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Thursday, September 29, 2005


[The Reverend Is In has been postponed until early November..updates to follow]

Dear Mr. Bush,

Thank you for giving us so many things that we've long wanted. We love your consistent efforts to tear down the Constitutional wall of separation of church and state. We love your obsession with the fetus. We love your bigotry against gay people. We love your efforts to move more tax-dollars towards faith-based service providers. We've been advocating for the same kinds of things for years.

The primary reason why we hated Saddam Hussein so much was his refusal to establish a theocracy. That's why our organization denounced him as a socialist and leader of a secular state. Fortunately, you have created a system that is more to our liking, both in Iraq and at home.

But our primary reason for writing is to thank you for nominating a man after our own heart to the US Supreme Court. Our organization could not be more pleased and we wish John Roberts the very best in the confirmation process. Roberts is a man al-Queda feels is more appropriate to be the Chief Justice. His history and the anti-choice history of his lovely wife prove that he fully deserves our endorsement.

Please tell Mr. Roberts that he has our full endorsement. We are pleased to see those spineless democrats rolling over for you as usual. He seems to be guaranteed to sail through confirmation.

Since 9/11 we have noticed that you have gone the extra mile to please us. We are very grateful that you have screwed the people of your nation, launched major attacks against democracy and diversity, obsessed over the fetus, embraced our friends Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter, integrated church and state, and have appointed people who hallucinate angels to major government positions. But even more so, we are grateful for John Roberts.

We are thankful as always for your regime helping us grow and recruit so successfully. We know we never would have reached new heights in membership without your support. And we are also grateful to you for allowing us to have so much influence over your public policy making.

Allah Bless You,

The Al-Queda Organization

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Volta Down/ DC Action

Quick notice about Radio Volta being down, with additional and regular updates to follow:

Radio Volta will be down for longer than usual, due to a planned overhaul that will enable to station to keep it up, upon returning on the air. We are expected to return in early November as Volta marks 5 years of broadcasting. The Reverend plans to return with a bang.

The anti-war protest in DC on Sept. 24 was a blast. The action had over 100,000 participants, despite the bullshit that was put out in the scant coverage by the corporate media. The Reverend met numerous new folks, got an excellent report from the hotel where FEMA staff have been marooned, and learned of new resources, contacts and cartoons.

Speaking of the assholes in FEMA's leadership, it has been announced that this failure of an organization (who received extreme amounts of post-9/11 funding) plans to provide tax-dollars to 'faith-based' organizations. Just when you thought FEMA could not be any more screwed up.

Despite CBS, CNN and Fox tonguing Pat Robertson's asshole, his "non-profit" group, Operation Blessing, is a rip-off, but is listed as a legitimate hurricane relief provider by the largest corporate media networks. To expose them, one can begin by researching the use of non-profit funds from Operation Blessing to pursue gold and other for-profit ventures. Then one can look into Robertson's actions within the dictatorships where his investments were made.

Some new links from DC:

link for the new Grand Jury Report on child molesting priests in Philadelphia:

quotes obtained in DC:

Make Levees Not War

Bush- A Category 5 Failure

a sign about 'Gasholes'

"you can no more win a war than win an earthquake" - Jeanette C. Rankin

"there is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people" - Howard Zinn

Stay tuned about the return to Volta, as well as forthcoming rantings.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Child Destroyers with 'Morals'

I just read the article at today about the investigation of at least 63 child molesting priests in Philadelphia, and the cover-ups from the Catholic Church hierarchy. I sent the following to a handful of Bookburners and people who send out mailings to lists.

A spotlight was cast on the loudest mouths for 'morals' and 'family-values,' who are of course at the top of the list of those who permanently screw up children and the rest of the world. Cardinal Aquavelva of Philly has an extensive history of being strongly anti-abortion and birth control, has had associations with some of the local anti-choice extremists (including violent members of 'Operation Rescue'), a hardcore homophobic bigot, supporter of theocratic and repressive laws..and has long enjoyed getting his ass kissed by public officials and the corporate media. Perhaps Chester the Molester will also be seen as qualified to help shape public policy.

Meantime, the queenpins of the Church of Pedophilia continue to get away with the most horrific scandal in modern times. They are beyond the usual 'moral' hypocrisy. They represent the darkest side of the human species. As always, when they preach 'morals' they are likely to be covering up their own behaviors.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Station Down Again

Radio Volta is down again so the planned themed show tonight (about the outrageous responses of political and religious leaders to Hurricane Katrina) will need to be postponed. The show will return as soon as possible and some great themes are in the works, as well as live guests.

Reverend news: the Reverend had the enormous pleasure of seeing MDC when they performed in Philadelphia. Another cancer scare for the Reverend had a happy ending. The Reverend has obtained some fantastic new music.

Please bear with us as we attempt to mend the technical challenges. The show shall return with a roar. Big thanks to the diverse and patient support system of Bookburners.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta