By-the-way, FRC Action's Washington Briefing will be held 22-24 September at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, a clean hotel. One of our speakers will be U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He has taken aggressive steps to crack down on hardcore porn. But more can be done. After all, FBI agents may well be traveling and staying in hotels where this potentially illegal material is being sold.

August 24, 2006
Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List

Evolutionary biology has vanished from the list of acceptable fields of study for recipients of a federal education grant for low-income college students.

The Crazies Have Crawled Out From Under Their Rocks in the Basement...


essential reading on the subject of abusive priests, cover-ups, history and church policies:

Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children

by Jason Berry


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Which is scarier, mom or airport security?
Afraid to I.D. sexual aid in earshot of mother, man tells guards it’s a bomb


Kansas Windbags Just Won’t Leave Oregon Alone

Right-Wing political frenzy in Kansas amounts to an orgy of discontent.
(Pastor Fred Phelps, Sen. Sam Brownback - note last name)


America's Taliban Strikes Again


The theocratic organization founded by delusional Taliban-clone Pat Robertson and made famous by corrupt Abramoff-associate Ralph Reed has further crumbled..

MONTGOMERY, Ala. The splintering of the once powerful Christian Coalition of America has spread to another state, with the Christian Coalition of Alabama following Iowa and Ohio in pulling out of the national organization.

The Incredibly Strange Collapse of WTC Building 7


The following is from Renee Boje. For five years, we have been calling for support for her case after she fled fascism and went north into Canada. This is a victory for all, including the Bookburners.

Reefer refugee Renee Boje is finally free. In 1998 fearing persecution over medical marijuana charges, Boje fled from the US to Canada on the advice of her lawyer. Boje faced a 10 year mandatory minimum to life sentence in a US Federal Prison for her minor involvement in a well known medical marijuana and research garden owned by cancer patient and marijuana activist Todd McCormick and best selling author and Aids patient Peter McWilliams.

In 2001 Boje Married Canadian marijuana activist and author Chris Bennett and in 2002 she gave birth to their Canadian son, Shiva Sun Bennett. Many had hoped that Boje's marriage to a Canadian and the birth of her Canadian son would be enough for her to be allowed to stay in Canada and avoid the ten year sentencing she was facing in the US. But sadly through the decision of the same Justice Minister who allowed US authorities to raid Emery Seeds, this was not to be the case.

As some may recall Boje lost her fight against US extradition when the Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler decided against her in 2005. Boje and her family were devastated by the decision because they were told by her lawyers that the Minister's appeal was her best chance for winning her freedom in Canada and that there was a 99% chance she would lose her appeal in the higher courts with the current Conservative government in power. Boje appealed Cotler's decision and in that intervening period she received an offer from the US for a plea bargain and negotiations then were initiated between Boje's Canadian lawyer John Conroy and Federal US Prosecutors in LA.

On August 10th Boje traveled to Los Angeles for an August 14th court date in which she pled guilty to possession of a gram of marijuana. Judge George H. King who was the judge throughout the McCormick and McWilliams hearings sentenced Boje to one year's probation, giving her permission to reside in Canada with her family. Boje returned to Canada on August 15th and Canadian officials almost denied her entry into Canada, but relented and let
her stay for one week while a decision about her status was in the works at Immigration Canada. In the end after a week of worrying she might be deported Canadian Immigration officials granted Boje a 6 month visitors permit, which will likely give her time to secure Canadian citizenship so she can remain in Canada permanently with her family.

Police Complaint Center: Police Abuse


ACLU: Police Practices page


How Washington Goaded Israel


From Welfare To Poverty
Randy Albelda and Heather Boushey

Randy Albelda is a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Heather Boushey is a senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act—commonly known as "welfare reform." The much hailed legislation abolished a cornerstone of the New Deal known as the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program which was criticized for discouraging work. But 10 years later, we know that the program Congress put in its place—Temporary Assistance to Needy Families— encouraged work, but many remain in poverty and struggle to make ends meet.


Top Ten Rules of Eco-Travel
How to Make a Difference When You go


Spike Lee and the 'New' New Orleans Blues


7 Facts Making Sense of Our Iraqi Disaster


Breaking Rank - An Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing
Norm Stamper


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Strange Bedfellows Among the Yippies
by Paul Krassner

As a co-founder of the Yippies (Youth International Party) with Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in 1967, I observed how they were able to manipulate the media to further their antiwar missiion. If you gave good quote, you got free publicity. Furthermore, in a tactic borrowed from the CIA, if you presented newsworthy street theater, the media manipulated itself. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your agenda, that kind of behavior has a way of backfiring. And so I was both amused and annoyed by an item in the “Inside the List” column by Dwight Garner in the August 13 edition of The New York Sunday Times Book Review. He wrote:

“Thomas Ricks, the senior Pentagon correspondent for The Washington Post, has a book on the hardcover nonfiction list this week--his ‘Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq’ (Penguin Press) makes its debut at No. 1. Ricks’s book got a boost from strong reviews and from appearances on both ‘The Charlie Rose Show’ and NPR’s ‘Fresh Air,’ where Terry Gross interviewed him on two successive days. Ricks is a fleet, vivid writer, but he’s also got a gift for radio. On Fresh Air, he filled the air with analogies that were funny, sad and apt, sometimes all at once. George Bush and his team were like ’60s
radicals. (‘They really were going to, kind of, “groove on the rubble,” as Jerry Rubin used to say. They were going to tear it down and see what happened.’)”

Of course, glibness is not necessarily a virtue. “Has it come to this?” asks anthropologist and Yippie archivist Samuel Leff. “With the Iraq war now an obvious catastrophe, Ricks is comparing the Bush gang’s mindless destructiveness to ’60s radicals like Rubin? The destruction of democracy, then and now, emanated from a radical Oval Office. According to the Nixon tapes, he put thugs to work breaking the noses of protest leaders, from Abbie Hoffman (successful) to Daniel Ellsberg (unsuccessful).”

