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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Erotic Interpretation of the SuperBowl

Next Sunday night, Feb. 5., the Reverend shall return for another sacred annual tradition: An Erotic Interpretation of the SuperBowl. You will hear all that the sports announcers are afraid to tell you! We will also feature mea culpas for former Bush supporters and automobile ribbons retards who have become reawakened.

It was a blast to do the 5 year anniversary show. As usual, the Reverend overplanned and had too many tunes and notes, but the essential material was covered. A part of that show was a calling to send the following link around (people in North America) and alert people to forthcoming actions when King Moron II blesses us with his state of the union address:

New additions to the Reverend's Want List (probably very hard to find): Merchants of Cool (VHS or DVD); He May Be Dead But He's Still Elvis (any format; very short; extremely funny); Damned In The USA (DVD); Sex, Drugs & Democracy (DVD); Chords of Fame (DVD; documentary about the late Phil Ochs).

Some toys for the horny SuperBowlers:

We'll also cover the reality behind a myth that is circulating the net via email about mass-murderer Oliver North. The message states that North was trying to warn Congress about Osama bin-Laden during the Iran-Contra hearings (the ultimate corruption and crime scandal of the last century). Further, the author alleged that the attempted warnings were blown off by Al Gore. The message is of course total bullshit. Actually, North spoke of Abu Nidal, also an asshole. The reality behind the myth was that North and others from the Reagan administration had significant roles in the development of al-Queda, as they sought to support resistance in Afghanistan against the Soviet invasion. They not only provided funding, training and weapons, but helped create the culture of ji-Had (holy war). The monster they helped to create remains today. Sadly, North was never prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.

We'll also have the usual goodies and an update about Steve Kubby. So wear your hottest novelty items next Sunday night and be ready to enjoy an evening of what the big bowl is really all about.


An Erotic Interpretation of the SuperBowl 2006

Feb. 5, 2006, 9 to 11pm Eastern time

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

new plugs:

Who The Hell Is Stew Albert? book

Iraqi Veterans Against The War (a handful of books about domestic spying, Operation COINTELPRO, and related info- this is going to be a future- themed show)

playlist from the last show:

Rev. Bookburn

Rev. Bookburn's 5th Anniversary Show

Rage Against The Machine- Street Fighting Man

Jello Biafra with The Melvins- Halo of Flies

Bad Religion- Voice of God is Government

Big Mess Orchestra- On The Way To Cape May

Beastie Boys- Shazam!

Germs- Lexicon Devil

Country Joe & The Fish- I Like Marijuana

Sex Slaves- 2 AM

Sid Vicious- My Way

Generation X- Promises

Dead Milkmen- The Big Sleazy

Darryl Cherney & The Chernobles- Send George Bush A Pretzel

The Jam- Absolute Beginners

Sam & Dave- Hold On! I'm A Comin'

Frank Zappa- Penis Dimension

William Shatner- I Can't Get Behind That

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- Wild World; Who Put The Bomp?

Ms. Terri- Dr. Laura Horr

TSOL- Abolish Government/ Silent Majority; Weathered Statues

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