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Monday, December 19, 2005

Real Bush

You're right..George W. Numbnuts Bush could not have been live on television and on the Reverend's Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2005 at the same time. Which raises the question, where was the real Bush? Wasn't it obvious that the real Bush was on my show and that the other piss-poor impersonator of Forest Gump was a Rove-created imposter?

The Reverend thanks the dubya for appearing on the show, doing his best to speak, as well as singing All I Want For Christmas Is My Torture Tools, and Every Move You Make I'll Be Watching You. He chose not to sing O Cum Like Old Faithful or Rump-A-Bump Bump When We Cum. So far, the man who twice became the occupant of the White House under suspicious circumstances, has not made a decision regarding making a cameo appearance in the forthcoming Rev. Bookburn production: The Passion of the Santa. If you missed the show, the dumbya did shock listeners by asking- what's white and falls from the sky? The cumming of the lord.

Sooo... while it hurts us to inform the executives of CBS, CNN, Fox and other corporate media outlets that they have been sticking their heads into the buttcrack of an imposter and interupting shows for a hoax, we believe that the truth shall set them free. The Bush imposter continues to make public appearances in a last-ditch effort to sell the lies of the war-for-oil/ Halliburton profit, as well as the agenda of an exposed and scorned regime.

News from Pieman: A.J. Weberman's new book is out. It's entitled Dylan and the English Dictionary. A.J. has been a Dylanologist for decades and has turned analyzing the lyrics into a science. Info: . The pastry pioneer can be found at

Below is the playlist from the Holiday show last night:

Rev. Bookburn 12/18/05

Reverend’s Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2005

Monty Python- Brian Song

Pansy Division- Homo Christmas

Catherine Moon & Josh Rubin- It Must Have Been The Roses

The Frogs- Here Comes Santa’s Pussy

Washington Social Club- New Jersey Malls

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes- Blowin’ In The Wind; Sloop John

Unknown artist- What If Gawd Smokes Cannabis

King Missile- Detachable Penis

Sloppy Seconds- Hooray For Santa Claus

Fear- Fuck Christmas

The Damned- There Ain’t No Sanity Claus

Caeser Pink and the Imperial Orgy- The Reverend Blue Blotter; Sex Salvation

Mojo Nixon/ Skid Roper- Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child

Jimi Hendrix- Little Drummer Boy; Silent Night; Auld Lang Syne

Rev. Billy- Good News; Stop Shopping; Shopocalypse [comedy]

Spinal Tap- Christmas With The Devil

Ms. Terri- Dr. Laura Horr

Helios Creed- The Last Laugh

Surgery- Action Candy

Cows- Almost A God

next show: January 8- New Years Show 2006

Cumming: Januray 22- The Reverend's 5th Anniversary Show

January 29- An Erotic Interpretation of the Superbowl

February 12- Love Night

February 19- Anti-President's Day

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rev's Holiday Tree and Balls Special

Next Sunday night, we shall continue our sacred annual holiday tradition:

Reverend Bookburn's Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2005 (December 18).

This will be the last show of the year, then the show will return on January 8 for the New Years Show 2006. Two weeks later, we'll have an extra special show for the show's 5 year anniversary, on January 22. Any input or memories of the past five years that you feel would be a good addition to the anniversary show..please send to

Below is the playlist from the show last night. The theme was Stop Eminent Domain Laws.

Rev. Bookburn 12/11/05

Stop Eminent Domain Laws

Emperor- Alsvartr (The Oath); Ye Entrancemperium

The No WTO Combo- Let’s Lynch The Landlord

John Lennon- God

The Dicks- No Fucking War

Void Control- Look At You

Dar Williams- Play The Greed

Ms. Terri- Happy Spanksgiving

Gaza Strippers- Brainwasher

Bill Hicks- A New Flag (Patriotism); Gays In The Military [comedy]

The Independents- Sword of Damocles

The Profits- Profit Over People; Secret Cities, Secret Armies; Televistion I Love You

The Herd- From The Underworld

The Big Boys- We Got Your Money

R.A.M.B.O.- Mariano Vs. The Blue Demon

Margaret Cho- Reagan; Hurricane Poontang [comedy]

Toxic Narcotic- Scumbag; Dirty Rat; Politics

New York Dolls- Bad Girl

Operation Ivy- Unity

Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies

The Unseen- Scream Out

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Show Postponed

The Reverend Is In show has been postponed tonight. The theme Stop Eminent Domain Laws shall remain next Sunday night (December 11).

