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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Reverend's Want List

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Reverend Bookburn's Want List:

the Reverend knows that his want list can be ridiculously challenging with some of the rarities and nearly-impossible to find titles...still, it's worth the effort to find these goodies...below is a sampling from said list...please inform the Reverend if you find or have any of the following (email: ):

Damned In The USA (uncensored version), DVD or VHS, inclusive of the Lou Reed song Walk on Wildmon's Side

Sex, Drugs & Democracy, documentary about Amsterdam, DVD copy

The Pope Smokes Dope, original version of recording by David Peel (Apple Records, Produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1972)

Mudhoney song: Hard-on For War; Mudhoney declares their support for the illegal war for oil and Halliburton profits so that more men will die and more women will then be available; it's reportedly a hilarious song

Miami Vice episode: Stone's War (DVD or VHS); yes, it was one of the tackiest shows of the 80s, but this episode was fantastic and actually made realistic points about Reagan's contra- terror war against Nicaragua; guest star: G. Gordon Liddy

He May Be Dead, But He's Elvis- very short film (5 or 10 minutes) that is insanely funny (DVD or VHS)

Chords of Fame (uncut)- documentary about Phil Ochs (DVD or VHS)

Barbapapa's Ark, children's book in the 80s with positive and environmental messages

any live footage of Jello Biafra's spoken word performances (DVD or VHS)

good copy of The Reagan's Speak Out On Drugs; short spoof (DVD or VHS)

good copy of the Rev. Robert Tilton fart tape ('Heaven Only Knows'); short spoof (DVD or VHS)

any footage of Abbie Hoffman or Timothy Leary in the 60s (DVD or VHS)

July 1967 issue of Sepian magazine (abortion-rights pioneer Bill Baird on the cover)

How A Satirical Editor Became A Yippie Conspirator In Ten Easy Years; the first book by Paul Krassner

Plunderphonic- Love from Abbey Road

Eric Schwartz- Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis (song)

Joy Rider and Avis Davis' performance at the No Nukes concert, NYC (September, 1979)

early live footage of DOA

George W. Bush's original toot spoon