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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bill Baird Film Project

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show

Producer of Golden Shower In Trump Tower

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Bill Baird of

Trump & Carson - silence is golden

High truth

Abbey Road - Golden Showers for Prez

Pre- ImPEEchment

Reagan - the real father of ISIS

Inflated egos, deflated balls

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Tribute to MCA (Beastie Boys) (6.3.12)

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Bill Baird Film Project

This is the untold pro-choice story that must be told! Bill Baird (Pro-Choice League) and his staggering 3 Supreme Court victories have been written out of history by anti-choice groups and other providers of falsehood. A comprehensive history of Baird’s life is forthcoming in book form, but a feature film is even more necessary.

Bill Baird began fighting for legal, safe and accessible birth control and abortion since the early 60s. Similar to the Beatles and Stones, Baird proved to be vital to such a powerful decade and has remained ever since.

Baird's fight led to his imprisonment for teaching information about contraception. He was the first famous person to do so since Emma Goldman.

Baird fought his case to the Supreme Court. His victory on March 22, 1972 (now Right To Privacy Day) won legal birth control for non-married people (Baird vs. Eisenstadt). This case also set the primary precedent for Roe vs. Wade in 1973, the case that legalized abortion.

Baird went on to win two additional pro-choice Supreme Court victories, which is unprecedented in US history. His victories have helped millions of people, especially everyone who has ever needed birth control. If Trump and his horrible peers in the Repub Congress get to appoint any Supreme Court justices, they are likely to go after Baird and Roe.

Baird has long advocated for LGBT rights, legalization of marijuana and all consenting adult lifestyles, as well as justice for all who are not in the top 1%. His primary focus for over 50 years has been reproductive freedom. His cases have nearly bankrupted him to this day and his survival continues to be challenging. One of his clinics was firebombed and attempts have been made on his life by anti-choice terrorists.

Amazingly, Baird continues to have the passion, humanity, dedication and integrity that he has had for over 50 years. The book will be great but the film will blow away all other films!

This film is in the seed-planting stage. Email Rev. Bookburn ( if you are in. Talent, creative minds and living hearts are needed.

Also, please send some kind words and a few $ to Pro-Choice League, even after Right To Privacy Day.

Pro-Choice League

A special reward for anyone who can find the July 1967 issue of Sepia magazine (Bill Baird cover).

More essential films during Trump fascism

[see last post for original film list]

Pass The Ammo (Bill Paxton), Dark Backward (Bill Paxton), A Face In The Crowd, Dick, Hedwig, Jimi Plays Berkeley, South Of The Border (Oliver Stone), Wall Street, Sicko, The Gunman (Sean Penn), Under Fire (Nick Nolte), Missing (Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek), Parts-The Clonus Horror, Shawshank Redemption, Silkwood, 9 To 5, Sleeper, Citizen Ruth, The Producers (original version), Hairspray (original), Dr. Doolittle (original), Astroturf (‘tea party’ psychos), Dead Poets Society, Monty Pythons’ The Meaning of Life, Stargate, The Lorax, Yellow Submarine.

A Melania Fantasy, Part 1

This is fiction

My lover reached out to Melania as a fellow woman and encouraged her to accept help regarding her abusive circumstances. Melania was not interested in taking action or exposing, but did appreciate support. My partner and I had a history of mildly exploring life on the wild side, preferring to avoid a vanilla existence. We easily agreed on how frequently and deeply our ventures and exploration would go.

Melania did not want to cause trouble for the beast she was married to. She did, however, appreciate good humor on the subject. One night we were laughing our heads off during our spontaneous roast of the Russian stooge. We learned a lot about the so-called president as Melania opened up as our laughing session intensified. Don the con actually bragged to her about past golden shower incidents. We joked about it but stated that it actually was ok because they were experiences with consenting adults. Melania agreed but stated that the abusive man was proud of his past sexual assaults and other horrifying behaviors.

We also learned from Melania about how pathetic and selfish Donny was in terms of intimacy. Our laughter intensified even more when she described his anatomy and sexual techniques. At this point, the occasional touching on the shoulder while talking and laughing had turned into hugging. It would have been believable if this was leading to our saying goodbye. When my partner and Melania began heavy kissing, it started to seem like we were staying.