Meanwhile, we'll have a Rev. Bookburn 'prayer' to fuel the Bookburners until next week.


We thank you for the ever-increasing exposing of the horrifying Bush regime. We know that you are leading them down a pitfall of flames, crumble and ruin. We ask that you afford some mercy and give Dubya a little more brains so he doesn't seem as oblivious as Reagan or his criminal father. And please..please..give Dickless Cheney a fucking neck. We pray that Condi Rice gets to keep her collection of shoes after the collapse of the empire. And while we're talking crash and burn, may we ask that these lowest elements of the human species take selected others with them?

For starters, the insurance industry, credit card companies, WalMart, Blockbuster, pedophile priests, Verizon Wireless Technical Support (please tell us you didn't create an operation that sucks so royally), Fox News, global corporations, the Christian Broadcasting Network, everyone who lied to justify the war for oil, for-profit healthcare chains, the FCC, DEA, the new Supreme Court, slumlords, the authors of all those idiotic books about Kurt Cobain, all fetus fetishists, abstinence-only 'educators,' and of course the perpetrators of Eminent Domain and 'Business Improvement Districts.'

And finally, please smite the asshole who released yet another bad cover of a John Lennon song.

We thank thee and look forward to the show next week.

Amen and Awomen.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Monday, November 28, 2005

Spanks For The Memories

The Happy Spanksgiving 2005 show was a blast. This is not going to become a habit, but I'm going to post the playlist that I always prepare for the Radio Volta log.

Next Sunday night, the theme will be: Stop Eminent Domain Laws. The most significant forthcoming shows include: The Reverend's Holiday Tree and Balls Special 2005 (December 18); New Years Show 2006 (January 8); and the show that I'm most looking forward to.. Rev. Bookburn's 5th Anniversary Show (January 22).

As always, all input, feedback, song requests, birthday announcements, requests for exorcisms and reverse exorcisms are welcome. So far, some fantastic input has been sent for the following forthcoming themes: Recovery For Propagandists; Pubic Property; Halliburton Gives Condi An Oilgasm; The Reverend Cracks The DaPinchme Code; More Perverted Stories From Moral Crusaders (Starring W. David Hager, Sen. Henry Hyde, Neal Horsely, Randall Terry); Henry Hyde's Retirement Party; Rehab For Pedophile Priests; Bush and Blair- A Love Story.

Input, feedback, etc... send to

Below is the playlist:

Rev. Bookburn 11/27/05

Happy Spanksgiving 2005

The Family Cat- Rocks Off

Dread Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love

Holy Modal Rounders- Moving Day

MDC- Founding Fathers

Mudhoney- Touch Me, I’m Sick

Funkadelic- Electric Spanking of War Babies

The Toyes- (Hey Uncle Sam) Leave Us Pot Smokers Alone

Cheech and Chong- Mexican-Americans

Lords of Acid- Rough Sex

Lexicon- Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl

Ms. Terri- Happy Spanksgiving

Corporate Avenger- Christians Murdered Indians

Al Franken- Abstinence-Only Education [live; comedy]

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy- It’s A Happening Thing

Jello Biafra with The Melvins- Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)

Asylum Street Spankers- The Scrotum Song

Spinal Tap- Big Bottom

Killing Joke- Follow The Leaders

Groovie Ghoulies- Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Spanksgiving

Every year on The Reverend Is In, we give spanks for all that is tingly in life. November 27 is the time for us to continue the sacred holiday tradition. We shall deal with Spanksgiving, as well as hearing some new (to me) tunes, the Vexy Twitch Curse, the Rev's 'prayer,' Asshole of the Week, a special reading in accordance with this sacred holiday show, and loads more.

