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Monday, September 25, 2023

Dating Lauren Boebert


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Dating Lauren BoebertParodyNote to Trumpers: parody means humor, not something presented as news.My mind has been spinning wildly since learning about Lauren Boebert'svape / grope scandal. I never condone any kind of slut-shaming, evenagainst a moralizing hypocrite in Congress (who advocates repressivelaws), but having fun with it is irresistible. Therefore, I decided toshare a recent dream of mine involving a date with Bobo.My dream actually evolved into a full action-packed weekend. It beganwith Bobo and I consuming cannabis edibles. Our first stop was at atheater. I placed the large bucket of popcorn on my lap. I was pleasedto learn that Bobo likes the taste of butter and salt. Interestingly,she wanted to go to target practice for the next stop.At the firing range, Bobo was greeted by name and presented with hertargets of choice. The targets included members of both major parties inCongress, several neighbors, climate scientists and Stormy Daniels.After the range, we stopped at an ATM machine. Both of us were in themood for exhibitionism and made our next scene at the ATM. Policeresponded to a call from the security company. Bobo stated that the bodyparts that were seen on camera were actually Marjorie Taylor-Greene's,who used the machine before we did.As we walked to the club that was hosting Karaoke Night, Bobo noticedthat we were passing a medical facility that provided vaccines. Bobothrew rocks through the windows. I knew she was going to be ready forsome heartfelt singing. We sang a few songs while laughing. Our finalselection was the best. We sang Jimmy Buffet's If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody(It Might As Well Be You), from the FernGully film. This is recommendedfor karaoke dates.We went to see live bands and thrash around the mosh pit. I liked howanimalistic Bobo became while riding on my shoulders. However, therewere serious scratch marks left on my face. It was intensely fun. Ournext stop was at her friend's drag club. I was nervous about Bobo'spotential reaction when we encountered her look-alike. However, it wasunnecessary to be concerned. They embraced and heavily kissed.Our next stop was in Bobo's kitchen. She wanted to contribute a cake fora meeting of Women For Family Values. We made the cake in the shape of afetus. It was a smash at the meeting!Our final stop was at a nearby campus art studio. We were volunteer testsubjects for edible body painting. Both of us resembled tie-dyedclothing, but we smeared the paint while rolling around and becominganimalistic. The artists loved the action photographs.Note to Trumper types: for the last time, this was meant to be humorous,not a presentation of news.HammerheadTommy Bong won the old contest of naming a long lost film. I offeredmany rewards while still broadcasting my show. This challenge stumpedevery film expert I ever communicated with, including the collectors ofthe best underground selections. Admittedly, I gave everyone little togo on.The film was seen at a party long ago. It was a party that waspermanently unforgettable. Everyone present was totally cool. Nohustlas, con artists, etc. People were in various states ofconsciousness. Psychedelic music was played in abundance and amazinglygood weed was supplied.While the music played, the television was silently on for visualstimulation. Eventually, the film being shown took over the party. Themusic stopped and everyone was absorbed by the film. There was muchuncontrollable laughter and some light screaming.In the days of my show, I tried to find someone who could provide thetitle. Recently, Tommy Bong named the film. He won a jackpot of rarefilms, music and underground comics.Hammerhead was made in 1968 and seemed to be intended to emulate JamesBond films. Whether they were serious or deliberately zany is anybody'sguess. The film included cast members of Help, Magical Mystery Tour,Magic Christian, The Prisoner, etc. It is currently being shown on Tubi,but that may not last for a significant amount of time. There are alsocopies on DVD. Fair warning: viewers may experience excessive laughter.
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