A three-way huddle that included kissing and back caresses followed. At this point, I totally lost track of time or which planet I was on, so I cannot even attempt to report on such. My partner and Melania began touching each other’s breasts while kissing. Melania turned and resumed kissing me. My gf then removed her top.

To be continued

Past Psycho Presidents

The national shock and alarm of the extremism of the Trump swamp/ cesspool cabinet has led some writers to imply that maybe Nixon, Reagan and W. Bush were not so dangerous and stupid. Such thought is ludicrous.

Nixon: war crimes, Watergate, new heights of corruption and crime (for that time period), the bloody coup in Chile, Operation Intercept (co$tly failed attempt to stop the importation of marijuana), the grooming of Trump ‘advisor’ and accomplice in the Russia scandal Roger Stone.

Reagan: over 200 people connected to his admin were indicted, Iran-Contra, Contra-coke, hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered in contra wars (Helter Skelter on a grander scale), extensive use of land mines in Angola (impacting countless civilians), major assistance for the future Taliban/ al-Queda groups during the Soviet/ Afghan war, started the inhuman horror of trickle down economics and turning the US and public offices into reps for corporate America, cuts of survival programs, skyrocketed homelessness, silence, death and bigotry for over six years in response to AIDS, playing down violence of anti-abortion terrorists and white supremacist groups – causing a sharp rise in their actions, support for theocratic Christian extremists, the failed ‘war on drugs,’ an economic crash, inspired the sickest politicians to name things after him, volumes of stupid quotes (Reagan’s Reign of Error is a good collection).

W. Bush: war crimes, war profiteering (most notably Dickless Cheney’s Halliburton company), willful lies about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, ending stem-cell research, tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation for economic and environmental destroyers, an economic crash, volumes and volumes of stupid quotes.

Psycho Trump

It’s worse than most had expected. Even Saturday Night Live and The Onion had no idea that the stupidity, madness and inhumanity of the Trump admin would be this extreme. His cabinet replaced the swamp with a cesspool. The American people, animals, the environment, our economy and international relations are in greater danger than ever.

It is important that the history of Trump be fully documented. Some incidents, including his “locker room talk,” have already disappeared from public discussion. None of his sick words and actions should escape history. Even if that means releasing volumes of books and videos. Trump’s statements about nuclear weapons should have landed him in a psychiatric hospital. Similar to the W. Bush and Reagan years, there will always be buffoons who will lie and rabidly defend the madness.

Even more urgent is resistance. The actions at town hall meetings, as well as the big marches have already had an impact. It is now undeniable that no campaign promise was sincere and that all survival programs are under attack. We need action, survival, community and humor. Fortunately, the Trumpkins have made Saturday Night Live great again.

Building community is hard because people do desperate, nightmarish actions, as the psychos make survival even harder. The hate and bigotry behind the immigration, deportation and travel policies means that community is even more urgent. Thankfully, many people are already doing so and countering the madness. Even more scandalous, Trump postures as an anti-terrorism person, but refuses to oppose radical Christian terrorists from racist and anti-abortion groups.

The magnitude of Trump’s lies and delusions is becoming clear to people worldwide. He is surrounded by the most corrupt, bigoted and mentally unstable people in the nation. His cabinet is even worse than Reagan’s. As the Russia scandal unfolds, these clowns are going to be even more unhinged. The Russia scandal must be fully investigated and justice needs to be pursued. It is truly sad that enough gullible bigots made the 2016 election even close. Far worse that Putin and gang got away with meddling with the most important process in a democracy. If the GOP Congress were not so hopelessly corrupt and obsessed with robbing all for the rich, they would seek independent investigators and prosecutors. Maybe show some to the zeal they revealed with their endless hearings about Benghazi and other non-scandals.

Some Trump cabinet people are already gone, but it is not enough. Racist, anti-cannabis crusader Jeff Sessions needs to be out of office. Flynn and Stone need prosecution. The Supreme Court nomination must wait until after Trump’s impeachment. It’s time to increase the flow of information and leaks.

We need to make a resolve to bring forth all necessary changes, no matter how grand. Trump and his cesspool dwellers may not destroy this nation or the world. Justice and survival are huge goals, but urgently necessary. Plus that pathetic, golden-showered liar needs consequences for disregarding consent and desecrating songs by The Rolling Stones.

