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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rev Bookburn contests

Contests from The Reverend Is In (Sunday nights, 9 to 11 or so, Eastern time, USA; broadcasted from

Late Pope Dress-Up and Makeover - many Bookburners were embarrassed that members of the human species not only engaged in Necrofest 2005 at the Vatican, but actually exhibited the Queenpin of the Church of Pedophilia in a large, tacky red Santa suit. How could we improve on such a hideous appearance? Heavy metal outfit with spikes? the Rocky Horror emsemble? a cowboy look? Village People costumes? See if you can dress up and makeover the late theocratic leader from the dark ages and possibly win fabulous prizes.

Pie the corporate scab Dead Kennedys - since the confirmation of the corporate scab version of Dead Kennedys actually selling a DK song to the American Idol television program (on the horrifying Fox network), this contest has been official. If one gets one to four of the corporate scab Dead Kennedys with pies, jello or similar harmless materials, fabulous prizes and acknowledgement on the radio show await the lucky winner. It has been said on this show that any DK re-release on labels other than Alternative Tentacles ( are unworthy of buying, as well as their videos and other products.

Extra Credit - the primary vicious harassers of women at abortion clinics in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area are a group of Taliban-wannabees from the Columbus Baptist Church. Anyone with a harmless, silly, possibly high-tech prankster story pertaining to this group may win something extraordinarily special. Their web address is

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