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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Tribute To Jeff Beck

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RIP Jeff Beck

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Reverend Bookburn's Farewell Show (2.12.16)Tribute to Jeff BeckOn January 10, 2023, the world lost Geoffrey Arnold Beck, AKA Jeff Beck,a legendary guitarist and person. Beck died of bacterial meningitis atage 78.Jeff Beck was widely seen as one of the greatest guitarists in rockhistory. His early collaborations included work with Screaming LordSutch. Beck's first break in the mid-60s was when he joined TheYardbirds, as recommended by Jimmy Page.After Beck left The Yardbirds, he formed The Jeff Beck Group. Duringthat time, Beck had performed with Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, NickyHopkins and Aynsley Dunbar. His albums Truth and Beck-Ola were iconic.After JBG, Beck was in demand. Pink Floyd wanted him to replace SydBarrett. The Rolling Stones sought Beck as a replacement for BrianJones. He performed with David Bowie. Other collaboratiors includedStanley Clark, Jan Hammer, Roger Waters, Metallica, Ozzy and Flea.For a brief time, Beck, Bogart  & Appice was a powerful band after thelatter  two left Cactus. In the mid-70s, Beck released the mind-blowingBlow By Blow album. This release had been described as the origin ofmodern jazz fusion.Beck was a participant in the Amnesty International benefit concertsduring the 80s. He also had a history of film soundtracks and wasreferenced in Frank Zappa's 200 Motels. Beck actually performed inTwins.In later years, Beck collaberated with Jon Bon Jovi on Blaze of Glory,as well as Red Shoes by Kate Bush. He also performed a cover of JohnLennon's Isolation. Beck performed live shows until the end. The iconicguitarist, who cited Les Paul as his first influence, left an incrediblebody of recordings and live shows. RIP.Jeff Beck  1944 – 2023Jeff Beck – A Man For All Seasons: In The 60s
Jeff Beck Group – BBC Sessions
Jeff Beck – Blow By Blow – full album
Jeff Beck – Jailhouse Rock
Jeff Beck featuring Beth Hart – Goin' Down

Jeff Beck – A Day In The Life
Jeff Beck – live in Texas 9.25.22Dom BoobertParodyDom Boobert decided that Kevin McCarthy deserved a more severe sessionthis time (see above cartoon). McCarthy felt the whip between everysentence that followed:Dom Boobert: You slithering pathetic worm! You will completely submit toour whole agenda! We want to end all voting rights protections! We wanteven more gerrymandering and redistricting! We want an end to all birthcontrol and abortion! We want no more coddling of gay and trans people!We want racial history out of schools! We want an all-out attack onlabor unions! We want to end all climate action that upsets our donors!We want to end Social Security/ Medicare/ Medicaid! We want noseparation between church and state! We want to end adult sexual freedomand all adult entertainment! We want to honor George Santos for teachingJeff Beck how to play his guitar! We want to make bookburning greatagain! We will give the NRA whatever it wants! We want to protect God'sspokemodel Trump and the January 6 coup guys [shouting towards the nextroom: honey- should I call them coup guys?]! We want you to help us banand censor everything we don't like! We want marijuana to becriminalized nationwide again! We want you to resign if any of us getupset with you! Do you hear me, worm?* Bookburners – have a great new year. We survived all the big stuff,including medical crises. The world of psychostalkers and fake pageoperators were a minor itch. In a funny way, it is a compliment to bemimicked by a disturbed parasite.Happy New Year!Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fakesite that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.Some Goodies:Motorhead – Killed By Death – live at Wacken 2009
The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck – live 1981
Ministry – Lay Lady LayDavid Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging

Canned Heat – Harley Davidson BluesSuicidal Tendencies featuring Timothy Leary – Possessed To SkateBeastie Boys – So Whatcha Want – Muppets version
The Specials – Ghost Town – extended EP
Sentuna – So High
Human Sexual Response – reunion concert
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine – Taliban USAMDC – Born To Die – election 2020 version
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A Tribute to Kim Simmons of Savoy Brown (1947 – 2022)
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Ofege Try and Love – Nigerian psychedelia 1973
Too Much Too Much – Japan 1971
CMU Space Cabaret – UK prog 1973
harp cover of Metallica's OneKing Crimson – Larks Tongue In Aspic
Avenged Sevenfold – Seize The Day
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Shut Up!
Ruin – White Rabbit – live in Philadelphia 2013Nurser / Bleachdrinker – Split EP 2022Interceptorrrs – 7 En La Mira CS
T. Rex – Telegram Sam
Pauly Shore and the Crustys – Bad To The Bone
Hotboy Que – The Birthday Song
Spasm – live at Obscene Extreme 2021Jeane Marie – Hot Habibi
Brooke Candy – XXXTC
MVDNES – Boss Shet
Lidija Bacic Lille – StopSaweetie – P.U.S.S.Y. (Powerful, Utopia, Supreme, Sacred, Yummy)
Alejo Serna – Sexxxo
Willie Blaze – Strip Club
Mi Sex – Computer Games
The Cure vs. Sylvia Path – Off To Sleep...A Birthday PresentDirty Dancing and Muppets mashup
Brian Auger & The Trinity – Definitely What
Jimmy Page – Voodoo Blues
Point Blank – Tough Southern Boogie Rock
Mochez – La Cabeza Contra La Pared
Anti-Flag – Sold EverythingPestigor – Baptized In Pus
Warthodox / Skitsofrenia – Split EP
Druid – Voices / Themes – live
EQRIC x Kujah – Psycho
Dragonfly – Celestial SongsPsychedelic Porn Crumpets – Dezi's Adventure
Man or Astro-Man? - Destroy All Astromen – full album
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