Then, in the August 17 issue of The Los Angeles Times, linguist Geoffrey Nunberg--in an op-ed piece titled “Who Are You Calling a Fascist?”--wrote:

“[I]n the mouths of the neocons, ‘fascist’ is just an evocative label for people who are fanatical, intolerant and generally creepy. In fact, that was pretty much what the word stood for among the 1960s radicals, who used it as a one-size-fits-all epithet for the Nixon administration, American capitalism, the police, reserved concert seating and all other varieties of social control that disinclined them to work on Maggie’s farm no more....Time was when right-wingers called the ACLU a bunch of communist sympathizers. Now Bill O’Reilly labels the group and others as fascist, with a cavalier disregard for the word’s meaning that would have done Jerry Rubin proud.” Leff comments that, “If Nunberg had been thrown down the stairs, as Rubin was, by the New York City Tactical Police Force--a Waffen SS-type goon squad of especially large men in uniform--who raided his apartment looking for drugs on secret orders from the FBI, Nunberg would have less ‘cavalier
disregard’ for using Rubin’s name in the same breath as the authoritarian fascist personality of Bill O’Reilly.”

Finally, on August 20, Frank Rich wrote in his New York Times column: "The hyperbole that has greeted the Lamont victory in some quarters is far more revealing than the victory itself. In 2006, the tired Rove strategy of equating any Democratic politician’s opposition to the Iraq war with cut-and-run defeatism in the war on terror looks desperate. The Republicans are protesting too much, methinks. A former Greenwich selectman like Mr. Lamont isn’t easily slimed as a reincarnation of Abbie Hoffman or an ally of Osama bin Laden.”

Yeah, right. It was bad enough when a brainwashed American public believed that Saddam Hussein and bin Laden got married in Massachusetts and then adopted a Chinese baby, but now it’s Abbie and Osama, together again.

I have not been immune to such incongruous couplings myself. The late Harry Reasoner, who was an ABC News anchor and a “Sixty Minutes” correspondent, wrote in his 1981 memoir, “Before the Colors Fade”:

“I’ve only been aware of two figures in the news during my career with whom I would not have shaken hands if called to deal with them professionally. I suppose that what Thomas Jefferson called a decent respect for the opinion of mankind requres me to identify those two. They were Senator Joseph McCarthy and a man named Paul Krassner or something like that who published a magazine called ‘The Realist’ in the 1960s. I guess everyone knows who McCarthy was. Krassner and his
‘Realist’ were part of a ’60s fad--publications attacking the values of the establishment--which produced some very good papers and some very bad ones. Krassner not only attacked establishment values; he attacked decency in general, notably with an alleged ‘lost chapter’ from William Manchester’s book, ‘The Death of a President.’”

I appreciated Reasoner’s unintentional irony--having started my career as a political satirist poking fun at McCarthyism--but I resented being coupled with McCarthy. Whereas he had senatorial immunity for his libels, I risked lawsuits for what I published. What I really wanted to do was crash a party where Reasoner would be. “Excuse me, Mr. Reasoner,” I would have said, “I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work on ‘Sixty Minutes.’” And then, as a photographer captured us shaking hands, I would add, “I’m glad to meet you. My name is Paul Krassner or something like that.” Instead, in 1984, when my one-person show opened at the Wallenboyd Theater in downtown Los Angeles, I decided to call it “Attacking Decency in General.” The show ran for six months, and I received awards from “Drama-Logue” and the “L.A. Weekly.’” That was my style of revenge.

Paul Krassner’s latest book is “One Hand Jerking: Reports From an Investigative Satirist,” available, along with the Disneyland Memorial Orgy poster, at

Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us
By Jim Hightower, Hightower Lowdown

An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights, and a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency.

During his gubernatorial days in Texas, George W let slip a one-sentence thought that unintentionally gave us a peek into his political soul. In hindsight, it should've been loudly broadcast all across our land so people could've absorbed it, contemplated its portent?and roundly rejected the guy's bid for the presidency. On May 21, 1999, reacting to some satirical criticism of him, Bush snapped: "There ought to be limits to freedom."

Gosh, so many freedoms to limit, so little time! But in five short years, the BushCheneyRummy regime has made remarkable strides toward dismembering the genius of the Founders, going at our Constitution and Bill of Rights like famished alligators chasing a couple of poodles.

Forget about such niceties as separation of powers, checks and balances (crucial to the practice of democracy), the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, and open government-these guys are on an autocratic tear. Whenever they've been challenged (all too rarely), they simply shout "war on terror," "commander-in-chief," "support our troops," "executive privilege," "I'm the decider," or some other slam-the-door political phrase designed to silence any opposition. Indeed, opponents are branded "enemies" who must be demonized, personally attacked, and, if possible, destroyed. Bush's find-the-loopholes lawyers assert that a president has the right to lie (even about going to war), to imprison people indefinitely (without charges, lawyers, hearings, courts, or hope), to torture people, to spy on Americans without court or congressional review, to prosecute reporters who dare to report, to rewrite laws on executive whim?and on and on.

Here, we are pleased to give you a sense of the enormity of what Bush & Company are doing under the cloak of war and executive privilege in a handy-dandy poster format.

The War President

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
-George W., August 2004

* Number of Americans killed in Bush's Iraq war as of August 2006: 2577

* What Bush press flack Tony Snow said the day the total number of American dead reached 2,500: "It's a number"

* Number of Americans killed since Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" on May 1, 2003: 2,438

* Number of Americans wounded (a vague term that includes such horrors as brain damage, limb blasted off, eyes blown out, psyche shattered, etc.) in Bush's war:

* Official count: 18,777
* Independent count: up to 48,000

* Estimated number of Iraqi civilians (men, women, and children) killed in Bush's war since Saddam Hussein was ousted: 38,960

* For Iraqis, the bloodiest month of the war so far: June 2006

more than 100 civilians killed per day

* Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmit's advice to Iraqis who see TV reports of innocent civilians being killed by occupying troops: "Change the channel."

* Percent of Iraqis who want American troops to leave: 82

* Stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq since Bush committed Americans to war in 2003 on the basis that Saddam had and was about to use WMDs: 0

* Number of nations in the world: 192

* Number that joined Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" (COW) to invade Iraq: 48
(The list includes such military powers as Angola, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Latvia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Romania, Solomon Islands, and Uganda.)

* Number of COW nations that actually sent any troops to Iraq: 39
(Of these, 32 sent fewer than 1,000 troops. Many sent no fighting units, deploying only engineers, trainers, humanitarian units, and other noncombat personnel.)

