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Friday, April 14, 2006

Dead Pedophile Queenpin- One Year Later

On the next Reverend Is In show: Dead Pedophile Queenpin- One Year Later. After the death of the Pope and the events around Necrofest 2005, as well as the nostalgia pertaining to the anniversary, we cannot help but ask the question: why should the flocks from the Church of Pedophilia have all the fun? The sub-theme for the show will belatedly be: Rev. Bookburn's Birthday Show. This show will air on April 23.

The newly domesticated Reverend did not do the annual sacred traditional shows Palm and Stroke Sunday and Easter- What Some People Will Do To Get Nailed this year. Some of the material became a part of the Live Nude Fetus show (April 2) as well as the forthcoming show.

The Live Nude Fetus show as a blast. Special thanks to a live guest fetus for agreeing to appear and go into the dancer act, complete with the necessary dancer pole. Holy anti-choice terrorists cheered and tipped with dollar bills. Also it was good to have Father Pavone (of 'Priests For Life') and his 'associate' Janet Morana (of 'Silent No More') checking in, reviewing the fetus dancer, and providing their usual heavy breathing sounds. Silent No More indeed!

Our fetus dancer declined to become involved in the union organizing efforts of dancers. However, if one is interested in learning more about that subject, there is an informative film entitled Live Nude Girls Unite!

In case you haven't seen it yet, it is worthwhile and recommended to visit A Bookburner plans to officially launch the site on June 11, but there is already plenty to check out.

Recently seen films: Fog of War (we saw the beginning but it was so riveting that we are eager to see the entirety at least once..please review if you've seen it), Contact, and Local Hero.

The Jesus Will Survive and Farting Preacher 5 (Rev. Robert Tilton) videos remain available at They are in the Popular Videos section, but if they become removed one can click Search Video. Farting Preacher 1 was a timeless classic, but was originally over four minutes long. The online version is approx. one minute.

The Reverend reviewed several films at, including: Steal This Movie, JFK, Share The Warmth- An Evening With Bobcat Goldthwait, Chords of Fame, Bob Roberts, and He May Be Dead But He's Still Elvis.

We're looking forward to the forthcoming film about Bush regime criminal Tom Delay Hopefully, they'll follow up with a film about Abramoff, Libby, Ralph Reed and a few dozen others.

More bloggamy and feedback including the Reverend's at

Recent discoveries:,, and a prison radio project (although we heard that it's only accessible to holy rollers). If interested in international peace, environmental and social justice posters ranging from 1965 through 2005, you can check out

Input sought for the Faith-Based Star Wars show, as well as Spy On This!, and Who Would Jesus Do? shows in the near future. We'll also do a themed-show about why there can never be enough humor about George W. Numbnuts Bush.

"The only people who want us in Iraq are Iran and al-Queda"
- from an article by Molly Ivins

"There are very few jobs that actually require a penis or a vagina"
- the late Flo Kennedy

"Don't pray in our schools and we won't think in your churches"
- from

Happy Great Fuckin' Friday, 420 Day, and Earth Day. Happy belated birthday: Paul Krassner and Lord Cheezus. Thank you Diane Fornbacher and Terry for a great Pre-Palm and Stroke Sunday party. In memorium: Abbie Hoffman. April 12 marked the anniversary of his passing. The Reverend sends healing wishes to Radio Volta's Jim Bear after learning of his serious bike accident.

Next show: Dead Pedophile Queenpin- One Year Later/ Rev. Bookburn's Birthday Show

Showtime: Sunday, April 23, 9 to 11, Eastern time, USA @

playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Live Nude Fetus!

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon- Will The Fetus Be Aborted

Rage Against The Machine- Street Fighting Man

Anti-Flag - Right To Choose

The Unseen- Goodbye America

Dead Milkmen- Bitchin' Camero [live]

Ruin- White Rabbit

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs- El Muerto

Afroman- Because I Got High

Asylum Street Spankers- Everybody's Fucking But Me

Todd Rundgren- Fascist Christ

Bill Hicks- Pro-Life; The Pope [comedy]

Electric Prunes- Wind-Up Toys

Burning Sensations- Pablo Picasso

The Prisoners- Imagine

The Stanley Brothers- Somebody Touched Me

Adam Brodsky- Jump On A Cross And Die

Killing Joke- Follow The Leaders

Flaming Lips- Do You Realize?

Bloodhound Gang- A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying [at this time, the dancing fetus moved around the dance-pole while anti-abortion terrorists cheered and tipped]

Nashville Pussy- Go Motherfucker Go

Ms. Terri- Dr. Laura Horr

Suicidal Tendencies- Subliminal

Until the next show-

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

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