Showtime: 9:00 to 11 or so, Eastern time @

Theme: Happy Spanksgiving 2005

New items for the Reverend's Want List: due to problems with 'borrowing,' a couple of moves/ dirtbag landlords, etc., the Rev has been unable to track some classics from the collection. The most immediate-

No Commercial Potential- one of the first books about Frank Zappa

Design For Dying- one of the last books by Dr. Timothy Leary

New plug: for info or connecting with those who are opposing the anti-Constitution 'Eminent Domain' laws and the thieves behind 'Business Improvement Districts,' you can click on

Let us give Spanks.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Saturday, November 12, 2005

On The Air Again

Radio Volta is back on the air. On November 8, broadcasting began on the 5th anniversary of the station and so far the shows have streamed without serious problems.

The Reverend Is In shall return on Sunday night, November 13, from 9:00 to 11 or so, Eastern time. The theme will be Back With A Bang, Part 1.

We'll have plenty of tunes, two months worth of brief catching up, Asshole of the Week, the Vexy Twitch Curse, and loads more.

As always, input and feedback welcome. E-mail the Reverend at . Truly pumped to return to the cyber airwaves.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Books - Films - CDs

[The Reverend Is In has been postponed until early November..updates to follow]

Since we've been off the air for awhile, I wanted to plug a few books, tunes and various cool things to continue entertaining the Bookburners. It's rough surviving the Bush regime and American Christian Taliban years, so we're going to need good stimulation!


The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own- by Periel Aschenbrand (Penguin). Aschenbrand takes on religious fanaticism, sweatshop labor and internet dating.

Breaking Rank- A Top Cop's Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing- by Norm Stamper (Nation Books). info:

Hey Rube- Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness- Hunter S. Thompson (Simon & Schuster). Dr. Thompson's last book and highly recommended.

Busted!- Drug War Survival Skills- M. Chris Fabricant, Illustrations by R. Crumb (Harper).

What Would Betty Do? - Betty Bowers.

I, Shithead- A Life In Punk- Joey Keithley (Joey Shithead of DOA)- from Arsenal Pulp Press.

Pot Stories For The Soul - edited by Paul Krassner.

Sutton Impact- The Political Cartoons of Ward Sutton.

Terry Jones's War on the War On Terror- Observations and Denunciations by a Founding Member of Monty Python- by Terry Jones (Nation Books).

The 10 Commandments of Pleasure- Erotic Keys to a Healthy Sexual Life- Dr. Susan Block (Souvenir Press). In a culture that has a saturation of self-help and relationship books by gender bashers and dollar store clinicians like 'Dr. Phil...' In a culture that presents laughable 'witchy' books with silly Sesame Street exercises in the guise of empowerment and being sex-positive... it is refreshing to revisit a down-to-earth, useful, insightful and creative book about sexual relationships. Most readers are likely to agree that it's the best book on this subject.


Jello Biafra with The Melvins- Sieg Howdy! This is the second release from such a power collaboration. Highlights include Voted Off The Island, Those Dumb Punk Kids Will Buy Anything [about the corporate scab 'Dead Kennedys'], and a cover of Alice Cooper's Halo of Flies.

[reminder: the pie the corporate scab DKs contest is still on..they're in Philly 11/16]

MDC- Magnus Dominus Corpus- Corpses of the Ultimate Dominators. Sudden Death Records ;

DOA- Live Free or Die.

Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir. Extremely funny

Blowfly- Fahrenheit 69. Even funnier


Walmart- The High Cost of Low Price. brand new

Bill Hicks Live- fantastic compilation on DVD

Margaret Cho- Revolution. Also fantastic comedy

Heart of the Beholder- the film that caused the American Christian Taliban to issue threats, have tantrums and possible bowel trouble. So you know it's going to be good!

MC5- Kick Out The Jams- a film by Leni Sinclair and Cary Loren.

Fly Jefferson Airplane

Psychedelia- An Anthology

The Corporation- the Fahrenheit 9/11 of corporate America

Enron- The Smartest Guys in the Room

Body Count with Ice T (Smoke Out)

Nudist Colony of the Dead [please let us know if you find a DVD copy]

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart- Election 2004 DVD box set

Bewitched- The Complete First Season DVD box set

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Bruce Springsteen- Live in New York City. Includes American Skin (41 Shots), and an 18 minute version of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out that features lampoonery of America's horny moral-crusading scandalous preachers.