* Number of the 39 COW nations contributing troops that have since withdrawn them: 17
(An additional 7 have announced plans to withdraw all or part of their contingents this year.)

* Number of COW troops in Iraq: 150,000

* Number of these that are U.S. troops: 139,000

* Number of White House officials and cabinet members who have any of their immediate family in Bush's war: 0

Follow the Money

We're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon."
-"Howling Paul" Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary, in testimony to Congress, March 2003

* The official White House claim before the invasion of what the war and occupation would cost U.S. taxpayers: $50 billion

* As of July 2006, the total amount appropriated by Congress for Bush's ongoing war and occupation: $295,634,921,248

* Current Pentagon spending per month in Iraq: $8 billion (or $185,185.19 per minute)

* Assuming all troops return home by 2010, the projected "real costs" for the war: More than $1 trillion
(includes veterans' pay and medical costs, interest on the billions Bush has borrowed to pay for his war, etc.)

Bonus Stat!

* Annual salary of Stuart Baker, hired by the Bushites to be the White House "Director for Lessons Learned": $106,641
* Number of lessons that Bush appears to have learned: 0

The Imperial Presidency

"I'm the commander -- see, I don't need to explain -- I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
George W., August, 2002.

Signing Statements

When signing a particular congressional act into law, a few presidents have occasionally issued a "signing statement" to clarify their understanding of what Congress intended. These have not had the force of law and have been used discreetly in the past.

Very quietly, however, Bush has radically increased both the number and reach of these statements, essentially asserting that the president can arbitrarily decide which laws he will obey.

* Number of signing statements issued by Bush as of July 2006: more than 800
(This is more than the combined total of all 42 previous presidents.)

A few examples of congressionally passed laws he has effectively annulled through these extralegal signing statements:

* a ban against torture of prisoners by the U.S. military

* a requirement that the FBI periodically report to Congress on how it is using the Patriot Act to search our homes and secretly seize people's private papers

* a ban against storage in military databases of intelligence about Americans that was obtained illegally

* a directive for the executive branch to transmit scientific information to Congress "uncensored and without delay" when requested

* Provision of the Constitution clearly stating that Congress alone has the power "to make all laws": Article 1, Section 8
* Provision of the Constitution clearly stating that the president "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed": Article 2, Section 3
* Name of the young lawyer in the Reagan administration who wrote a 1986 strategy memo on how to pervert the use of signing statements in order to concentrate more power in the executive branch, as Bush is now doing: Samuel Alito, named to the U.S. Supreme Court by Bush this year

National Security Letters

These are secret executive writs that the infamous 2001 Patriot Act authorizes the FBI to issue to public libraries, internet firms, banks, and others. Upon receiving an NSL, the institution or firm is required to turn over any private records it holds on you, me, or whomever the agents have chosen to search.

Who authorizes the FBI to issue these secret writs? The FBI itself.

* Surely the agents have to get a search warrant, a grand jury subpoena, or a court's approval? No

* But to issue an NSL, an agent must show probable cause that the person being searched has committed some crime, right? No

* Well, don't officials have to inform citizens that their records are being seized so they can defend themselves or protest? No

* Number of NSLs issued by various FBI offices last year alone: 9,254

NSA Eavesdropping

In 2001, Bush issued a secret order for the National Security Agency to begin vacuuming up massive numbers of telephone and internet exchanges by U.S. citizens, illegally seizing this material without any judicial approval or informing Congress, as required by law.

* Number of Americans who have had their phone and internet communications taken by NSA: Just about everyone!
(NSA is tapping into the entire database of long-distance calls and internet messages run through AT&T and probably other companies as well.)

* In May of this year, the Justice Department abruptly halted an internal investigation that was trying to uncover the name of the top officials who had authorized NSA's warrantless, unconstitutional program. Who killed this probe, which was requested by Congress? George W himself! (He directed NSA simply to refuse security clearances for the department's legal investigators.)

* What happened to NSA Director Michael Hayden, who was the key architect of Bush's illegal eavesdropping program and the one who would've formally denied clearances to Justice Department investigators? In May, Bush promoted him to head the CIA.

* This past May, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales warned that journalists who report on NSA's spy program could be prosecuted under the antiquated Espionage Act of 1917.

* Times in U.S. history this act has been used to go after the press: 0

* Margin by which the U.S. House in 1917 voted down an amendment to make the Espionage Act apply to journalists: 184-144

Interesting Fact:

The New York Times reported this June that Bush was running another spy program. This one was snooping through international banking records, including millions of bank transactions done by innocent Americans. George reacted angrily to the exposure, branding the Times report "disgraceful" and declaring that revelation of his spy program "does great harm to the United States." The White House and its right-wing acolytes promptly launched a "Hate-the-Times" political campaign.

Name the guy who was the first to reveal that such a bank-spying program was in the works: George W. Bush! At a September 2001 press conference, he announced that he'd just signed an executive order to monitor all international bank transactions.

Watch Lists

From the Bushites' ill-fated Total Information Awareness program (meant to monitor all of our computerized transactions) to the robust efforts by Rumsfeld's Pentagon to barge into the domestic surveillance game, America under Bush has fast become "The Watched Society."

* Number of data-mining programs being run secretly on us by the federal government: Nearly 200 separate programs at 52 agencies

* Number of "local activity reports" submitted to the Pentagon in 2004 under the "Threat and Local Observation Notice" program (TALON), which directed military officers throughout our country to keep an eye on suspicious activities by civilians: More than 5,000
(They included such "threats" as peace demonstrators and 10 activists protesting outside Halliburton's headquarters.)

* Number of official "watch lists" maintained by the feds: More than a dozen run by 9 different agencies

* Number of Americans on the Transportation Security Administration's "No- Fly" list: That's a secret.
(TSA concedes that it's in the tens of thousands. In 2005 alone, some 30,000 people called TSA to complain that their names were mistakenly on the list.)

* Most famous citizen who is on the No-Fly list and has been repeatedly pulled aside by TSA for additional screenings at airports: Sen. Ted Kennedy

* How can you get your name removed from TSA list? That's a secret.

Name That Guy!

