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Friday, August 26, 2005

Station Temporarily Down

Radio Volta has been down for over a week and it's still uncertain when the station will be able to get it up. The Reverend Is In show was due to broadcast on 8/21 for Orals, Not Morals, Part 2, but had to be postponed. The station remains down as of this writing and when we return to the cyber airwaves in uncertain. Oh how we miss Marlon the late Great Engineer. As soon as the station is back in action, the show will broadcast at the usual slot of 9 to 11pm, Sunday nights, Eastern time @

Reverend news: during this down time, the Reverend enjoyed a great visit from Hippie John, helped celebrate 10 years of independence of South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, caught up with Bill Baird, Jennifer Hunter, Lady Simone and other friends of the show, new hilarious stories from Demonica about the xian supremacist limpdick, and meeting new Bookburners.

Whenever the show returns, the returning theme will be Orals, Not Morals 2. That show will have to include the latest rantings of that holy xian fuckhead Pat Robertson, who called for the assassination of Chavez, the great leader of Venezuela. We'll also have fetal funnies, medical marijuana updates, some new tunes, how National Anal Month was celebrated, and the latest about that piss-poor impersonator of Forrest Gump: George W. Bush.

Till we return on the air...

Rev. Bookburn