Reverend Bookburn Curse Updates:

The latest two casualties: exposed Philly corrupt politician Rick Mariano (we remember his antics during the Republican Convention protests in 2000); and Bush regime goon Tom Delay. More vexy twitches to be sent when we return to the air.

Assholes of the Week (since the last show): Theater of the Living Arts of Philadelphia. On October 3, we were celebrating a goon leaving town that morning and one of the later stops was at this theater. Gang of 4 and two other bands were on the bill. This was once the greatest indie film theater in the city and later a fun place for live music. Now that it's being run by thugs and billybobs, we are going to deal with them upon the return of the show. Possible curse to follow.

final plugs:

future live guests The Midnight Creeps

Bill Baird/ Joni Scott

Catherine Moon- performing again after the birth of her baby, plus new recordings

Wooden Shoe Books and Records (Philadelphia)


George W. Bush phone sex

Thursday, September 29, 2005


[The Reverend Is In has been postponed until early November..updates to follow]

Dear Mr. Bush,

Thank you for giving us so many things that we've long wanted. We love your consistent efforts to tear down the Constitutional wall of separation of church and state. We love your obsession with the fetus. We love your bigotry against gay people. We love your efforts to move more tax-dollars towards faith-based service providers. We've been advocating for the same kinds of things for years.

The primary reason why we hated Saddam Hussein so much was his refusal to establish a theocracy. That's why our organization denounced him as a socialist and leader of a secular state. Fortunately, you have created a system that is more to our liking, both in Iraq and at home.

But our primary reason for writing is to thank you for nominating a man after our own heart to the US Supreme Court. Our organization could not be more pleased and we wish John Roberts the very best in the confirmation process. Roberts is a man al-Queda feels is more appropriate to be the Chief Justice. His history and the anti-choice history of his lovely wife prove that he fully deserves our endorsement.

Please tell Mr. Roberts that he has our full endorsement. We are pleased to see those spineless democrats rolling over for you as usual. He seems to be guaranteed to sail through confirmation.

Since 9/11 we have noticed that you have gone the extra mile to please us. We are very grateful that you have screwed the people of your nation, launched major attacks against democracy and diversity, obsessed over the fetus, embraced our friends Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter, integrated church and state, and have appointed people who hallucinate angels to major government positions. But even more so, we are grateful for John Roberts.

We are thankful as always for your regime helping us grow and recruit so successfully. We know we never would have reached new heights in membership without your support. And we are also grateful to you for allowing us to have so much influence over your public policy making.

Allah Bless You,

The Al-Queda Organization

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Volta Down/ DC Action

Quick notice about Radio Volta being down, with additional and regular updates to follow:

Radio Volta will be down for longer than usual, due to a planned overhaul that will enable to station to keep it up, upon returning on the air. We are expected to return in early November as Volta marks 5 years of broadcasting. The Reverend plans to return with a bang.

The anti-war protest in DC on Sept. 24 was a blast. The action had over 100,000 participants, despite the bullshit that was put out in the scant coverage by the corporate media. The Reverend met numerous new folks, got an excellent report from the hotel where FEMA staff have been marooned, and learned of new resources, contacts and cartoons.

Speaking of the assholes in FEMA's leadership, it has been announced that this failure of an organization (who received extreme amounts of post-9/11 funding) plans to provide tax-dollars to 'faith-based' organizations. Just when you thought FEMA could not be any more screwed up.

Despite CBS, CNN and Fox tonguing Pat Robertson's asshole, his "non-profit" group, Operation Blessing, is a rip-off, but is listed as a legitimate hurricane relief provider by the largest corporate media networks. To expose them, one can begin by researching the use of non-profit funds from Operation Blessing to pursue gold and other for-profit ventures. Then one can look into Robertson's actions within the dictatorships where his investments were made.

