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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rev. Bookburn's 2005 Predictions

Rev. Bookburn's 2005 Predictions:

George W. Bush's former girlfriend, who reportedly had an abortion of his fetus in 1971 (prior to Roe vs. Wade), will come forward and seek a reunion in Dickless Cheney's bunker.

Paul McCartney will begin doing on-stage Got Milk commercials while performing his vanilla concert at the Superbowl half-time show.

Mel Gibson will make another fictional comedy snuff film entitled The Lightning Bolts of Zeus.

The Bush regime will transfer Social Security to the casino industry.

The rogue three ex-members of Dead Kennedys will collaborate with Vanilla Ice for their next cash-in tour.

A fetus will be appointed to the Bush regime, but will be denied personhood after birth.

Another fetus will receive a traffic ticket when a woman speeds to set a legal precedent for personhood; anti-choice leaders will run with the effort and fundraising potential.

George W. Bush will have another alcohol relapse and have sex with a transvestite who is a Laura Bush impersonator.

Ann Coulter will accidently consume a handful of Rush Limbaugh's drugs and appear in a gangbang film in which the participating men are dressed in Islamic apparel.

CBS and Fox networks will interupt regular programming to show live coverage of their top executives licking Bush's asshole.

The apartment donated for use for exhausted rescue workers after 9/11 (with public money) and used by Rudy Guilliani for affairs, will be declared by Keric to be a sacred historic New York landmark as he continues Rudy's tradition.

A Christian-Supremacist who walks his spouse with a leash (without her consent) will be nominated for the Supreme Court as an example of the positive side of family-values and morals.

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