In 1966, a young Republican congressman stood against his party's elders to cosponsor the original Freedom of Information Act, valiantly declaring that public records "are public property." He said that FOIA "will make it considerably more difficult for secrecy-minded bureaucrats to decide arbitrarily that the people should be denied access to information on the conduct of government."

Who was that virtuous lawmaker? Donald Rumsfeld!

Only eight years later, Gerald Ford's chief of staff strongly urged him to veto the continuation of FOIA. Who was that dastardly staffer? Donald Rumsfeld!

Who is now one of the chief "secrecy-minded bureaucrats" who routinely violates OIA's principles? Right, him again!

Regime of Secrecy

"Democracies die behind closed doors."
-- Appeals court judge Damon Keith, ruling in a 2002 case that the Bushites cannot hold deportation hearings in secret

* Increase in the number of government documents marked "secret" between 2001 and 2004: 81 percent

* Number of government documents stamped "secret" in 2001: 8.6 million

* Number of government documents stamped "secret" in 2004: 15.6 million (a new record)

* Cost to taxpayers of classifying and securing documents in 2004: $7.2 billion ($460 per document)

* Number of previously declassified documents that the CIA tried to reclassify as "secret" under a 2001 secret agreement with the National Archives, even though many had already been published and some date back to the Korean War: 25,315

* Number of different "official designations" the government now has to classify nonsecret information so it still is kept out of the public's reach: Between 50 and 60
(They include such stamps as CBU: Controlled But Unclassified, SBU: Sensitive But Unclassified, and LOU: Limited Official Use Only.)

* The only vice-president in history who has claimed that he, like the president, has the inherent authority to mark "secret" on any document he chooses: "Buckshot" Cheney

* Number of documents Cheney has classified: That's a secret.
(He claims he does not have to report this to anyone -- not even the president.)

* Of the 7,045 advisory committee meetings held by the Bushites in 2004, percentage that were completely closed to the public, contrary to the clear intent of the Federal Advisory Committee Act: 64 percent (a new record)

* Number of times from 1953 to1975 (the peak of the Cold War) that presidents invoked the "state secrets" privilege, which grants them unilateral power in extraordinary instances literally to shut down court cases on the grounds they could reveal secrets that the president doesn't want disclosed: 4

* Number of times the same privilege was invoked between 2001 and 2006: At least 24

* Under Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno issued an official memo instructing agencies to release as much information as possible to the public. In October 2001, AG John Ashcroft issued a memo canceling Reno's approach, expressly instructing agencies to look for reasons to deny the public access to information and pledging to support the denials if the agencies were sued.

* 2005 FOIA requests still awaiting a response at year's end: 31 percent
(a one-third increase over the 2004 backlog)

* Median waiting time to get an answer on FOIA request from Bush's justice department: 863 days


"Halliburton is a unique kind of company."
-- Dick Cheney, September 2003

* Total value of contracts given to Halliburton for work in the Bush-Cheney "War on Terror" since 2001: More than $15 billion

* Amount that Halliburton pays to the Third World laborers it imports into Iraq to do the work in its dining facilities, laundries, etc.: $6 per 12-hour day (50 cents an hour)

* Amount that Halliburton bills us taxpayers for each of these workers: $50 a day

* Amount that Halliburton bills U.S. taxpayers for:

* A case of sodas: $45

* Washing a bag of laundry: $100

* Halliburton's campaign contributions in Bush-Cheney election years:

* In 2000: $285,252 (96 percent to Republicans)

* In 2004: $145,500 (89 percent to Republicans)
Plus $365,065 from members of its board of directors (99 percent to Republicans)

* Increase in Halliburton's profits since Bush-Cheney took office in 2000: 379 percent

* Halliburton's 2005 profit: $1.1 billion
(highest in the corporation's 86-year history

"Since leaving Halliburton to become George Bush's vice-president, I've severed all of my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interest. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind."
Former CEO Dick Cheney, Meet the Press, September 2003

* Annual payments that Cheney has received from Halliburton since he's been vice-president:

* 2001: $205,298
* 2002: $162,392
* 2003: $178,437
* 2004: $194,852
* 2005: $211,465

* Cash bonus paid to Cheney by Halliburton just before he took office: $1.4 million

* Retirement package he was given in 2000 after only 5 years as CEO: $20 million

* Number of times in the past two years that Republicans have killed Sen. Byron Dorgan's amendment to set up a Truman-style committee on war profiteering to investigate Halliburton: 3

* Naughty word Cheney used during a Senate photo session in 2004 to assail Sen. Patrick Leahy, who had criticized Cheney's ongoing ties to Halliburton: "Go #@! percent yourself.

Jim Hightower is the author of "Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush" (Viking Press). He publishes the monthly Hightower Lowdown.

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Motorhead- Mean Machine

DOA- Death to the Multinationals

Peaches- Fuck or Kill

Rising Lion- Don't Bogart Me

Paul Krassner- Enron Blues [comedy]

Eden- Jugband Blues

Public Enemy- Son of a Bush (DJ Pone Baghdad remix)

MDC- Business on Parade; John Wayne Was A Nazi; Greedy and Pathetic; Church and State; Kill The Light; American Achievement; Chicken Squawk

Capitol Steps- Don't Go Faking You're Smart; Enron-Ron-Ron; Tom Ridge Bedtime Story #1

Greg Palast- The Best Democracy Money Can Buy [spoken word]

Syd Barrett- Bob Dylan Blues

Reverend Billy- Good News; Stop Shopping; Shopocalypse

Avengers- Second To None

Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins- Voted Off The Island; Kali-fornia Uber Alles 21st Century

Ms. Terri- Dr. Laura Horr

The Lovedolls- Sunshine Day

See you tonight.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lay-ed Tonight

As of now, Volta is said to be up. After hardcore Bookburners performed sacred rituals to Zeus, the station miraculously began streaming.

At this point I plan to go to the studio tonight for the Ken Lay's Funeral Show- Everybody Gets Lay-ed show.

If Santa blesses us with regular functioning, I'll return again next week for the Passion of the Anti-Semitic Drunk Driver show.

I figured keep the Lay show even though it's outdated because there's such a killer playlist, plus it seems like the corporate media continues to kiss his dead orifice, which would obviously mean surgically removing the faces of the Bush family.