Some new links from DC:

link for the new Grand Jury Report on child molesting priests in Philadelphia:

quotes obtained in DC:

Make Levees Not War

Bush- A Category 5 Failure

a sign about 'Gasholes'

"you can no more win a war than win an earthquake" - Jeanette C. Rankin

"there is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people" - Howard Zinn

Stay tuned about the return to Volta, as well as forthcoming rantings.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Child Destroyers with 'Morals'

I just read the article at today about the investigation of at least 63 child molesting priests in Philadelphia, and the cover-ups from the Catholic Church hierarchy. I sent the following to a handful of Bookburners and people who send out mailings to lists.

A spotlight was cast on the loudest mouths for 'morals' and 'family-values,' who are of course at the top of the list of those who permanently screw up children and the rest of the world. Cardinal Aquavelva of Philly has an extensive history of being strongly anti-abortion and birth control, has had associations with some of the local anti-choice extremists (including violent members of 'Operation Rescue'), a hardcore homophobic bigot, supporter of theocratic and repressive laws..and has long enjoyed getting his ass kissed by public officials and the corporate media. Perhaps Chester the Molester will also be seen as qualified to help shape public policy.

Meantime, the queenpins of the Church of Pedophilia continue to get away with the most horrific scandal in modern times. They are beyond the usual 'moral' hypocrisy. They represent the darkest side of the human species. As always, when they preach 'morals' they are likely to be covering up their own behaviors.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Station Down Again

Radio Volta is down again so the planned themed show tonight (about the outrageous responses of political and religious leaders to Hurricane Katrina) will need to be postponed. The show will return as soon as possible and some great themes are in the works, as well as live guests.

Reverend news: the Reverend had the enormous pleasure of seeing MDC when they performed in Philadelphia. Another cancer scare for the Reverend had a happy ending. The Reverend has obtained some fantastic new music.

Please bear with us as we attempt to mend the technical challenges. The show shall return with a roar. Big thanks to the diverse and patient support system of Bookburners.

Rev. Bookburn
Radio Volta

Friday, August 26, 2005

Station Temporarily Down

Radio Volta has been down for over a week and it's still uncertain when the station will be able to get it up. The Reverend Is In show was due to broadcast on 8/21 for Orals, Not Morals, Part 2, but had to be postponed. The station remains down as of this writing and when we return to the cyber airwaves in uncertain. Oh how we miss Marlon the late Great Engineer. As soon as the station is back in action, the show will broadcast at the usual slot of 9 to 11pm, Sunday nights, Eastern time @

Reverend news: during this down time, the Reverend enjoyed a great visit from Hippie John, helped celebrate 10 years of independence of South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition, caught up with Bill Baird, Jennifer Hunter, Lady Simone and other friends of the show, new hilarious stories from Demonica about the xian supremacist limpdick, and meeting new Bookburners.

Whenever the show returns, the returning theme will be Orals, Not Morals 2. That show will have to include the latest rantings of that holy xian fuckhead Pat Robertson, who called for the assassination of Chavez, the great leader of Venezuela. We'll also have fetal funnies, medical marijuana updates, some new tunes, how National Anal Month was celebrated, and the latest about that piss-poor impersonator of Forrest Gump: George W. Bush.

Till we return on the air...

Rev. Bookburn

Monday, June 27, 2005

Marlon the Great Engineer

Marlon Solar, 31, who for years was known on my show as Marlon the Great Engineer, passed away on Saturday, June 25. He did not survive a heart attack that was completely unexpected.

Marlon was heavily involved with the show for nearly all of the 4 1/2 years that we've been broadcasting. Many gags, sound effects, and rare tunes came from Marlon, often on very little notice, while preparing for a themed-show. Marlon created the recorded fart sounds for the Asshole of the Week awards.

Marlon was so much more than a great producer. He was a fantastic friend and person. All people in our mutual circles truly felt fortunate to meet him. The live guests consistently felt that it was a blast to meet him. He even made the impossible happen when we had live musical guests, rigging make-do microphone stands and contraptions that included milk crates and duct tape. People in our mutual circles always had positive relationships with him and recognized him as a truly upbeat and warm person.

