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Monday, October 17, 2022

Trump's Trial


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Let us take an imaginary journey. Imagine a nation with guts, integrityand the will to stand up to fascists. Imagine an orange goon namedDonald Trump being on trial for many of his crimes against humanity.Imagine justice.
In our imagined trial of Trump, he was convicted on all counts.Sentencing must appropriate for the crimes.
The defendant was convicted of theft of national security and nucleardocuments, sales and trades of said secrets, stacking the high kangaroocourt with rapists and theocrats, conspiracy to implement a coup,triggering the mentally unstable at his rallies, bullshitting more thanany child, turning a ridiculous shade of orange, and first-degreeassholism.
The convict was sentenced to life imprisonment at a privatized facility.The convict shall also have labor requirements, including: Melania'slaundry, highway cleanup, crop picking, producing license plates, andditch digging.
Since he threw all of his family and associates under the bus with histestimony, the convict is no longer required to sit in the theater roomfrom A Clockwork Orange film.
A Clockwork Orange trailer – theater room at 1:30Win A Date With Marjorie Taylor-Greene
Now that family-values preacher Marjorie Taylor-Greene is back on thesingles market, we decided that the least we could do was help find adate she would enjoy. After careful probing, we set up an applicationprocess for all interested contestants. The veterans of The Reverend IsIn show shall fund, organize and record the whole date for the luckycouple.
Who can apply? Any fully grown human of any sexual identity.
Marjorie's turn-ons: big guns, loud voice, harassers & stalkers,confederate flags, swastikas, holy water.
Marjorie's turn-offs: reading, rational communication, seat belts,democracy,  justice.
If you think you are an appropriate candidate, send us a detailedprofile and description of your ideal date with Marjorie.
We shall attempt to arrange the ideal date for Marjorie so she canretire her vibrating crucifix (handlebar model).
Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fakesite that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.
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