The theme Limpdick Rushie's Excellent Vacation is also outdated, but that was an incomplete playlist and I can throw the essentials in while we're having fun with Mel Gibson.

So hopefully, we'll reunite this evening after a lengthy absence. If the deity Brian (from Monty Python's Life of Brian) keeps us in miracles, we'll broadcast tonight, then return again next Sunday night as well.

Meantime, new treats:

News item: "Ann Coulter says liberals have devised a new atheist religion, with sacraments of abortion, feminism, coddling criminals, and sex with dogs..."

Yes, it's all true.

Why, when I had sex with Coulter, she just wouldn't stop barking.


Big-Butt Ants Entice Gourmets


Grocery Store Wars | Join the Organic Rebellion (video)


Federal District Court Judge Manuel L. Real faces impeachment after being struck by the Block Curse

see LAPD Lawsuit Update blog posting and the Reverend's feedback


Judging Needle Exchange

“Give them all dirty needles and let them die.” So said TV’s Judge Judy (Judy Sheindlin).


Doctors Without Borders


Oregon Christian leader admitted touching girls, report says


As conflicts in Mideast heat up,
so does anti-Semitism worldwide
By Jennifer Jacobson


Pedals for Progress
putting used bikes to good use


The Ditty Bops 2006 Summer Tour On Bicycle


The Declaration of Peace
Take Action to End the US War in Iraq!


Refusing to Kill
a network of men working with the Global Women's Strike


Bush's Political Survival Depends on Terror Threats
By William Greider

The president is trying for the third time to make terrorism his big campaign issue -- are Americans going to finally snap out of it?

An evil symbiosis does exist between Muslim terrorists and American politicians, but it is not the one Republicans describe. The jihadists need George W. Bush to sustain their cause. His bloody crusade in the Middle East bolsters their accusation that America is out to destroy Islam. The president has unwittingly made himself the lead recruiter of willing young martyrs.

More to the point, it is equally true that Bush desperately needs the terrorists. They are his last frail hope for political survival. They divert public attention, at least momentarily, from his disastrous war in Iraq and his shameful abuses of the Constitution. The "news" of terror -- whether real or fantasized -- reduces American politics to its most primitive impulses, the realm of fear-and-smear where George Bush is at his best.

So, once again in the run-up to a national election, we are visited with alarming news. A monstrous plot, red alert, high drama playing on all channels and extreme measures taken to tighten security.

The White House men wear grave faces, but they cannot hide their delight. It's another chance for Bush to protect us from those aliens with funny names, another opportunity to accuse Democrats of aiding and abetting the enemy.

This has worked twice before. It could work again this fall unless gullible Americans snap out of it. Wake up, folks, and recognize how stupid and wimpish you look. I wrote the following two years ago during a similar episode of red alerts: "Bush's 'war on terrorism' is a political slogan -- not a coherent strategy for national defense -- and it succeeds brillantly only as politics. For everything else, it is quite illogical."

Where is the famous American skepticism? The loose-jointed ability to laugh at ourselves in anxious moments? Can't people see the campy joke in this docudrama called "Terror in the Sky"? The joke is on them. I have a suspicion that a lot of Americans actually enjoy the occasional fright since they know the alarm bell does actually not toll for them. It's a good, scary movie, but it's a slapstick war.

The other day at the airport in Burlington, Vermont, security guards confiscated liquid containers from two adolescent sisters returning home from vacation. The substance was labeled "Pure Maple Syrup." I am reminded of the Amish pretzel factory that was put on Pennsylvania's list of targets. Mothers with babes in arms are now told they must take a swiq of their baby formula before they can board the plane. I already feel safer.

The latest plot uncovered by British authorities may be real. Or maybe not. We do not yet know enough to be certain. The early reporting does not reassure or settle anything (though the Brits do sound more convincing than former Attorney General John Ashcroft, who gave "terror alerts" such a bad reputation). Tony Blair is no more trustworthy on these matters than Bush and Cheney. British investigators are as anxious as their American counterparts to prove their vigilance (and support their leaders). The close collaboration with Pakistani authorities doesn't exactly add credibility.

One question to ask is: Why now? The police have had a "mole" inside this operation since late 2005, but have yet to explain why they felt the need to swoop down and arest alleged plotters at this moment (two days after the Connecticut primary produced a triumph for anti-war politics).

The early claim that a massive takedown of a dozen airliners was set for August 16 is "rubbish," according to London authorities. So who decided this case was ripe for its public rollout? Blair consulted Cheney: What did they decide? American economist Jamie Galbraith was on a ten-hour flight from Manchester, England, to Boston on the day the story broke, and has wittily reflected on other weak points in the official story line.

The point is, Americans are not entirely defenseless pawns. They can keep their wits and reserve judgment. They can voice loudly the skepticism that Bush and company have earned by politicizing of the so-called "war" from the very start. Leading Democrats are toughening up. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid uses plain English to explain what the Republicans up to -- using genuine concerns of national security "as a political wedge issue. It is disgusting, but not surprising."

Instead of cowering in silence, the opposition party should start explaining this sick joke. Political confusion starts with the ill-conceived definition of a "war" that's best fought by police work, not heavy brigades on a battlefield. Forget the hype, call for common sense and stout hearts.

All we know, for sure, is that Bush and his handlers are not going to back off the fear-and-smear strategy until it loses an election for them. Maybe this will be the year.

William Greider is the author of, most recently, "The Soul of Capitalism" (Simon & Schuster).

The following is from a pro-choice mailer. I won't comment on the org or name them, but the content is worthy:

Anti-choice politicians promote unproven, ideological "abstinence-only" programs that hurt, rather than help, our young people. Our kids deserve better. Support the REAL Act today.

Anti-choice politicians in Congress promote unproven, ideological "abstinence-only" programs that hurt, rather than help, our young people.
Our kids deserve better.
"You and I know that empowering young people to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy is the right thing to do. And we all agree that young people should be taught values at home - and the facts at school.
That's why, as this school year begins, we'll be working harder than ever to make sure young people get honest, age-appropriate sex education that will equip them with the facts they need to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and STDs. But we need your help.
Anti-choice politicians in Congress continue to spend our tax dollars on unproven, ideological "abstinence-only" programs that hurt, rather than help, teenagers. Our kids deserve better - and so do taxpayers.
Honest, realistic sex education is the best way to reduce the spread of STDs and prevent teen pregnancy. The Responsible Education About Life (REAL) Act would set up the first-ever federal sex education program.