There is a memorial site set up for him at

On Sunday, July 10 and July 17, there will be a Tribute to Marlon Solar on The Reverend Is In, 9 to 11 or so, Eastern time

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Send Michael Jackson to the Vatican

It's not enough to say that big money gets some people out of even the most unspeakable crimes. After the church of pedophilia got away with thousands of cover-ups...after countless acts of corporate crimes resulted in lighter consequences..after corruption, stolen elections and war crimes have resulted in no has become obvious that there's more to it than big money.

One of the largest variables is the fact that the elites are placed on a pedestal. If the person in question is from government, church, corporate America, or even a celebrity, the game changes entirely. Since independent media has the potential to cut through the myths and lies of the corporate media, why not take it all further. The potential for deprogramming is unlimited. That can include attempting to reverse the tendency to put 'sacred' people on a pedestal.

Providing alternative news coverage, addressing real issues, deprogramming, giving more than the corporate entertainment industry could ever hope to, offering better music...and of course providing the best in humor can be our best weapons.

In the tradition of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Paul Krassner, Bobcat Goldthwait, Judy Tenuta and Bill Hicks, humor can be used to shatter the pedestals and nudge this world in a better direction.

Next Sunday night on The Reverend Is In: Send Michael Jackson to the Vatican, Part 2

Sunday night, 9 to 11 or so, Eastern time @

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Reverend's Want List

The Reverend Is In- Sunday nights, 9 to 11 or so, Eastern time, USA;

Reverend Bookburn's Want List:

the Reverend knows that his want list can be ridiculously challenging with some of the rarities and nearly-impossible to find titles...still, it's worth the effort to find these goodies...below is a sampling from said list...please inform the Reverend if you find or have any of the following (email: ):

Damned In The USA (uncensored version), DVD or VHS, inclusive of the Lou Reed song Walk on Wildmon's Side

Sex, Drugs & Democracy, documentary about Amsterdam, DVD copy

The Pope Smokes Dope, original version of recording by David Peel (Apple Records, Produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1972)

Mudhoney song: Hard-on For War; Mudhoney declares their support for the illegal war for oil and Halliburton profits so that more men will die and more women will then be available; it's reportedly a hilarious song

Miami Vice episode: Stone's War (DVD or VHS); yes, it was one of the tackiest shows of the 80s, but this episode was fantastic and actually made realistic points about Reagan's contra- terror war against Nicaragua; guest star: G. Gordon Liddy

He May Be Dead, But He's Elvis- very short film (5 or 10 minutes) that is insanely funny (DVD or VHS)

Chords of Fame (uncut)- documentary about Phil Ochs (DVD or VHS)

Barbapapa's Ark, children's book in the 80s with positive and environmental messages

any live footage of Jello Biafra's spoken word performances (DVD or VHS)

good copy of The Reagan's Speak Out On Drugs; short spoof (DVD or VHS)

good copy of the Rev. Robert Tilton fart tape ('Heaven Only Knows'); short spoof (DVD or VHS)

any footage of Abbie Hoffman or Timothy Leary in the 60s (DVD or VHS)

July 1967 issue of Sepian magazine (abortion-rights pioneer Bill Baird on the cover)

How A Satirical Editor Became A Yippie Conspirator In Ten Easy Years; the first book by Paul Krassner

Plunderphonic- Love from Abbey Road

Eric Schwartz- Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis (song)

Joy Rider and Avis Davis' performance at the No Nukes concert, NYC (September, 1979)

early live footage of DOA

George W. Bush's original toot spoon

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rev Bookburn contests

Contests from The Reverend Is In (Sunday nights, 9 to 11 or so, Eastern time, USA; broadcasted from

Late Pope Dress-Up and Makeover - many Bookburners were embarrassed that members of the human species not only engaged in Necrofest 2005 at the Vatican, but actually exhibited the Queenpin of the Church of Pedophilia in a large, tacky red Santa suit. How could we improve on such a hideous appearance? Heavy metal outfit with spikes? the Rocky Horror emsemble? a cowboy look? Village People costumes? See if you can dress up and makeover the late theocratic leader from the dark ages and possibly win fabulous prizes.