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Rev. Bookburn’s 15th Anniversary show

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Surviving The Trump-Ryan Coup

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show

Greetings from Dumbfuckistan!

Meet the new swamp

What we're up against

"pro-life" is a lie

Trumpkin to the end


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Flashbacks -  highlighted past classic shows for this posting:

double feature

Essential films for Dumbfuckistan

Bob Roberts, Idiocracy, Religulous, V for Vendetta, Inconvenient Truth, Erin Brockovich, The Big One (Michael Moore), The Magic Christian, Lake of Fire, A Time To Kill, History of the World – Part 1, Porky’s 2, Bird Cage, Striptease, On Deadly Ground, Cover Up – Behind The Iran-Contra Affair, China Syndrome, Norma Rae, Manufacturing Consent, The Breakfast Club, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Bananas, Twilight Zone – The Movie, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Contact, Hotel For Dogs, Fern Gully-The Last Rainforest, The Wall


Many people are donating money to the large pro-choice organizations, in response to ridiculous anti-choice proposals and laws. That is good but please give at least a small portion of what you can give to Pro-Choice League. Funds are urgently needed. PCL is the only org that can claim 3 pro-choice victories in the Supreme Court, including the legalization of birth control. Please do it now.

Surviving The Trump-Ryan Coup

As dangerous and insane as George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were, nothing compares to the alarming sociopaths in the Trump cabinet and Republican Congress. Everybody with even a few toes in reality knows that. After Trump’s inevitable crash and burn, people will naively say that such a disaster will never happen again. More on that kind of wishful thinking later.

Foremost in the immediate future is the need to plan for survival and resistance. Personal survival will be more in peril than ever before. Resisting dangerous, inhumane and ludicrous policies will be challenging and constant but necessary.

Survival not only includes basic needs, but also balance and becoming a good resource person.

Balance is a challenge because one can meet many people who are pure escapists or rigidly into activism. Both can drive you away rather quickly. A balance of friends, music/ film, adult play, humor, weed (optional), along with providing resources for changing the world is more necessary than ever.

Becoming a good resource person means being up to date on local/ national survival programs (e.g. did the sickfucks abolish Unemployment Benefits in this state), area disaster relief funds (cut or abolished), and which area services were cut by local psychos.

Additionally, one needs to know if there are any local Christian-Sharia Laws such as anti-abortion restrictions. Always know how to help any woman who seeks an abortion at any stage. It’s a good idea to know if there is local support or funds for such efforts.

If there is a return to the draft to fight Trump/ corporate wars, know how to help a person get out of it or disappear.

Even if time and circumstances prevent you from participating in active resistance, know how to direct someone who is able and ready. Avoid the nuts such as Infowars and Ron Paul groupies.

Know how to provide real information in this age of fake news, myths and daily bullshit from the mouth of Trump, Repub Governors and Congresspeople.

Trump will of course be exposed and toppled. The question is how much destruction will happen along the way. Being a spectator or passive person are not options. It is time to be vocal, provide information, and making preparations for exposure and impeachment.

The midterm elections of 2018 will need a massive turnout. Even if Russia impacts the election again, it should not even be close enough to make such meddling possible. The Democrats are not saviors but are the only (for now) viable alternative to dangerous Nazi extremists. We must never normalize Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell or the sick monsters in Trump’s cabinet.

As this culture continues to spiral downward, it will be necessary to correct the misinformation from Trump stooges. The dumbed-down culture needs people to forget the words and actions of Trump and other sick people in public office. If necessary, let there be dozens of books and documentaries that permanently capture the history of the Idiocracy. Remember that the W. Bush stooges rabidly defended him even after he crashed the economy.

Dear World – despite our successful marketing of Greetings From Dumbfuckistan postcards, this actually is a nation that includes more than Trumpkins and other idiots. We apologize in advance for the forthcoming stupidity and danger.

More Fuck Yous

We covered several appropriate fuck yous on our farewell show. Since Russia installed the President and Congress, it is necessary to add to the list.