Many federally funded "abstinence-only" programs actually censor lifesaving information that would help teens protect themselves. Many of these programs include blatantly false and inaccurate information, and some programs have been shown to actually increase the likelihood that young people will have unprotected sex and get pregnant. That's why we need the REAL Act

Before I got into advocacy, I taught for 12 years in Montana schools and proudly served as the Superintendent of Public Instruction. I can say with experience that only the facts - not right-wing politics - should be taught in health class. Together, we can make sure that our children are being taught honest, realistic sex education. Take action today."

Tune in tonight..

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Monday, August 14, 2006

the legitimate Leary bio book

The following was Rev. Bookburn's emailer to the faithful regarding the two recent books about the late Dr. Timothy Leary:



You may have heard/ read Rev. Bookburn's rantings about a horrifying
recent 'oral history' book that was released. The 'bio' was as if the
tabloids and Fox News TM collaborated for the Leary bashing. A reviewer at
'progressive' news sites also joined in the bashing and attempted to
legitamize the book.

Well, there's good news. While we want to alert people who have a degree
of understanding and appreciation of Leary to the true nature of the
above-mentioned book, we also want people to be aware of a legitimate book
being released soon on the very same subject.

It is published by Barricade Books, which was the company founded by the
late Lyle Stuart. There will be a review of the book in a forthcoming
issue of High Times magazine, in the monthly column by Paul Krassner.

Please share this message with anyone who is interested in Leary, 60s
history, psychedelics, or anything related. Of course, the Rush Limbaugh
crowd, the Pat Robertsons, and the Bush worshippers will love the bogus
book mentioned above. But folks remotely interested in the subject for
reasons other than blind hatred deserve to know the difference between the
two recent books.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

I Have America Surrounded
The Life of Timothy Leary
John Higgs
with an Introduction by Winona Ryder

President Nixon called him "the most dangerous man in America" while
Terence McKenna believed he "made more people happy than anyone else in
history." Few people have been as controversial and divisive as Dr.
Timothy Leary. The brilliant behavioral psychologist was fired from
Harvard University for his experimentation with psychedelic drugs, and
responded by persuading millions to "tune in, turn on, and drop out." A
salient figure in the Hippie movement of the 60s and 70s, Leary lived the
life of an insurgent. He escaped from jail in California, fled the U.S.
with the help of terrorists, was kidnapped by revolutionaries in Africa,
and became entrapped by an exiled arms dealer in Switzerland. Winona
Ryder, Leary's goddaughter, described his life as "flat-out epic
grandeur," and many would agree that his cultural influence shaped the
post-modern 21 st Century world. In this radical biography, John Higgs
details Leary's life, and, for the first time ever, discusses the
incongruous rationale behind his actions.

$24.95 • 360 Pages
ISBN 1-56980-315-3

Till we're back on the air...

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Station Down 8/13

Radio Volta is down as of 1:00pm today so we decided that the show will remain postponed until the station can keep it up more solidly that Rushie's member without his viagra.

Due to the fact that significant time has passed since the passing of the criminal CEO of Enron Key Lay, as well as the Rush Limbaugh viagra news story, we shall assess whether it remains worthwhile to plan on broadcasting those themed shows. No matter how long we're down, we shall definitely do the Passion of the Anti-Semitic Drunk Driver show.

Meantime, some goodies to hold you over:

"Before Mel Gibson was a crazy, fanatical lunatic with
cop problems, he was a crazy, fanatical lunatic cop."
--Spike TV's 8/2/06 promo for Lethal Weapon

Is Speaking in Tongues Language?
Topic: Brain
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have performed the first brain-scan study on a group of Pentecostal practitioners while they were speaking in tongues, a practice also known as glossolalia.  
It turned out that activity in the language centers of the Pentecostals' brains decreased during the tests, "although the practitioners spoke in a coherent language-like way," according to an email from Mark Waldman, who is editor of Transpersonal Review and is writing a book with the lead Penn researcher on the study, Andrew Newberg. 



'Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Al Jazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles.'

Pennies Stolen from North Delta Baptist Association

(One article about this news item included where readers can send donations!)

"Someone pried open the back door Friday night and must have seen our jar of pennies and that was gone this morning," Helen Johnson said Monday.
Johnson, who runs the offices, said items stolen Friday night included $252 in stamps, two petty cash bags with $50 cash and $10 in quarters.
She estimated that $225 in pennies were taken in the jar theft.
"We are collecting pennies as our contribution to the 50 million pennies that will pay for a memorial to the 50 million unborn babies lost through abortions since the Roe vs. Wade decision," Johnson said.

The Religious Right's 800-Pound Abortion Gorilla
By moiv Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 03:58:25 AM EST

In his farewell speech, Tom DeLay told the House of Representatives, "We have opposed abortion, cloning and euthanasia, because such procedures fundamentally deny the unique dignity of the human person."

But as a well-compensated favor to one of his "dearest friends," Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay has actively promoted "such procedures" in the Marianas Islands for years, where thousands of garment workers -- most of them young Chinese women -- labor in indentured servitude, live in labor camps run by members of the Chinese Communist Party, and submit to forced abortions if they become pregnant.  

Human rights worker Eric Gregoire told ABC News, "With 11,000 Chinese workers here, I have never seen a Chinese garment factory worker have a baby." [continues]


ABA Condemns President Bush's Use of Signing Statements


‘Gaza Blues’
Israeli, Palestinian combine skewered tales in new volume
by richard allen greene

london | Best-selling Israeli author Etgar Keret is used to navigating political gaps — even in his own family.
His brother is an anarchist activist against Israel’s presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; his sister is fervently Orthodox and lives in a settlement.


Paternity trial shocks Egyptians
Court rules against famous actor, siding with mother, child


Cutting Corporate Welfare book


'Left-handed men see better paychecks'


The Myth of an 'Addict Gene'
Jeffrey Helm


See you when possible.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Passion of the Lay-ed

The Reverend was informed that the station remains down this weekend and that Ken Lay's on-air funeral will be postponed probably until next Sunday, August 13. We'll announce whether or not Radio Volta is streaming in advance.