Pie the corporate scab Dead Kennedys - since the confirmation of the corporate scab version of Dead Kennedys actually selling a DK song to the American Idol television program (on the horrifying Fox network), this contest has been official. If one gets one to four of the corporate scab Dead Kennedys with pies, jello or similar harmless materials, fabulous prizes and acknowledgement on the radio show await the lucky winner. It has been said on this show that any DK re-release on labels other than Alternative Tentacles ( are unworthy of buying, as well as their videos and other products.

Extra Credit - the primary vicious harassers of women at abortion clinics in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area are a group of Taliban-wannabees from the Columbus Baptist Church. Anyone with a harmless, silly, possibly high-tech prankster story pertaining to this group may win something extraordinarily special. Their web address is

Post- Vatican Necrofest Shows

On the Reverend Bookburn's show on 5/1/05: Fetal Attraction

5/8/05: The Pope Anti-Memorial Show, Part 2

5/15/05: The Pope Anti-Memorial Show, Part 3 (Satan shall appear as a live guest and take the pedophile queenpin home with him in a ceremony to be shared with listeners)

5/22/05: Afterplay to the Masturbate-A-Thon

5/29/05: Mammorial Day

distant future: musical guests Midnight Creeps (; the Reverend performs the wedding of Tom Delay and Terry Schiavo's corpse; Psychotherapy for the War Criminals in the Bush Regime; Recovery for Propagandists; Pubic Property; 3 Retroactive Abortions For Barbara Bush; Send Michael Jackson To The Vatican; Halliburton Gives Condi An Oilgasm; The Reverend Cracks the DaPinchme Code; Rehab For Pedophile Priests; Henry Hyde's Retirement Party; More Perverted Stories of Moral Crusaders (featuring David Hager, Neal Horsely, Randall Terry, Congressman Hyde and many more!).

film projects: United We Stand Erect; These Colors Do Cum; The Passion of the Santa; The Grand Opening of the Official White House Corporate Brothel; Support The Droops.

Show archives forthcoming at this site. Special thanks to MacGoddess, Mr. Gould, Mr. Scott and Marlon the Great Engineer for work on the archives project.

Rev. Bookburn's 2005 Predictions

Rev. Bookburn's 2005 Predictions:

George W. Bush's former girlfriend, who reportedly had an abortion of his fetus in 1971 (prior to Roe vs. Wade), will come forward and seek a reunion in Dickless Cheney's bunker.

Paul McCartney will begin doing on-stage Got Milk commercials while performing his vanilla concert at the Superbowl half-time show.

Mel Gibson will make another fictional comedy snuff film entitled The Lightning Bolts of Zeus.

The Bush regime will transfer Social Security to the casino industry.

The rogue three ex-members of Dead Kennedys will collaborate with Vanilla Ice for their next cash-in tour.

A fetus will be appointed to the Bush regime, but will be denied personhood after birth.

Another fetus will receive a traffic ticket when a woman speeds to set a legal precedent for personhood; anti-choice leaders will run with the effort and fundraising potential.

George W. Bush will have another alcohol relapse and have sex with a transvestite who is a Laura Bush impersonator.

Ann Coulter will accidently consume a handful of Rush Limbaugh's drugs and appear in a gangbang film in which the participating men are dressed in Islamic apparel.

CBS and Fox networks will interupt regular programming to show live coverage of their top executives licking Bush's asshole.

The apartment donated for use for exhausted rescue workers after 9/11 (with public money) and used by Rudy Guilliani for affairs, will be declared by Keric to be a sacred historic New York landmark as he continues Rudy's tradition.

A Christian-Supremacist who walks his spouse with a leash (without her consent) will be nominated for the Supreme Court as an example of the positive side of family-values and morals.

as read by Rev. Bookburn on The Reverend Is In @

The Reverend Is In is live every Sunday night from 9:00 to 11 or so, Eastern time

upcoming shows:

January 23- Replay from previous week

January 30- Entertaining the Activist Troops at the Inaugural Protests

February 6- An Erotic Interpretation of the SuperBowl

February 13- Love Night

February 20- live guests: Midnight Creeps