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Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Hunting With Dickless Cheney

The Reverend has received word that there is a possibility that Lynn Cheney will appear on the show tonight to introduce a very special song. If so, we hope that she freely speaks her mind. We know that she has long periods of loneliness while Dickless Cheney is holed up in caves or bunkers, helping Halliburton scam and gouge war profits, or shooting his friends.

Also on the show tonight: why the Reverend's Cracking The DaPinchme Code was not plagiarized, film reviews, Bush being the recipient of the International Ho Award for the port deal, bin-Laden's celebration of the South Dakota anti-abortion bill, and the latest victory: the release of Steve Kubby! Yes, the record of the Bookburners continues. Every medical hemp prisoner we have supported (and their foes who received the Bookburn curse) have seen success. Steve Kubby was released from a barbaric American dungeon on March 6. Updates at

The domain of Pro-Choice League has been moved. The new contact info for them is March 22 will mark the anniversary of Bill Baird's (Co-Founder of PCL) incredible Baird Vs. Eisenstadt victory, which was the 1972 Supreme Court decision that legalized birth control for non-married people and set the primary legal precedent for the 1973 Roe Vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion. We will celebrate the March 22 anniversary once again on the Go To Your Jesus Right Now! show, on March 19.

The latest song the Reverend can't stop listening to: George Bush Is An Islamic Fundamentalist. It's on Volume 2 of the Peace Not War compilation

Other goodies: the Impeach Me cd; Vol. 2 of Put Some Pussy In Your Punk compilation of all-women bands; releases by The Unseen, Michael Parenti, Jack Kerouac, Ex-Girl, an Indie Media benefit compilation, Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins, Plastic People of the Universe and tons more (new and re-releases)

A classic television appearance of Frank Zappa (debating a major asshole) from 1986 about censorship is available for free at

Recently seen or rediscovered films on DVD: Rent, Constant Gardener, Under Fire (Nick Nolte, Joanna Cassidy), Missing (the one with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek), Canadian Bacon, UNCONSTITUTIONAL- The War On Our Civil Liberties (, Paradise, Casino Royale (Woody Allen version).

A forthcoming film that seems highly worthwhile: The Big Buy- How Tom Delay Stole Congress

New game that's fun for the entire family: Wreck The Nation. It combines fact-based current events with a satirical view of those who have power and abuse it

Bedtime reading: Only A Beginning- An Anarchist Anthology, edited by Allan Antliff, Arsenal Pulp Press (who also published the book by Joey Shithead of DOA)

Happy belated Hash Wednesday. Happy birthday (or belated): Hippie John, Mr. Edward Gould, Petunia Bookburn, MacGoddess.

The Reverend has received multiple links to animation and good goofs on Dickless Cheney and the his infamous hunting incident (thank you to all Bookburners who send this great material as always), but they would need to be sent by email instead of posted links ( Also recently received: the Lard singing I Will Survive in a music video that is too funny for words. That can be forwarded to you as well.

Showtime: tonight 9 to 11, Eastern time

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