It's true that there have been numerous themes that we never got around to.. but this can't wait. After the Limpdick Rushie's Excellent Vacation show, we're planning to immediately proceed to work on the next theme: Passion of the Anti-Semitic Drunk Driver. For those hiding in Dickless Cheney's cave, the mentioned theme refers to racist, anti-Semitic, xian supremacist, producer of fictional comedy snuff films Mel Gibson. Hopefully, Gibson will accept the Reverend's offer to collaborate on a new project: The Passion of the Santa.

Among the responses to the Reverend's response to the tabloid 'bio' book about the late Dr. Timothy Leary, we've learned that another book about Leary is due for publication soon. The new one will be reviewed by Paul Krassner in a forthcoming issue of High Times.

more goodies until we meet again:

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis music video


While we're waiting for Radio Volta to get it up..

one track from the Ken Lay Funeral Show- Everybody Gets Lay-ed:

DOA- Death to the Multinationals

This track is from their classic Festival of Atheists release. Also herein are the songs If There's God [directed to the 'Christian Coalition'] and A Gun and a Bomb [directed to anti-abortion terrorists]

Also worthwhile: DOA's DVD including the bonus documentary


Allen Ginsberg's classic recording Birdbrain on mp3:


bio of Allen Ginsberg:



a Lydia Lunch discography


Ann Magnuson's films and music


Magnuson's former band Bongwater released several worthwhile recordings, especially the incredible Double Bummer


also worth revisiting:
Exene Cervenka, vocalist for X


Senator Wants to Explain 'Tubes' Comment

"The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's, it's a series of tubes," Stevens, an Alaska Republican, said last month.

"I have a letter from a big scientist who said I was absolutely right in using the word 'tubes'"
-Sen. Ted Stevens

AP, Getty Images

Comedian Jon Stewart, right, parodied Sen. Ted Stevens for his odd description of the Internet. The video clip was an instant Internet mega-hit.

WASHINGTON (July 27) - Mocked by comedian and host of "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart for calling the Internet a bunch of tubes, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Thursday he is open to appearing on the popular cable television program for a rebuttal.

The comedian has parodied the dean of the Senate Republicans for rejecting calls by some Internet companies for a law to block high-speed Internet providers from charging higher prices to carry certain content. Backers of such a law say it would preserve what they call "Net neutrality."

"The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's, it's a series of tubes," Stevens, an Alaska Republican, said
last month. Stewart parodied the senator's remarks on three episodes, which have spread over the Internet and were widely viewed on He questioned Stevens' knowledge of the Internet, and quipped, "You're just the guy in charge of regulation."

Stevens, whose committee has authority over many Internet issues, defended his comments and said he had even received support from experts. "I have a letter from a big scientist who said I was absolutely right in using the word 'tubes,"' he told reporters. However, Stevens said he had not been invited to appear on the show to respond.

"I have a letter from a big scientist who said I was absolutely right in using the word 'tubes'"
-Sen. Ted Stevens

When pressed whether he was willing to go on the show, Stevens slowly grinned and said, "I'd consider it."
A representative for "The Daily Show" was not immediately available for comment. One congressional aide said the show had explained the controversial Net neutrality issue "better than any corporate lobbyist or policymaker I know."

The Net neutrality debate has slowed progress on Stevens' communications reform bill, which needs 60 votes to move forward for a final vote. "I believe we have the 60 votes," Stevens said. He said he was planning to
meet with senators to ensure he had those votes, a move Senate leaders had requested before they were willing to bring up the measure. The bill is aimed at making it easier for telephone companies to get licenses more quickly so they can offer subscription television service and compete with cable.

Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have pushed Congress to include provisions that would prevent high-speed Internet providers from demanding more money to guarantee consumers can access content or receive quality service. AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp., two of the biggest providers, have said they would not block access to public Internet sites.
07/27/06 17:38 ET

Make Media, Make Real Trouble: What's Wrong (and Right) With Indymedia


WAR + Iraq Poster Exhibition


The McLibel Interview

Helen Steel and David Morris talk about their fifteen year legal battle with McDonalds


in case you missed this classic...

What Would Betty Do?
How To Succeed at the Expense of Others in This World and the Next

Mrs. Betty Bowers
America's Best Christian


CIA's Greatest Hits


Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?


Concerned about a possible draft? Military programs and recruiters in our schools? War? . . . - WHAT YOU CAN DO


The Religious Right: Corrupting the Cross and the Constitution

by Jeff Nall


Mother Verse - A Journal of Contemporary Motherhood


Sex and Bad Decisions in Washington


Former Arizona foundation executives convicted of fraud, await sentencing

PHOENIX (ABP) -- In what has been described as the largest case of fraud targeting a religious group, the former top executive and legal counsel for the Baptist Foundation of Arizona were convicted on multiple fraud-related counts July 24.


secret archive of Pope Pius XI

Countdown to the Holocaust
By Adi Schwartz

On September 18, when the Vatican library reopens after the summer recess,the secret archive of Pope Pius XI, who headed the Catholic Church from 1922-1939, will be open to the public - for the first time.

The archive consists of millions of documents, apparently mostly in Italian, part of the magnificent library on some 85 kilometers of shelves. Those who
are interested should come with a reference from a recognized academic institution, be modestly dressed (as specified in library regulations) carry no pens (lead pencils only) for fear of damaging documents.

Since the mid-1960s Jewish organizations and historians have been calling for the opening of the archives of the successor to Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, who served during World War II and has been condemned for his silence during the Holocaust. However, the archive that is now opening may turn out to be the more interesting one.
That is the opinion of Alberto Melloni, a historian and director of the Pope John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies in Bologna. Melloni, who first reported the opening of the archives in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra, believes that the new documents are likely to bring about a substantial change in the prevailing view on the Catholic Church and the rise of Fascism and Nazism during the papacy of Pius XI.
full article at link:


Tutor says sex assaults are sacred ritual

'I am a pedophile,' says man acting as own lawyer

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- A man accused of sexually assaulting nine boys with physical or mental disabilities told a judge that having sex with children is a sacred ritual protected by civil rights laws.

