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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Books - Films - CDs

[The Reverend Is In has been postponed until early November..updates to follow]

Since we've been off the air for awhile, I wanted to plug a few books, tunes and various cool things to continue entertaining the Bookburners. It's rough surviving the Bush regime and American Christian Taliban years, so we're going to need good stimulation!


The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own- by Periel Aschenbrand (Penguin). Aschenbrand takes on religious fanaticism, sweatshop labor and internet dating.

Breaking Rank- A Top Cop's Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing- by Norm Stamper (Nation Books). info:

Hey Rube- Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness- Hunter S. Thompson (Simon & Schuster). Dr. Thompson's last book and highly recommended.

Busted!- Drug War Survival Skills- M. Chris Fabricant, Illustrations by R. Crumb (Harper).

What Would Betty Do? - Betty Bowers.

I, Shithead- A Life In Punk- Joey Keithley (Joey Shithead of DOA)- from Arsenal Pulp Press.

Pot Stories For The Soul - edited by Paul Krassner.

Sutton Impact- The Political Cartoons of Ward Sutton.

Terry Jones's War on the War On Terror- Observations and Denunciations by a Founding Member of Monty Python- by Terry Jones (Nation Books).

The 10 Commandments of Pleasure- Erotic Keys to a Healthy Sexual Life- Dr. Susan Block (Souvenir Press). In a culture that has a saturation of self-help and relationship books by gender bashers and dollar store clinicians like 'Dr. Phil...' In a culture that presents laughable 'witchy' books with silly Sesame Street exercises in the guise of empowerment and being sex-positive... it is refreshing to revisit a down-to-earth, useful, insightful and creative book about sexual relationships. Most readers are likely to agree that it's the best book on this subject.


Jello Biafra with The Melvins- Sieg Howdy! This is the second release from such a power collaboration. Highlights include Voted Off The Island, Those Dumb Punk Kids Will Buy Anything [about the corporate scab 'Dead Kennedys'], and a cover of Alice Cooper's Halo of Flies.

[reminder: the pie the corporate scab DKs contest is still on..they're in Philly 11/16]

MDC- Magnus Dominus Corpus- Corpses of the Ultimate Dominators. Sudden Death Records ;

DOA- Live Free or Die.

Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir. Extremely funny

Blowfly- Fahrenheit 69. Even funnier


Walmart- The High Cost of Low Price. brand new

Bill Hicks Live- fantastic compilation on DVD

Margaret Cho- Revolution. Also fantastic comedy

Heart of the Beholder- the film that caused the American Christian Taliban to issue threats, have tantrums and possible bowel trouble. So you know it's going to be good!

MC5- Kick Out The Jams- a film by Leni Sinclair and Cary Loren.

Fly Jefferson Airplane

Psychedelia- An Anthology

The Corporation- the Fahrenheit 9/11 of corporate America

Enron- The Smartest Guys in the Room

Body Count with Ice T (Smoke Out)

Nudist Colony of the Dead [please let us know if you find a DVD copy]

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart- Election 2004 DVD box set

Bewitched- The Complete First Season DVD box set

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Bruce Springsteen- Live in New York City. Includes American Skin (41 Shots), and an 18 minute version of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out that features lampoonery of America's horny moral-crusading scandalous preachers.

Reverend Bookburn Curse Updates:

The latest two casualties: exposed Philly corrupt politician Rick Mariano (we remember his antics during the Republican Convention protests in 2000); and Bush regime goon Tom Delay. More vexy twitches to be sent when we return to the air.

Assholes of the Week (since the last show): Theater of the Living Arts of Philadelphia. On October 3, we were celebrating a goon leaving town that morning and one of the later stops was at this theater. Gang of 4 and two other bands were on the bill. This was once the greatest indie film theater in the city and later a fun place for live music. Now that it's being run by thugs and billybobs, we are going to deal with them upon the return of the show. Possible curse to follow.

final plugs:

future live guests The Midnight Creeps

Bill Baird/ Joni Scott

Catherine Moon- performing again after the birth of her baby, plus new recordings

Wooden Shoe Books and Records (Philadelphia)


George W. Bush phone sex