Fuck You: Trump’s campaign staff/ cabinet/ adult children, fox “news,” Breitbart, Infowars, Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Putin, Chris 'Bridgegate' Christie, Rudy Giuliani (we will remember), John Bolton, Jerry Falwell Jr., James Comey, WikiLeaks, National Enquirer, all white supremacist groups, all anti-choice orgs, homophobes, climate denying fake news perps, corporate raiders, all dog abusers, Tim Allen, Michael Weinstein.

some goodies:

YouTube series – Rev. Bookburn’s Farewell Show:

Classic goodies:

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Erection Day 2016

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show


Erection Day 2016

Victimless "crimes"

No Prop 60

Harold and Maude


Abbie Hoffman and John Lennon

Trumpback Mountain

Birds of a feather

Clueless Gary Johnson

Before Weiner, there was Sen. David Vitter (R) - the sex-negative, anti-choice pampered VIP at the late DC Madam's facility

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Flashbacks - highlighted past classic shows for this posting:

The Wall – Ignorance Gone Wild (6.22.08)

double feature

The 420 Show (4.20.08) and The Pope Anti-Memorial Show, Part 1 (4.24.05)

Weiner vs. Vitter (7.3.11)

Hunting With Dickless Cheney (3.12.06)

Social Work Funeral (7.19.14)

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Celebration (8.16.09)

What May Be Missing From The “Reagan Library” (12.02.07)

Reverend Bookburn’s Farewell Show (2.12.16)

Erection Day 2016

The first use of the term Erection Day that I’m familiar with was from one of the writings or books by Abbie Hoffman. It may have been an expression used by Lenny Bruce, earlier in the 1960s. Regardless, it has come to represent a time when the people of the nation get screwed, but not in the good way.

The corporate political parties will continue their practices of representing corp America and screwing the people who are not rich. The environment and animals will not fare any better. However, it is overly simplistic and muddle-headed to say that ‘there’s no difference.’ There is always one entity that is far worse, especially this year. See the 2016 Endorsements from the previous posting here.

At present, we have a rabidly racist, mentally unstable, and dangerous con man who has zero actual ideas. Even worse, both branches of Congress, as well as many Governors’ offices, are occupied by even more dangerous stooges of the wealthiest. Their impact on survival programs, public health issues, the environment, natural disaster relief, justice, and economic stability resembles a horror film.

This Erection Day will have serious ramifications on our survival. It is not time to listen to apathetic buffoons.

Hard Weiner Day?

It is a source of endless laughter when a crusader for ‘morals’ and family-values blasts (figuratively) Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner. Their Puritan-posing has turned into a joke after the countless ‘moral’ scandals of the last 20 years. During the Clinton impeachment witch trial, it was hard to keep up with all the sexual scandals of Christian supremacists of the Gingrich Congress (and the Newtzi himself). Details of all of these scandals are well-documented in The Flynt Report.

Such hypocrisy continues to this day. Public officials who decry Weiner have nothing to say about Sen. David Vitter (R). Vitter won Congressional re-election, even after his DC Madam/ VIP/ diaper fetish scandal came to light. And that shocker was only the tip of the weiner. Numerous tea-psycho and religious right politicians have been exposed for affairs and similar scandals. In fact, the louder they scream their anti-choice, homophobic, sex-negative, censorship preaching agenda towards Christian-Sharia Law, the juicier their scandals are. The inner conflict of these nutjobs must be off the charts!

Victimless ‘crimes’

In this Erection Year, it is necessary to remind ourselves that hysteria over victimless ‘crimes’ has been out of control and needs to change. Any candidate (liberal or conservative, left or right) who excites his/ her support base by crusading against victimless ‘crimes’ is an asshole.

The film Reefer Madness has been so discredited that such propaganda has been re-labeled as a comedy. Similar misinformation has been issued by professional fundraisers who claim that all porn and consenting sex work comes from ‘traffickers.’

In brief, instead of more repressive laws, we need to legalize marijuana, free all weed prisoners, decriminalize sex work and all adult entertainment, make ibogaine treatment available to all who have real addictions, provide alternatives to 12-Step/ ‘higher power’ recovery cults.

In California, USA, the ridiculous Prop 60, a proposal for unnecessary harassment and regulations against porn stars, needs to be defeated.