Phillip Distasio, who said he is the leader of a church called Arcadian Fields Ministries, represented himself at his pretrial hearing Wednesday. He is charged with 74 counts including rape, pandering obscenity to minors
and corrupting another with drugs.


An Evolution that Would Blow Darwin’s Mind:
Of Moral Regression, Heartland Extremism, and Solidarity against the Wicked Witch


Latinas and a Cry for Help


A recent series in the Spanish-language New York newspaper El Diario/La Prensa sheds some light on a mostly overlooked phenomenon in the United States, the misunderstood and endangered young Latina, who represents one of the fastest-growing segments of the American population. Hispanic teenage girls attempt suicide more often than any other group. They become mothers at younger ages. They tend not to complete their education. They are plagued by rising drug use and other social problems.

A U.S. government study found that a startling one in six young Hispanic women had attempted suicide, a rate roughly one and a half times as high as that among non-Hispanic black and white teenage girls. If there was any good news, it was that these young women usually survived. Dr. Luis Zayas, a professor of social work and psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis, says the self- destructive behavior seems to affect Latinas of every origin and every region of the United States.

El Diario tracked several young women and found that they faced particularly acute social pressures, especially if their parents were foreign-born. Zayas and other experts note that the suicide attempts trend higher for Latinas who are the first generation born in the United States.

Adolescent and teenage girls with families recently rooted in Latin America are expected to adhere to old culture traditions, including tending to other family members and putting themselves last. Self-esteem issues are common among teens generally, but they appear magnified for young women who cannot seem to fit in at home or away from it.

About one-quarter of Latina teens drop out, a figure surpassed only by Hispanic young men, one-third of whom do not complete high school. Latinas, especially those in recently arrived families, often live in poverty and without health insurance.

Another piece of the puzzle is how to address the complication of very early, usually unmarried motherhood. Religious beliefs in Hispanic families often limit sex education and rule out abortion. U.S. government statistics show that about 24 percent of Latinas are mothers by the age of 20 three times the rate of non-Hispanic white teens.

Solving these problems will require more than research. What is needed is a larger effort that includes educators, policy makers, families and communities. Here's one more statistic: One in four women in the United States will be Hispanic by the middle of the century. The time to help is now.

Shreveporter gets one year for clinic firebomb, unrelated burglary


Priest admits guilt

Abuse victims tell packed court of tormented lives


Victor Ratto, former co-owner of Berkeley Square and manager of several including Penelope Houston of the Avengers, passed away June 6. From Penelope Houston:

Dear folks,
Come down to remember the late great Victor, co-owner of the Berkeley Square and my longtime manager. Victor passed away suddenly from an aneurism last month at the age of 51. The show will benefit Victor's family.
Rare sets by myself, Translator, The Uptones and more at the stylin' Uptown in Oakland's new arts neighborhood -- by MamaBuzz and the Stork Club.
See you there. Please pass on the info.
Aug 5th Sat
Penelope plays a set with Pat at the
Uptown Nightclub Oakland
1928 Telegraph Ave at 19th. Street.
A benefit/memorial for Victor Ratto with Translator,
The Uptones, Cole Panther and Jayne Doe.
$20-25 8:pm We play the middle spot at 11:00.
PS See me in my other incarnation with the Avengers at Gilman Street on Aug 11. All ages! $7.
PPS To be removed from this list please write to me at I am sorting through my lists so I apologize to anyone who wanted off and is still on. Please send again. Also know that your email will never be shared or sold by me. Thanks.

Skipping Toward Armageddon
The Politics and Propaganda of the Left Behind Novels and the LaHaye Empire

Michael Standaert


Al Gore YouTube Spoof Not So Amateurish
Republican PR Firm Said to Be Behind 'An Inconvenient Spoof'

(Aug. 5) -- A tiny little movie making fun of Al Gore, supposedly made by an amateur filmmaker, recently appeared on the popular Web site
At first blush, "An Inconvenient Spoof" seemed like a scrappy little homemade film poking fun at Gore and his anti-global warming crusade.

In the movie, Gore is seen boring an army of penguins with his lecture and blaming global warming for everything, including Lindsay Lohan's thinness.
But when the Wall Street Journal tried to find the guy who posted this film — listed on YouTube as a 29-year-old — they found the movie didn't come from an amateur working out of his basement. The film actually came from a slick Republican public relations firm called DCI, which just happens to have oil giant Exxon as a client.

40,000 US Troops Have Deserted Since 2000

Since 2000, about 40,000 troops from all branches of the military have deserted. Those who help war resisters say desertion is more prevalent than the military has admitted. "They lied in Vietnam with the amount of opposition to the war and they’re lying now," said Eric Seitz, an attorney who represents Army Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to the war in Iraq.

recent info about pesticides and various Environmental Protection Agency failures


Dr. Walter Wolfe dies; was abortion activist
Physician fought for right to choose

By Paula Burba

Dr. Walter McIlhaney "Mac" Wolfe, a retired University of Louisville medical professor who helped lead the local effort for women's reproductive rights, died Wednesday at his Louisville home. He was 84.


County commissioner faces recall vote

ROSEBURG - Enough valid signatures have been gathered to force a recall vote of Douglas County Commissioner Marilyn Kittelman, who opposed a museum exhibit based on the Greek goddess of youth.

The recall organizers, led by Donald Keogh, submitted more than the required 5,714 valid signatures, County Clerk Barbara Nielsen said Thursday.

Kittelman has until 5 p.m. Monday either to resign or release a statement arguing why she should not be recalled.

Kittelman could not be reached for comment.

Within weeks of taking office in January 2005, Kittelman joined other commissioners in quashing the Hebe exhibit at the Douglas County Museum.

The exhibit was meant to inform the public about a statue of the goddess that was placed in downtown Roseburg in the early 20th Century. Horses knocked the statue down in 1912. When residents checked into replacing the statue a few years ago, some community members came out against the idea, arguing that Hebe, a Pagan goddess, is offensive to Christians.

The commissioners eventually allowed the Hebe exhibit to continue.

Among several other complaints, Keogh said Kittelman caused the removal of a Health Department brochure because it listed abortion among other options for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.


Again, we'll let you know when we're streaming again.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta