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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Civil War Playground

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Civil War Playground
This is a joint statement from the Bloat Keepers, Pretty Boys and theHate Front. We have been called by God and His white assistant DonaldTrump to  prepare for civil war. We heard our calling and will declarewar if our master  gets in trouble for the seized National Security andnuclear documents. We have many big, important people positioned behindus.
It all started when we got the wrong kinds of toy fire trucks and capguns for holidays. After growing up and abusing everybody, we began toarm ourselves. It's fun and compensates for our sexual dysfunction. Weformed hate groups and militias while accumulating weapons of war.
We honor Trump and the white race by forcing our sisters to carry ourfetuses to full-term. We teach our white babies that they are superiorand show them how to crack coconuts on our skulls.
January 6 was phase one. We will please God by serving Trump. We willstop woke teachers from making our children gay. We will save whitefetuses. We will make Trump the king of America.
Important: the views expressed by an unhinged psychostalker on a fakesite that bears my name are gross misrepresentations of Rev. Bookburn.
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Faces of Africa – Fela Kuti: The Father of Afrobeat, Part 1
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The Doors – live at The Isle Of Wight Festival
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Lidija Bacic Lille – live
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Sexwave: Dark Italo, Darkwave, Newbeat, EBM, Techno (Party Mix)
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That's Enough Monarchy For Now. Thank You
Historian of Radical Right: Biden is correct, Trump poses existentialthreat to future of democracy
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What Mother Country Radicals Misses About the Weather Underground

Under Fire – full film

Fat Man and Little Boy clip – Dwight Schultz
A Dry White Season trailer – Susan Sarandon
Elmer Gantry trailer
Tapeheads trailer
Mike Nesmith discusses Tapeheads
Celebrity review

The 420 Movie trailer
Blank City trailer
Syd Barrett: Dark Side of the Music – full film
Magic Christian clip – Something In The Air song
Abba – The Movie
A Star Is Born trailer
Striptease clip – Congressman Dilbeck shortly before his speech toconservative Christian group
The Missionary trailer
The Love Witch trailer
Nudist Colony of the Dead trailerGuiding Light – Reva: The Scarlet Years – Kim ZimmerWet Wrestling – The Shawshank RedemptionSamantha Hale – granddaughter of Gilligan's Island's Skipper – comedy – Only Happy When It's Raining MenWeird: The Al Yankovic Story trailerSlimed trailerBikini Girls vs. Dinosaurs trailer
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