Harold and Maude

I continue to believe what I have repeatedly said on the show about the Harold and Maude film. It is more than just the greatest film of all time, but also a valuable life experience. Further, it is advisable to watch this every five years, or whenever there is a challenging experience in life, especially the loss of a loved one.

Harold and Maude was made in the early 70s and contains several songs by Cat Stevens. The recording sound quality was poor and the film should be played at loud volume. There should be zero phones, other interruptions, or speaking.

You’ll thank me.

Other ‘greatest films’ worth seeing: King Of Hearts; Canadian Bacon; Bob Roberts; Silver City; Dead Poets Society; What’s Up, Tiger Lily?; Pass The Ammo; Damned In The USA

Clueless ‘Libertarian’

Gary Johnson went even further in disqualifying himself from any support during a now famous interview. Johnson responded to a question about the humanitarian crisis in Syria by asking “What is Aleppo?” Even insane racist Trump knows about the situation in Aleppo. It is truly sad that anyone can think of Johnson as a worthy third party candidate. “Libertarian” continues to be a deceptively-named party.

Trump Unique?

To say that Donald Trump is a new brand of Republican is to have no grasp of history. Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, Palin, Ryan, Paul, Cruz and Christie were equally dangerous and mentally unstable. All of the above were as racist as Trump. All were as vicious as Trump. The only difference is that they were slightly better at masking their true agenda.

To say that Trump stands out is to ignore the dangerous extremists in Congress and Governors’ offices. The difference is that they can publicly speak slightly better. And they don’t exhibit coke sniffles during a debate.

Overall, it is self-blinding to say that Trump stands out. His trickle-down economics is a retread of the Reagan failure of the last 30+ years. Trump simply speaks like a playground fighter. Our survival cannot be in the hands of sociopaths who represent the wealthiest and dominate this culture - not in the fun way.

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Dweezil Zappa vs. Ahmet Zappa

Attention Gary Johnson Hipsters: He Is Nuts

Jeff Beck – A Day In The Life – live in Tokyo 2014

Trump: What’s The Deal? – trailer

Roy Zimmerman – T-Rump

Nazi Trumps Fuck Off! – sticker

DOA – Fucked Up Donald

YG & Nipsey Hussle FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)

Classic goodies:

Rev. Bookburn’s 15th Anniversary show

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Endorsements

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show


Church Sex

Potential Terrorist Trump

Rev’s email:

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Flashbacks -  highlighted past classic shows for this posting:

2016 US Election Endorsements From ISIS

We the leadership of ISIS wish to encourage all Americans to vote for Donald Trump, Republican candidates for Congress and Governors’ offices. They most represent our interests for the future. They destroy lives, the economy, the environment, survival programs and the future on a grander scale than we could ever dream of. Plus they support our position of merging church with state.

ISIS is pro-life and shares the views of most Republicans in public office regarding abortion, birth control, LGBTQ rights, sexual freedom and censorship.

We love Trump and how helpful his rhetoric has been for our recruitment efforts. Plus we enjoy seeing what his sons do to animals. When we watched his speech, during which W. Bush ally/ pedophile/ ex-Congressman Mark Foley sat right behind him, we knew he was one of us. We loved Trump even more when he spoke of a “second amendment” solution regarding the woman he’s running against.

We love Trump’s mouth. His love affair with Putin, tantrums over critics, and professed desire to use nukes continues to give us a good laugh.

We never forget our roots. We loved Reagan and North for inventing modern jihad during the Soviet-Afghan war. Such generosity, propaganda, training and weaponry had been priceless.

George W. Bush also proved to be a great friend. Without him, we never would have amounted to anything other than whispering wankers.

Manson was such a fool. If he had waited for the Reagan presidency, he could have participated in the Contra war in Central America. That was Helter Skelter against civilians times tens of thousands! Plus the endless landmine fun in Angola! Rather than notoriety for his small-time casualty numbers, he could have received awards from Reagan and co-hosted television shows with North!

Anyway, thank you for doing so much for us. Please vote for Trump and the Republican candidates in all campaigns.

