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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Show Postponed

The Reverend Is In show has been postponed tonight. The theme Stop Eminent Domain Laws shall remain next Sunday night (December 11).

Meanwhile, we'll have a Rev. Bookburn 'prayer' to fuel the Bookburners until next week.


We thank you for the ever-increasing exposing of the horrifying Bush regime. We know that you are leading them down a pitfall of flames, crumble and ruin. We ask that you afford some mercy and give Dubya a little more brains so he doesn't seem as oblivious as Reagan or his criminal father. And please..please..give Dickless Cheney a fucking neck. We pray that Condi Rice gets to keep her collection of shoes after the collapse of the empire. And while we're talking crash and burn, may we ask that these lowest elements of the human species take selected others with them?

For starters, the insurance industry, credit card companies, WalMart, Blockbuster, pedophile priests, Verizon Wireless Technical Support (please tell us you didn't create an operation that sucks so royally), Fox News, global corporations, the Christian Broadcasting Network, everyone who lied to justify the war for oil, for-profit healthcare chains, the FCC, DEA, the new Supreme Court, slumlords, the authors of all those idiotic books about Kurt Cobain, all fetus fetishists, abstinence-only 'educators,' and of course the perpetrators of Eminent Domain and 'Business Improvement Districts.'

And finally, please smite the asshole who released yet another bad cover of a John Lennon song.

We thank thee and look forward to the show next week.

Amen and Awomen.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

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