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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hunting With Dickless Cheney

The Reverend shall return to the cyber-airwaves on March 12 with the theme: Hunting With Dickless Cheney. On March 19, the theme shall be Go To Your Jesus Right Now! There's a rumor that gawd will be a live guest again and give His sheep special permission to rush their admission into the holy disneyland.

Twas fun to do the Anti-President's Day show. Demonica and the kids were going to be live guests, but that was cancelled at the last minute (not by me). The kids were very pumped to go to the show and were very helpful. The Lard wants you to know that He heard the showtime prayer and agrees to allow all the Cheney hunting fans/ groupies to have an opportunity to stand before Cheney's big weapon..the one that does function.

Things to keep an eye on: the proposed abortion ban in South Dakota, the conditions for Steve Kubby in an American jail (, the Enron trial, the Abramoff and Libby scandals, the growing opposition to the war and George W. Numbnuts Bush.

Shoppers- be sure to check out the forthcoming marketing venture of the Reverend: Inflatable Altar Boys. These will make great gifts for your local priest. So far, they have not been endorsed by the queens of the vatican, but we're working on that. Since they have Michael Jackson recording a CD with them, we're expecting sales to skyrocket.

Stay tuned for updates about a local article about Radio Volta and the Reverend. This has prompted the Reverend to organize lots of data, show theme lists, and general info that will probably lead to a permanent project.

Happy Hash Wednesday.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn
Anti-President's Day

DOA- We Don't Need No God Damn War

The McCoys- Clergy Lies

Ian Dury & The Blockheads- You're More Than Fair

Stoned Age- Zombie

Crack Rock Steady 7- So Ya Wanna Be A Cop?

Scott McCaughey & Stumpy Joe- Panama Red

unknown- Blow Me

unknown- Pussy Cat Song

Jack Killed Jill- You Don't Own Me

George Carlin- Angels [comedy]

Groovie Ghoulies- King Kong Stomp; The Beast With Five Hands

The Meatmen- Pope On A Rope

unknown- Star Trek Rhapsody

Darryl Cherney & The Chernobles- Bush It!

King Missile- Detachable Penis

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- Stand By Your Man; San Francisco

Dead Milkmen- Punk Rock Girl

Black Flag- My War

Monty Python- Every Sperm Is Sacred

Mick O'Brien- Corporate Dubya [parody]

Ms. Terri- Dr. Laura Horr

Alabama 3- Flag (Half-Mast Mix)

Operation Ivy- Unity

The Unseen- Scream Out

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