Allah bless America,


Melania Speech

Good evening and thank you for coming tonight. My name is Melania Trump and I am a graduate of Trump University as well as my cereal box degree. I’d like to thank Barack for standing behind me throughout this amazing journey. Four score and seven years ago. I got 99 problems but a comb-over ain’t one. Make America masturbate again! All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. I can’t get no satisfaction. I have a dream. Stand by your man. Ask your doctor. Straight Outta Hamptons. I wish I could sing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Space – the final frontier. It’s getting hot in here. You’re a mean one Mister Grinch. I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night. Don’t you want somebody to love? I am the walrus – goo goo goo joob. I’m strong to the finish cuz I eat my spinach. I see a red door and I want to paint it black. Make Germany great again! We spin, you decide. To be young, gifted and black. Keeps me searchin for a heart of gold. Twinkle twinkle little star. Imagine all the people sharing all the world. Billy Jean is not my lover. Bidi bidi bom bom. For truth, justice and the American way. We have learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have weapons of mass destruction. I only wanted to see you in the Purple Rain. And it burns burns burns the ring of fire. How much you spendin? Putin on the Ritz. Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue. I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Cuz I lust for life. Ziggy played guitar. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Seems to me you’ve lived your life like a candle in the wind. Get ready to rumble. We cannot be white chicks. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Dancing in the street. Everything you own in a box to the left. Green Acres is the place to be. Before the fall of the house of Usher. We are the champions. Michelle Mabelle these are words that go together well. Thank you Donald and his brave hunting children! Good night!

Win a Date with Roger Ailes!

The folks from The Reverend Is In show want everyone to have an opportunity to have a dream date with fox “news” propagandist and harassment extraordinaire Roger Ailes.

The lucky winner will get to experience having Ailes face one inch away from yours as he touches you and makes animal noises.

Mooby prizes include Rupert Murdoch anal feather tickling, $1 billion financial domination services with Jerry Hall, Sean Hannity diaper training, Bill O’Reilly verbal degradation and sadism - which will be included in his next fiction book.

Email Rev. Bookburn with a resume. If you act now, you can get two enhanced interrogation sessions with fox “news” fake CIA agent Wayne Simmons.

Bill Baird

While watching Original Sin: Sex, it was obvious that there would be much discussion about birth control and abortion rights. The show was on the National Geographic channel, now owned by Rupert “Mr. Jerry Hall” Murdoch. Amazingly, the show handled both subjects well. Even more amazing, the show acknowledged the historic victories of Bill Baird. Baird has too frequently been written out of history, even in some bullshit pro-choice books and women’s studies programs.

Baird’s fight led to the Supreme Court legalizing birth control for non-married people in 1972. This set the primary legal precedent for legalizing abortion in 1973. The show actually acknowledged this and provided stunning footage. Great commentary on the case from Penn Jillette (who recently released his new book Presto!). Hopefully, Baird’s book telling the entire story will be released soon. Meantime, people can get some of this vital history at ProChoiceLeague.Org

So …credit where due... Murdoch, who has one of the greatest ever track records anywhere for bullshit, unwittingly provided an informative and entertaining program. Just don’t tell him.

Phil Ochs

At the risk of shocking friends, I watched a show about Bob Dylan. Since the show focused on Dylan’s music from 1961 to 1965, the period when I believed he didn’t suck, it seemed like a good idea. Actually, the show was great and even acknowledged others in the folk scene. It was even more pleasing to see footage of the late Phil Ochs on this program. This gave me an idea: for every 200 features in the music media that provides further saturation of Dylan, there needs to be one significant presentation of Phil Ochs. There is nothing wrong with occasional exposure to the real thing.


It’s embarrassing for our species that even a small number of people fall for the “libertarian” bullshit. They are little different from the tea-psychos who demand that corporations have unlimited “liberty” to loot, as well as destroy the environment.

Benghazi – Emails

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, but am certainly sick of the idiotic non-scandals that saturate the corporate media. To those who want to further exploit the deaths at Benghazi, do a little research about the attacks during Reagan and both Bushes. Needless to say, these same assholes would have been screaming if anyone spoke against the party line after any such attack. Further, the email non-scandal is hilarious. The people who are hysterical about this and write bullshit books were asleep during the W. Bush years. It may be time to wake up and discuss real issues.

some goodies:

Classic goodies:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orlando - Homophobia and Terrorism

Rev. Bookburn – The Reverend Is In show


Strange bedfellows

Royal Nuts


It is mind-boggling how badly the corporate media responded to the terrorism at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando. They obsessed with a near- singular focus on the perpetrator being a groupie for ISIS and a deafening silence about the dangerous homophobia and theocratic terrorism in this nation.

Over 35 years of homophobic and anti-choice terrorism by Christians remains a minor footnote in the corporate media. Ignoring the dangerous theocrats who are deeply like-minded with ISIS is to remain clueless.

The horror and inhumanity of the massacre in Orlando is not a simple talking point or rallying cry for the brain-challenged. Nothing will change if the corporate media continues to frame and dumb down all discussion on this subject. The saturation of comments from Donald Trump, John McCain and similar ignoramuses does not even merit discussion.

Shortly after Orlando, Jo Cox was murdered by a terrorist in the UK. After the perpetrator was revealed to be a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-EU neo-nazi who yelled “Britain first!” during the killing, this story became a minor news item in the corporate media.

Homophobic, anti-choice, racist, theocratic, anti-immigrant and other forms of Christian terrorism are from the same mentality as those who are attracted to ISIS. Remaining inhuman and clueless furthers such problems.


Dear God, Satan, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Elvis, Wizard of Oz, Manson, Koresch, Rev. Moon, Trump’s ego, Murdoch’s spin machine, Koch brothers and all other supreme powers,

We are asking for a reasonable exchange to return some of our best from the music world. We want a return of those who were lost too early and to get rid of some of our manure. We believe that this proposal is fair and would contribute to a better world.

You get: Ted Nugent, Korn, Dave Mustaine, Kid Schlock, Meatloaf, Smashing Pumpkins, AC/DC, Kiss, Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels, Lee Greenwood, Colt Ford, Beach Boys, and the corporate scab version of Dead Kennedys.

As a bonus, you get Pat Sajak, Dennis Miller, James Woods, Jon Voight, Scott Baio, Victoria Jackson, Josh Duggar, and all the Duck Dynasty guys.

We get: Lemmy, Prince, David Bowie, Paul Kantner, Keith Emerson, Joe Strummer, Kurt Cobain (yes we know he wasn’t murdered and that bullshit conspiracy theories are being sold), Wendy O. Williams, MCA, Lou Reed, 3/5 of the MC5, 2 Ramones, Gil Scott-Heron, Selena, Syd Barrett, Daevid Allen, Phil Ochs, D. Boon, Dimebag, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Utah Phillips, Arthur Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, 2 Allmans, Richie Havens, Brian Jones, John Lennon, and Sun Ra.

As a bonus, we get Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Lenny Bruce.

We’re sure you’ll agree that life on earth would be greatly improved with this deal. Since you’re a superior being, it would be easier for you to handle being around the above-listed rectal stains of our species. We ask that this exchange happen in the immediate future.


Everyone at The Reverend Is In show


The fact that Donald Trump is even a possibility for becoming an elected president means that this “culture” is closer to actualizing the Idiocracy film. In this Information Age, ignorance, hysteria and bigotry can continue the manipulation of the lowest common denominator. Similar to the W. Bush years, we now seem to be witnessing evolution in reverse. The Democratic Party is barely an improvement, but current Republicans in Congress, as well as their likely presidential nominee, are so extreme and dangerous that we are genuinely in a state of red alert.


In addition to human death and hardcore care-giving, two dogs are gone from our lives. One was old, sick and has passed away. The other was under the “care” of a neighbor who handed her over to her son – a sociopath and known abuser. Goodbye with love to both dogs.

The Rev. Bookburn Curse

Even after broadcasting our farewell show, we still have enjoyed 100% success with the dreaded Rev. Bookburn Curse. We now have two new recipients. A friend in our inner circle in the South Jersey/ Philly area hired Fry’s Moving Company. No one any of us know had any kind of bad experience with them in the past. However, our friend learned that beyond the shadow of a doubt, Brandon and Alex from Fry’s not only damaged and destroyed multiple things, but also stole countless items. Her main losses were valuable Beatles, rock and punk memorabilia. The value of what was gone exceeds $1,000.00. Their method  and how obvious they were means that we may be calling the Producers of the World’s Dumbest Criminals television show. Needless to say, those two geniuses now have the Rev. Bookburn Curse for life. The family behind the business is ok, but the two assholes are cursed.

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